End of the world today, says religious group

Have any plans for Wednesday, Oct. 7?

You better cancel them. That’s because the eBible Fellowship website, based in Sharon Hill, Penn., is predicting the world will be annihilated on Wednesday.

“According to what the Bible is presenting it does appear that 7 October will be the day that God has spoken of: in which, the world will pass away,” church founder Chris McCann told the Guardian.

“It’ll be gone forever. Annihilated,” he said.

McCann claims to have studied the Bible and extrapolated from a previous claim that the world was ending on May 21, 2011, that the correct date is actually October 7.

It’s based partly on the blood moon – a lunar eclipse combined with a super moon – which occurred on Sept. 27.

“God destroyed the first Earth with water, by a flood, in the days of Noah. And he says he’ll not do that again, not by water. But he does say in 2nd Peter 3 that he’ll destroy it by fire,” McCann said.

Don’t worry, there’s still some wiggle room for redemption — or a day after tomorrow.

“There’s a strong likelihood that this will happen,” McCann said. “Which means there’s an unlikely possibility that it will not.”

There it is folks nothing to lose just go spend all your money and do stupid things there is nothing to lose now.

Don’t cast your vote yet, there are more…….

The list of people who have filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president just keeps growing.

There was “Deez Nuts,” who turned out to be a 15-year-old kid from Iowa named Brady Olson who actually made a website with policy positions for his campaign.


“Deez Nuts” gaining momentum in presidential race

A more recent addition is “Dat Phat A$$,” whofiled paperwork for a presidential candidacy on Sept. 29 and lists an address in Spokane, Washington (a call to the phone number associated with the address went straight to voicemail). The person is listed as a member of the Republican Party.

Also competing to be at the top of the list, which is published in alphabetical order, are Trueprosnc AAA and Dot Com A Wanderslustr (A Wanderlustr is listed as the surname).

There have been some copycat attempts – see “Mr. Neez Dutz” or “kanye kanyewhat deeznutz westrthose trump,” who also filed paperwork at the end of September. “KC Matzo Balls” signed up on Sept. 21. Another person registered “Left Shark,” a reference to one of singer Katy Perry’s dancers during the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show. Someone has twice filed paperwork under the name “Taylor Swift.”

The vast majority of these candidates show no total fundraising, no disbursements, and of course, no cash on hand to run their campaigns.

All told, there are more than 1,200 people who have now filed paperwork to run for president. But don’t expect to see them make the cut for any of the upcoming presidential debates or, for that matter, campaigning in New Hampshire or Iowa.

Burger King’s Halloween Black Whopper Is Causing Green Poop

You might be done with the burger, but the burger’s not done with you.

Burger King is a rainbow of surprises these days.

The company recently unveiled a black Whopper for Halloween, a version of the chain’s signature sandwich served on a dark bun. But people who eat the A.1. Halloween Whopper say it goes in one color… and comes out another.

The company told ABC News that the black bun contains less than 1 percent food dye, and writes in its nutrition facts that the flavorings and food colorings in the bun “are commonly used in the industry and within the safe and Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

It does not specify which colors are used, but Medical Daily reports that green dyes are often used in black food coloring.

Whatever the reason, the emerald-hued number twos have unleashed the #GreenPoophashtag:

Not everyone is put off by the goblin-green Halloween side effect. In fact, several customers seem to be looking forward to it:

One note of caution: Use care when scrolling through the #GreenPoop hashtag as some people are posting visual evidence.

Facebook trying to send Dawgs Blog to more places……..

Facebook is teaming up with French communications company Eutelsat Communications to provide Internet to unconnected parts of Africa.

In an announcement Monday, the companies said they will use the broadband payload of Spacecom’s AMOS-6 satellite to send Internet services to several countries in West, East and Southern Africa. They will split broadband capacity, delivering it in a way that is optimized for community and individual use via affordable off-the-shelf components. Eutelsat already provides professional-level service in sub-Saharan Africa.

Facebook’s involvement represents another step in its Internet.org initiative to supplement existing and limited terrestrial networks in order to connect billions of people around the world who cannot get online.

A UN report released in September found that three-fifths of the world, 4.2 billion people in total, don’t have regular Internet access. Africa has some of the lowest penetration of Internet connectivity in the world.

Satellite transmission is just one part of Internet.org’s massive plan to connect the world. Facebook is also using lasers to beam broadband from the skies. To that end, it built a massive drone with the wingspan of a Boeing 737 that can circle the globe at an altitude of 60,000 to 90,000 feet.

“Facebook’s mission is to connect the world and we believe that satellites will play an important role in addressing the significant barriers that exist in connecting the people of Africa,” Internet.org vice president Chris Daniels said in a statement. “We are looking forward to partnering with Eutelsat on this project and investigating new ways to use satellites to connect people in the most remote areas of the world more efficiently.”

The geostationary AMOS-6 was scheduled to launch at the end of 2015 and to start sending Internet in the second half of 2016. It will focus on rural areas of medium and low population density.

You realize Facebook is doing that just for Dawgs blog…….

Obama Not Welcome in Oregon

Already scheduled to be in the Pacific Northwest for a fundraiser on behalf of Washington Democratic Senator Patty Murray, President Obama will stop in Roseburg, Oregon to meet with the grieving families of the victims of last week’s deadly gun massacre at Umpqua Community College, a White House official confirmed to NBC News today.

But even when reports of President Obama’s visit to the scene of America’s latest mass shooting were still just rumors, at least one Roseburg leader was sounding the alarm against a presidential visit, complaining that Obama had politicize the tragedy by mentioning gun control measures during his initial remarks.

David Jaques, publisher of the conservative newspaper the Roseburg Beacon, turned to Breitbart.com earlier this week to make a stink about a potential Obama visit. Jacques called President Obama’s remarks “inappropriate” and “disrespectful” before arguing that any visit by the president would be “a campaign stop for an agenda to take away American citizen’s right to own firearms.”

“The President has no connection with the community. He has no connection with any of the families,” Jaques told Breitbart before eventually launching into a defense of controversial Sheriff John Hanlin — an opponent of gun control and reported Sandy Hook truther.

Then on Monday night’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” host Bill O’Reilly invited Jaques on to explain to viewers how residents of Roseburg would greet President Obama.

Residents of Roseburg don’t want the President Obama to “grandstand for political purposes,” Jaques said, citing again President Obama’s calls for stricter gun control:

When the President opened his press conference, we still haven’t finished counting the bodies on the campus right behind me. We haven’t identified whose children were killed and whose were not. And even at that same moment, he was saying, “Some people will accuse me of politicizing this issue.” And he goes on to say, “But it should be.” So he’s not only acknowledged that it could be politicize, but was doing so deliberately.

So now he wants to come to our community and stand on the corpses of our loved ones to make some kind of political point. And it isn’t going to be well received not by our people not by our families and not even by our elected officials.

The family of at least one shooting victim agrees with Jaques, telling CNN’s Anderson Cooper that President Obama’s focus on gun control after mass shootings is misguided.

“Look where the problem really lies, and quit running the agenda––quit running the gun agenda,” Jessy Atkinson, whose sister Cheyenne Fitzgerald was injured by the gunman’s bullets, said on Monday. “It’s not the problem. It’s mental health in America,” he argued.

His mother, Bonnie Schaan, suggested that if her daughter had a gun she would have been better able to protect herself against the gunman. “America we need to pack guns–if this is what it’s coming to–to have to protect ourselves.”

“(The President) is our best salesman,” local area gun dealer Candi Kinney told Oregon Public Broadcasting, “gun sales have gone through the roof since he started talking.”