Mohamed Abdirisak Mohamed convicted of gang assault against Norwegian lass




OSLO S. Here at Oslo Central Station started a many hour nightmare for the 14 year old Norwegian girl.


The 14 year old Norwegian girl was subjected to repeated atrocities by three African men on a commuter train and in an apartment in Oslo. Two of the other men, Bile Mohamed Elmi and Abdirizak Nur Ali, was sentenced in late August. Now is also the third man convicted of abuses. 21-year-old Mohamed Abdirisak Mohamed (21) were in the Oslo District Court sentenced to prison for one year and five months. 

For several hours, the young girl victim of brutal assault of the three African men.They were initially charged with gang rape, but the prosecutor Cecilie Schloss Møller, meant there was no enough incriminating evidence and indicted the three for sexual contact with children under 16 years. Which has a considerably lower sentence.

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Bile Mohamed Elmi (18) and Abdirizak Nur Ali (21) was 20 August this year sentenced to surprisingly low penalties. Respectively community service in 344 days and imprisonment for 10 months.

Mohamed Abdirisak Mohamed met, however, not up in the Oslo District Court when the criminal case against the three went in august. He was later arrested and the case went to the Oslo City Court in October.

Repeated abuse

The young girl said to have been subjected to repeated assaults.

At first she was abused inside of a commuter train that went from Oslo S, so she was abused both orally and anally by including Mohamed Abdirisak Mohamed in an old farmhouse after they had dragged the girl off the train.

The girl was also raped inside the apartment to Abdirizak Nur Ali on Høybråtenveien in Oslo.

They will, among other things, forced the girl to smoke marijuana and drink drugs, which made her even more vulnerable.

Mentally damaged

The abuses should have been so rough and going over so long that she finally expressed a desire to take his own life. It should not, however, have stopped the three Africans, who only abuses continued.

Some of the violations were also so painful that the girl was almost unconscious state.

According to the judgment girl suffered severe mental damage as a result of the abuse. She lost the subsequent school year, is still struggling to implement school life and today has been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder.


Mohamed Abdirisak Mohamed (21) were in the Oslo District Court sentenced to prison for one year and five months. In addition, he must pay compensation to the girl of 75,000 kroner.