Crybaby of the day: Johnathan Jones (Twitter @jjones9)

Cam Newton made headlines for ripping down a Green Bay Packers banner ahead of Sunday’s game.

Now, it appears he could get in some trouble for it.

According to the Fayetteville Observer, the owner of the banner has reported the “theft” to the police and plans to pursue further action.

Newton said the following in his postgame press conference:

“It was a Green Bay banner in Bank of America Stadium,” Newton said. “It just doesn’t match. No disrespect to any Green Bay Packer there, it’s just a respect thing. We take pride in having an edge in playing in front of the Carolinas each and every week.

“It’s something that I feel it’s my due diligence to protect this house. … You’re not about to sell a Whopper at a McDonald’s. That’s the gist of the story.”

Jonathan Jones 


Here’s the banner Cam Newton ripped down before the game


Jonathan Jones 


And here’s Cam walking away with the banner after ripping it down (via @connorcase15)

4:21 PM – 8 Nov 2015

Dawgs response on twitter to him was “Only a Bitch calls the police over something so petty” Grow the fuck up!!!!


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