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Jayce Correia is an avid rapper, musician, and hip-hop enthusiast, but more importantly, he is stepdad to 8-year-old Jared and 3-year-old Bryce. Jared has hydrocephalus—incorrectly called “water in the brain”—a condition that resulted from a stroke he had while still in the womb.

Since birth, Jared has been blind and physically impaired. He’s bound to a wheelchair, and he recently received a new, motorized one that has helped improve the quality of life for Jared and his whole family.

Their daily struggles continue though, as Jared will always maintain the cognizant abilities of a small child. Also, because he is blind and doesn’t need much sleep, he wakes up at all hours of the night, unable to differentiate night from day.

The tribute that Jayce pays to his son in this video, however, proves that no obstacle comes in the way of Jayce’s love for Jared. Just wait until you hear this song. SHARE if you love this inspiring story already.

“We don’t get a lot of sleep,” Joyce admits. But he assures us that “Jared is [his mom’s] everything.”

Aside from his hydrocephalus, Jared also has epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and other nerve conditions. Still, when he hears his stepdad’s music, he immediately lights up.

It’s incredible to see how loving Jayce is. Clearly, Jared’s condition doesn’t weigh him down at all, and even though some of his lyrics admit that raising Jared can be challenging, his love is overwhelming and heart-warming.

Listen to the song below and have those tissues ready. Now THIS is true love.

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