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Judge has no choice and orders witness

“hooked up” on the spot / 9 hours ago

Judge has no choice and orders witness “hooked up” on the spot
By William Thomas Jensen

I was unable to attend the morning session due to personal business I had to attend to. The afternoon session started out with defense attorney Timothy Rien cross examining Turlock City Detective Redd. It was brought out in testimony that Detective Redd met regularly with representatives of the Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department, Turlock City Police Department, Modesto Police Department, and the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation.

The Task Force met regularly in a conference room on the 5th floor of the DA’s Office. During this cross examination, Detective Redd told about how a confidential informant named 14-001 was sent with a wire to the house of Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes by Modesto Police Department Detective Jon Evers and Chief DA Investigator Kirk Bunch to make a methamphetamine buy.

Methamphetamine and heroine was found during the search of their home. They have never been prosecuted for these crimes. This was happening at the same time that the Corey Kauffman investigation was in high gear.

It was brought out that one of the Athwall brothers was suing Detective Redd for a car accident incident that happened on March 03, 2014. It seems to me that there could be some motivation for Detective Redd to try to take Mr. Athwall down because of this incident.

It was brought out in cross examination by defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson that Michael Cooley had told the confidential informant 14-001 that “We got over 1 Million dollars of shit from the Carson property.” Detective Redd was the main handler of confidential informant 14-001. During the cross examination by Mr. Hjertonsson, Detective Redd admitted that he never confronted Michael Cooley or Eula Keyes about these thefts.

At 3:25 PM, defense Attorney Robert Forkner was given permission to call (TJ) Samra Singh to the stand. This individual was very hard to find, and was available for testimony at this time.

TJ Singh was a client of defense attorney Robert Forkner on another unrelated case. He lives in the same Lander Rd area where Corey Kauffman frequented. He knew Corey Kauffman, and it seemed like he considered him to be a friend. Defense attorney Robert Forkner wanted him to sign a waiver that I believe would allow him to testify in the Corey Kauffman trial.

When Mr. Forkner went to get the waiver signed by Mr. Singh, he discovered that Marlissa Fereirra and Kirk Bunch had been to see Mr. Singh two days earlier, and that Kirk Bunch had indicated to Mr. Singh that he should not sign the waiver papers.

He was told that he “would have to come to court” if he did. Mr. Singh testified that near the end of the 15 minute conversation, Bunch told him that the decision to sign the papers was up to Mr. Singh.

Singh testified that Bunch told him that “I was never here.” Kirk Bunch and Marlissa Fereirra then left. Judge Barbara Zuniga became very upset with the prosecution.

The prosecution has been warned to have no contact with witnesses in this case, and have violated these orders multiple times.

The prosecution interfered with the Attorney/Client relationship between Robert Forkner and Mr. Singh, and once again violated a court order. Marlissa Ferreira semed to punish Mr. Singh by asking Mr.Singh if he had an arrest warrant. Singh said yes.

Things then literally blew up, and the Judge called all the attorneys into chambers for a long conference. When they came out, nobody was bleeding. I was surprised. The defense attorneys all then went to a side room for a private meeting.

Defense attorney Timothy Rien tore into Bunch and Fereirra for what they had done. Marlissa Fereirra tried to shift the blame to the Judge, by saying that the Judge had instructed the prosecution to assist the defense in locating Mr. Singh.

That just infuriated Judge Barbara Zuniga even more. The judge excoriated the prosecution for their multiple violations of her orders, and made negative comments about how things are handled in Stanislaus County.

The Judge made a comment that seemed to question how far she was going to let this case continue. Judge Zuniga said that she had no choice but to order Mr. Singh to be arrested on the spot, and she had to “Hook him up.”

Defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana commented that Mr. Singh was being punished for telling the truth. We were then allowed to go home. This case is not in any way going well for the prosecution, and in my opinion is another example of how broken our legal system is in Stanislaus County