Dipshidiot of the day: California governor vetoes bills criminalizing use of drones

Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed bills aimed at controlling the operation of drones.

The three bills were sponsored by Sen. Ted Gaines, R-Roseville.

One would have made it an infraction for people to fly drones over public schools when classes are in session. Exceptions could be made for law enforcement, news media and people with a school’s permission.

Another would have given firefighters immunity for disabling hobbyist drones flying over emergency situations.

The third would have made it a misdemeanor to intentionally fly a drone over a prison or jail.

In a veto message issued Saturday, Brown indicated California’s criminal code, with more than 5,000 laws on the books, already has become too complex without adding more laws that he says would provide little benefit to the public.

So someone can still hover a high definition camera outside your bedroom window and it is not illegal yet, but if they stand outside your window peeking in it is illegal. Tell me what the difference is?

Lawmakers are so worried about things that are not important, like using the term Redskins as a team mascot, they cannot keep up with technology laws that is needed to protect others.

watcha gotta say?

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