Modesto Bee news? Paper on 11-4-2015

Modesto rejects sales tax increase for 2nd time

Measure G needed simple majority to pass but received 44 percent of the vote

Mayor calls results disheartening, says city won’t be able to increase public safety


Voters rejected Modesto’s second request in two years for a tax increase for public safety and other services.

Measure G – a one-half percent general sales tax – had received 43.8 percent in support, or 5,659 votes, vs. 56.2 percent, or 7,266 votes, in opposition in Tuesday’s election, according to the most recent information from the Stanislaus County election office.

The measure needed a simple majority to pass.

Mayor Garrad Marsh, who led the effort to put the tax increase on the ballot, called the results disheartening.

“I just think it should be obvious that there are things that need to be fixed in the city,” he said. “People just say, ‘fix it.’ But we don’t have any tools.”


Modesto Bee News? Paper 11-7-2015


Modesto seeks its own crime fighter in the sky

Police Department wants to spend as much as $660,000 for airplane

Proposed purchase comes after voters rejected tax increase for city

Sheriff questions whether plane duplicates services provided by his agency


Police Chief Galen Carroll is expected on Tuesday to ask the City Council to approve spending as much as $660,000 for what is called a light sport aircraft that seats two and is equipped with a spotlight and a high-definition camera with long-range scope and night vision that records what it sees.


The proposed purchase comes after voters last week rejected a sales tax increase the city put on the ballot to pay primarily for more public safety after city officials said the city did not have the money to adequately protect Modesto. Measure G was expected to bring in $14 million annually to the city’s roughly $115 million general fund, which primarily pays for police and fire services.



I wonder why this plane was not mentioned before the election the special tax and three days later it was.

And the Mayor just said there is no money and just do not have any tools.

How many public safety people could be hired with this money?

More total fucking hypocrisy in Modesto just like the rest of the country.