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Part IV

Interesting side issue on the commenting on the articles posted

I personally am a big people watcher, that’s why I love airports, malls, and places like that. I also love to see the dynamic of the people who comment on the newspaper articles and letters to the editors.

Most are pretty strong assertive people who like to express themselves, some are only willing to try to disrupt a conversation, that is an exact definition of a troll, and they end up snooping around your Facebook page and such things.

On the Korey Kauffman case of course it has brought out a regular group of commenters, Many are anti DA type people because past issues or whatever reasons.

The day Frank Carson was arrested I was leaving to go out of the country and I was not able to get involved at all, but I was able to monitor what was happening very closely. So I decided to just monitor the happenings for a while during which I made a second trip out of the country but I was intrigued with the happenings and followed closely.

Looking at the original arrest warrant it was a total circumstantial case and there was a large amount of insinuation and not a lot of direct evidence.

One of the main commenters I noticed was someone with the handle of Richard Blakely who was constantly responding immediately to other comments and was very out spoken about the guilt of Frank Carson and the others. He also had been making some disparaging remarks about AJ Pontillo and his case which Frank Carson had been AJ’s attorney and the DA’s office was beaten badly in a case that should have never been taken to trial especially after the original information had been supplied by a person I refer to as a copsucker. Read more here:

I feel that since this person has been shamed so bad and is now part of a lawsuit because of her self-imposed involvement in AJ’s case, she cannot get online and talk the total ludicrous crap she is well known for. She even accused me of being part of a drug coalition out of Colorado and I was trying to infiltrate her. So it would appear in large part that she may be using an alter ego to comment in these articles, something she is well known for in the past.

Richard Blakely’s profile has no picture or cover photo and his Facebook page has no visible information on it.

An example of one of his comments was a constant referral to cell phone tracking data that he said the arrest warrant referred to, but in fact it did not, it was erroneously reported in the newspaper and a retraction had been printed. When confronted with that information he quickly started saying things like he has a personal interest in the case but would not elaborate.

His most recent was Comment was:

Richard Blakely

This is a complex case. Those who are looking for quick answers, before the hearing runs its course, only add to the growing suspicion that the persons responsible for the murder of Korey Kauffman are supported by an orchestrated group of individuals whose sole purpose is to stop this inquiry before it reaches its conclusion.

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I think I can safely say no commenter, including myself, has the ability to stop this inquiry before it reaches its conclusion and if we did that would be its conclusion anyway.

Very strange comment.

Several other commenters had also received sanctions on Facebook due to comments made to this person. One being and I quote what he sent me : “i told linda that she needed a profile pic. i suggested a ferret, maybe a weasel or perhaps a cute little mole.” Seriously not a very testy message but apparently too testy for a petty person. A second person was also sanctioned for this comment:”

Seriously? Sanctioned for that? I recently had a person tell me I deserved to be shot and killed because I am pro 2nd amendment, and Facebook did not find that violated their standards.

Remember Facebook does not have human interaction in these complaint procedures, it is done by bots and anyone who knows how can manipulate things well.

One other thing about these comments being removed and the people sanctioned is law enforcement has the right and ability to have people sanctioned in this manner with or without good cause.

The newspaper reports have been sketchy with the reporter not actually in court through much of the testimony but feels they can give accurate reports somehow. But there has been people attending giving reports on the court room action and in some great detail. And it sounds like the judge may be getting a little tired of the crap.

If you look a part II article you will notice a women named Lesliej who made this comment to my post:

Carson and others”

  1. Lesliej says:

    November 18, 2015 at 12:26 Edit

    “Poorly written article. So condescending, lacks facts and pretty much makes a mockery of the seriousness of the case. Completely opinionated, biased and a joke of a read.”

    I offered the opportunity for her to provide any information, that I would share unedited, she felt was more appropriate and to the point but has not done so.

Apparently she felt self-righteous enough to go through the log on procedure and try to berate me at my own game on my site, but does not have the conviction or guts to actually provide any more information. That is what is called a hater and typical of what comes out of the wood work in these type cases.

Everyone wants their moment of fame and in this case a moment of shame.

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