Justice in America: Frank Carson and others PT II

Part II

Here is the Kauffman Affidavit released by the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s dept.:


It is 334 pages long and if you can suffer through the insinuations and innuendos and actually look for some concrete facts in this document it just is not there.

It amazes me that they were able to find a judge friendly enough to authorize this warrant. Also keep in mind the information was in large part taken from a group of career criminals involved in violent crimes, drug addiction, drug dealing, ongoing stealing from a neighbor, selling that stolen property. Almost all are facing prison time and a couple who are three strikers and all looking for a deal.

One dumass was even bold enough to do a video interview with the Turlock newspapers which was posted on line:

Listen to this individual talk about he befriended the victim 20 yrs ago, that means the victim was about 7-8 yrs old.

He let frank Carson search anytime they came over including the police but later in the prelim testimony by witnesses admitted they were selling stolen property taken from Carson’s property.


My other point was that if Korey had been caught why was the pipe missing? It would still be there. There was also testimony that the victim and Mike Cooleys (in the video) wife were getting too close and Cooley was jealous.

One interesting newspaper article was about a public defender who testified that deals were made with some of these witnesses but the DA’s office is still denying that any deals were made. In fact one of the original lead prosecutors testified he had no recollection of any deals but did not actually deny it. This was the same Deputy DA who had been brought up on jury tampering charges by Frank Carson in the AJ Pontillo case that I did a series on earlier this year.


Also note the reporter for the newspaper was not in court for a large portion of the testimony but somehow felt he was able to give an accurate accounting. If you note in the comments section below the article there is some good information relayed by a gentleman who is in court and giving a recap of the proceedings.

One witness a Turlock police officer testified another person had entered the property and admitting to wanting to steal something but was caught. His story changed many times and identified several different people as the one who caught him and claimed they were armed. He said he manage an escape and he claimed he waited at a park across the street for 4 hours for the police to show up to turn himself in for trespassing. Seriously folks that was the testimony  by the officer (it did give me a good chuckle when I read that).

Read article here again note comments below it:


Other strange testimony has been given like a dog that had died and the owner had buried it and when she moved she took her long deceased and buried dog with her to her new residence. There is also testimony about the victims bike had been left at the Cooley’s house and for some strange reason they decided to bury the bike in the yard apparently where the dog had been buried, but then turned around and told the police where the bike was. These are not normal thinking people but have the authorities buying into what they are saying.


There is more to this story and the strange way tweekers are being taken for their word when they cannot remember a lot of things and when they are career criminals looking for a deal.


It is also been revealed that Michael Cooley has issues with a prison gang called the Northern Riders and is seriously scared of going to prison.


A professional thief disappeared and was later found murdered, and no I do not feel he deserved that fate, but when you live by the sword you will die by the sword.

His close personal friend knew he was going to steal some more property, and was jealous of the victim’s relationship with his wife, and was also a professional thief that did many drugs and crimes together. Then buried his bike when he disappeared. He also said that the victim needed $400 for the registration for his dad’s truck.

Personally I have a newer full size pickup and my registration is right at $300 and going down every year. So did his dad buy a new truck but could not pay the registration?

How could he afford the truck then? If they needed to scrap for a living just to eat

All of the witnesses in the Preliminary hearing, so far, are drug dealers, users, ex-felons, dealing in stolen property, committed violent acts they have not been charged with due to plea bargaining, but the DA says it is unrelated.

A prominent defense attorney who had ran for DA and had a lot of bad things to say about the DA’s office and its employees, had continually beaten the DA’s in court and been very outspoken about the office, was constant being ripped off by the entire drug community simply because he was successful. Some were even his clients.

There has been testimony by a public defender that deals were made for testimony in this case. But the DA’s office will not admit.

A witness who cannot be found now but told a police officer he waited 4 hours to be arrested for trespassing after being caught in the yard.

Anyone see a pattern here? There is a self-serving group of individuals who feel they can take others property for their own needs

All stories that do not sense, they never do with tweekers, and a Prosecutor that has probably been forced to use these unreliable people as their main witnesses

And it all is looking very suspicious at this point.

More to come especially in some of the recent motions.


  1. Poorly written article. So condescending, lacks facts and pretty much makes a mockery of the seriousness of the case. Completely opinionated, biased and a joke of a read.

    1. Despite your self righteous attitude I do appreciate your comment. Note that I am not a professional just a guy with a opinion.
      Personally I think there has been a mockery of the seriousness of the case but not by me but by the DA’s office.
      There are plenty of facts for anyone to look at if they choose to, simply read the linked articles and documents before passing judgement.
      I was in law enforcement for a long time with the last 6 years as a bailiff in the courts, I am familiar with the court system and the type of people being used as major players in this are simply not reliable.
      You IP address shows you are from Bay area so maybe you are not too familiar but if you have some other information to share or something you feel I do not know about this case I will gladly post if for all to see. If you want to just try to show how much smarter you are than everyone else I am not interested.
      If you have anything constructive to add I will post in its entirety, I love opinions and allow the 1st amendment on this site 100%.

    2. Lesliej My offer still stands if you have some information to share or alternate sides of this thing.
      I cannot believe you went through the signup process to only make that one comment on my site where I can say and do as I please.
      So again if you have anything to share now is the time or I will just consider your comment a bitter troll remark by someone who felt they can try to bully one of the biggest assholes on the net.
      Please clarify as I would really like to hear what your opinion is and what would do justice to this case.
      Also note I realize now you are a local and may have some insight to this or you would not have even bothered.

    1. She does not appear to be a happy person and like to make herself feel better by putting others down.
      I gave her every chance to step up and set the record straight but she chose to just leave her ignorance out there for the world to see.
      there is a term that is used for people like that but in a literal sense I guess she is not a female dog.
      But does sell real estate here in town.
      BTW this article was seen by over 600 people that one day, in over 30 countries, and she was the only one who felt the need to try to degrade it in an effort to make herself feel better.

      1. For an individual that has been in law enforcement for as long as you’ve stated. It’s unfortunate to see you try and bully a citizen for posting her opinion. Using her IP address and saying she is a real estate lady. You would hope that a person writing an article can handle a person’s opinion. How many people did you bully while flashing your badge because you didn’t like what they had to say. If you can’t handle peoples opinion without going off on them, then you shouldn’t be trying to attempt writing on this case.

      2. Btw. I follow you and read your articles. I was just shocked to see you posting about being in law and responding to another individual that way. All the articles are informing and I enjoy reading them. Her opinion shouldn’t poke you they way it did. She must not be reading all the articles as a combined. I don’t think your making a mockery of this case either.Just shedding light to the mockery others make. They don’t need help doing that. They are doing a great job themselves. I’m sure it’s hard to read what others post when they aren’t using kind words. Just show us, your readers that your better then that. Because you are. I don’t know how she can say it lacks facts. This story has been followed while stating facts along the way. This article has facts on the criminals. They are “FACT” criminals. Some facing 3 strikes . FACT a defense attorney who has shown he thinks he is above the law. He took advantage of offenders for his personal gain. Another fact. She doesn’t see this case is nothing normal and it is for sure very serious. Your post just shows us how ashamed we should be with our courts on this case. Criminals do say whatever they will. They need to do investigative work to verify if there is any validity to their statements. You would take a criminals word at face value when prosecuting them, so don’t do it while using the as your witness. Reading your articles have me wondering about that courtroom.

        1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
          dawg417 says:

          thank you for your second remark and it was more enlightening, If someone want to talk trash as she did I am not interested and I gave her an opportunity to clarify and she chose not to. I will not tolerate trash talk and that is what she did.
          I will let anyone post an opinion on here despite their beliefs and lets have some intelligent discussions, her comment to me was trash talk and unnecessary and she chose not to clarify. she has nothing coming.

  2. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
    dawg417 says:

    Ok I am curious if you actually read my first response to her total lack of respect towards me and what it says. or if you even read her ignorant comment at all.

    1st of all my Law Enforcement background has nothing to do with this at all.
    2nd I sent her an email asking her to clarify her position without the self righteousness. she did not give an opinion she gave a haters comment like she was better than me for some reason.
    3rd she chose not to have any more contact thus my final response to someone who goes on a hating rant but is not willing to actually talk like and adult.
    4th that was 4 months ago and old news and I could really care less about it but you seem to think there is more to talk about here so I am willing to listen to you despite your indignation towards me. because unlike her I am willing to actually listen to what people have to say and have not removed her comment nor yours unless you want to continue to be a hater some more.
    So “hurricane Amy” if you want to talk like an adult and not throw more hate around like PMZ realtors who are under federal investigation for gouging their customers I say comment away I let people have their say on this site but not if all you want to do is bash someone for something that happened months ago I am simply not interested and will block both of you.
    Up to you, If you do not like my writing simply do not read them and there is a simple solution, But if you want to actually know what is happening in this case you will not read it anywhere else, because the Modesto bee is not covering it, even though they said it was the 3rd biggest story of 2015.
    one last note she was the only one who felt so self righteous to comment and the bottom line it is my site and I can do as I please.
    Again if you want to have a constructive conversation I am up for it, if you want to trash tal you will be banned. your choice.
    BTW If I were to ban you would have the distinction to be the first on this site because I believe people can talk as they please openly, if the show respect. At this point neither she nor you have done that.

    1. First of all I just read this. My apologies I did not see it was 4 months ago. No matter. I’m not interested in bashing. Just here to read your blogs. I read that comment and stated my opinion. Sorry if that angered you. Wasn’t my intention.

  3. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
    dawg417 says:

    No I do not get mad over things like this and now you are having a discussion which I love. I really do not care what people say to or about me if they are willing to have an open conversation with at least a small amount of respect and her comment was total ignorance with no p[positives at all.
    come to me with criticism’s is ok give me a honest opinion to a solution will really please me.

    1. I agree that she was disrespectful and handled her post wrong. He comments showed more about her then what she expressed to say about you. I just didn’t care for you response as an individual with your caliber. Thanks for keeping us posted. It’s the only place I choose to keep posted on this matter. I think we all know how serious this whole case is. It’s sad.

  4. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
    dawg417 says:

    One last note,
    I am an impartial reporting party in this case, I do not know any of the defendants. I was asked by someone to get involved because there are so many issues and I will report it as it comes out either way.
    Right now and for the last 4 months it is not a pretty picture of what is happening in our Law Enforcement community and the justice system as a whole. I am very frustrated at what I see daily.
    And I welcome anyone that want to come down and give their observations and I will be more than willing to post their reports too. unedited.

    1. I am just as frustrated by the judicial parties and sickened by the fellows willing to do anything to stay out of prision. Carson sickened me the most. To think he is untouchable and use his stature to take advantage of criminals who aren’t educated and use them to do his bidding. They may be thugs and criminals but are easily manipulated. Especially when dangling a get out of jail card in front of them. Unlike you I am partial to the case as i know an individual in this case and am deeply sickened on all this. I feel so sad for all the innocent involved that have felt an impact from this case.

      1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
        dawg417 says:

        thank you for your intelligent chat tonight, it can be enlightening for all to see and is why I try to encourage more talk.

  5. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
    dawg417 says:

    I have been watching for 4 months and have not seen anything yet to implicate Frank Carson or any others, this prelim is a joke. they could have had this over in less that a month but are taking a strange path to this. and I did a radio show last week with a board of supervisor on it also and he said this has cost the taxpayer in excess of $3 mil so far with no end in sight.

    1. 3 mill is awful. They drag things out when it’s unnecessary. They aren’t doing their homework by investing what people’s statements are. Just taking everyone’s words at face value. Thanks for your time. Good night.

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