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As most of you know I like to pretty much say what is on my mind. I like to hear others opinions and constantly educate myself especially about people.

I was recently involved in a long discussion online with a gentleman who I very seldom agree with because his ego talks faster than his brain and he constantly says things his exact opposite of what he may say in a paragraph right above his current comment. For example he has said on numerous occasions he is not a liberal but has extreme liberal views and is the insult you because you do not agree with me type. (Typical liberal attitude)

The recent conversation was about the use of Marijuana and its legalization. He has said many times he has never used the drug but he knows how it works and its effects. Until yesterday where we were having a lively debate about the drug again and he said this: It is non-addictive, “but that’s not to say one cannot get into a habit of using it.” OK try to figure that one out. Having a habit is an addiction and is why they call it a habit. He also threw in a comparison about guns but MJ never killed anyone. Then said: Many die because it is illegal, but not from smoking it.” I guess many die from it does not mean it has killed anyone in his mind. He apparently does not read the newspaper and the recent death of 3 young people and a 4th severely injured in a car crash that the occupants were running a “hot box” in the car and the cause was due to extreme intoxication from Marijuana use.

He also compare it to this: “I know there are millions of people who bite their fingernails but I do not believe fingernails are addictive.” Somehow in his mind he related it to biting fingernails.

He also said: “So do I think Marijuana is safe? Unequivocally Yes!”

So I posed this question to him: Question: If it safe to use and be smoked everyday then is it ok for a police officer to smoke MJ on duty,? Truck drivers? Taxis? School Bus drivers? Airline pilots?
Are you willing to put your safety or your family’s safety at risk when someone is using this safe drug? It is yes or no and decides how you really feel.

His response was: “I don’t think I need to answer as that is probably already the case.” A typical non answer with this person.

Are you saying it is ok for elementary kids to be smoking it on the playground during recess? Safe is safe right?

12 hours later there was no response (as I expected).

Finally he responded with:” also did not allow my child to eat too much Fast food.” That was a good response and directly answered don’t you think?

I asked him several times this but no answer: Last question I will doubt you will answer if you feel so unequivocally that it is safe and there is no down side to it the you feel it is safe to give to our kids, let grammar school kids toke at recess? Safe is safe right?

His response: Is it ok for preteens to consume any drug, safe or not. NO IT IS NOT OK. STUPID QUESTION! I then advised him of the old adage there are no stupid question only stupid answers. Then continued on: “I don’t want anyone to be taking anything and driving, if what they are taking has any kind of mind alteration. Including too much coffee, don’t want that person spinning while they are behind the wheel. That’s a quote in answer to oine of your other stupid questions about cop, thuck drivers etc. doing pot while on duty.
Your “Hostage situation is a new question; answer NO. Here’s mine where are you coming up with these stupid questions? No one has said anything like it being ok to use any kind of drug, safe or other wise whie on duty or in school or letting you babies smoke anything including dope.”

Then said: “It’s questions like these that are the reason you had to sit in front of that compurter foe 12 hours waiting for a responce.”

Notice the spelling grammar change? Do you think I struck a nerve?

Then more personal attack: “If you would state your opinion and then defend that opinion and quit trying to be smarter than everyone else your post would be a great deal better.”

I actually do not think I am smarter than anyone (except this person)

Then he said:” If you disagree you are welcome to argue your point and we can discuss it all day.”

Which is what I was trying to do.

When he finally said something that was against his agenda finally he said:” We’re done.”

And we were he admitted it is not safe in many instances.

Why did I post all this? I could care less if you smoke pot that is something out of my control. But do not try to justify its use by saying how safe it is. You want to get high it is not my concern. I have had plenty of people try to tell me its benefits and I will admit there is, but all these 20 year olds whining about its benefits like the all have glaucoma or something. I do not want to hear it, you just want to get fucking high and loaded and cop a buzz. I have used some MJ in the past (my younger years) I know it benefits and pitfalls.

I even had one idiot once tell me he drives better under the influence. I had a friend once who said that about alcohol until he wrapped his truck around a tree and killed himself.

I personally do not want my family jeopardized by your selfish wants and needs, If you smoke or vape and get high and drive and kill my family I promise I will


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