Justice in America: Frank Carson Et al Part VI

As reported by Warren Yates

For info, the Modesto Bee was standing outside court this morning down near the rest rooms but when court was called to order he was not there the whole day.


This will be highlights of the court session for November 20, 2015. DA investigator Dale Lingerfelt is on the witness stand. This will not be a very remarkable day for exciting things since Mr. Lingerfelt was partnered up with Investigator Bunch.

A lot of the testimony will center on Miranda (Sunny) Dykes who is a prospective witness for the prosecution. Much of the opening part of Lingerfelt’s testimony had to be disturbing for any members of Korey Kauffman’s family sitting in the gallery.

Miranda Dykes was the on again off again girlfriend of the confessed killer of Korey Kauffman, Robert Woody. Deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira BRIEFLY spoke on the prospective witness’s criminal history.

This is an in-depth look at the local criminal history of Miranda Dykes. When you see the dates involved in relation to the investigation of the murder Korey Kauffman, you can draw your own conclusions:

On April 24, 2013 she was a complaint was signed for HS 11377(A) felony possession of controlled substances.
PC 273A(B) misdemeanor willful cruelty to child.
HS 11 364.1(A) misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia smoke or inject narcotics.
On or about March 23, 2015 all of the charges were dismissed.

On July 30, 2013 a complaint was signed for two counts of PC 273A(A) felony willful cruelty to child possible injury/death.
On or about January 20, 2015 Dykes apparently the pled nolo contendere to count one and count to was dismissed.

On May 15, 2014 a complaint was signed charging a violation of PC 484(A) petty theft.
On August 7, 2014 the case was dismissed.

On June 4, 2014 Dykes was arrested for HS 11377(A) felony possession of a controlled substance and for HS 11350(A) felony possession of a controlled substance.
On August 7, 2014 the charges were dismissed.

The above information is available on the Stanislaus County court index. It was placed there to present a snapshot of another prosecution witness.

Lingerfelt testified that Miranda Dykes approached law enforcement because she was afraid of Robert Woody. When interviewed by law enforcement Miranda Dykes said that Robert had become upset with her and was going to kill her.

Lingerfelt testified that Miranda Dykes said that he was so mad at her that he said he would cut her head off and put it in a hole and bury it like he had done to Korey Kauffman.
After she contacted law enforcement, she consented to wear a wire to try to obtain information from Robert Woody.

Lingerfelt testified that on the first recording Woody told Dykes he will tell her what she wants to know. He said that he was involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman.

Lingerfelt’s testimony describing the death of Korey Kauffman is abridged in this report. Watching the Kaufman family that was present, I could see that they were understandably upset by the testimony. I believe the judge saw it also because she called a sidebar.

At the conclusion of the sidebar, the judge told both sides that this was an evidentiary hearing and the questions will be limited to 402 criteria. Prior to resuming Deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira huddled a few moments with the Kaufman family in the gallery.

At this time I want to again as in prior posts, extend my sincerest condolences to the family of Korey Kauffman. Hearing this type of testimony regarding the brutal murder is heart wrenching. As I said before, I too have suffered the loss of a son and parents are not supposed to bury their children. I want to see the killer of Korey Kauffman to be punished to the full extent of the law.

Lingerfelt went on to testify that Robert Woody found the wire on Miranda Dykes and was extremely upset. She got away from Robert Woody and the District Attorney’s Office feeling she was in extreme danger, provided funds for her in a witness protection house. She only stayed there for two days and left. A few days later when the District Attorney’s Office served a search warrant on Robert Woody’s house, Miranda Dykes was there with him.

After the situation, Miranda Dykes had let a couple of criminal cases go to warrant. The DA’s office arrested and booked her but they were still concerned about her safety. She could be in danger being in jail because someone there could hurt her for being a snitch. Lingerfelt opted to try to get her into a rehab program. The charges dropped “in the interest of justice”.

She was transported to a rehab center in Southern California by Lingerfelt and another investigator but she left there shortly after arriving. She’s now in a third program and seems to be doing better.

Lingerfelt stated that there were no promises on the first contact with Miranda Dykes or ever. He stated the last contact Miranda Dykes was mid to the end of 2014. The District Attorney’s Office is providing no support for her.

After this Lingerfelt was advised that a prisoner in County Jail may have information regarding the case. Lingerfelt along with another investigator went to County Jail to contact a confidential informant known by various monikers and I will use 14 – 1. 14 – 1 was facing three strikes but said he could provide information in the Korey Kauffman case. Lingerfelt arranged to have 14 – 1 released on his own recognizance and he was provided a TracFone and a wire. Lingerfelt stated that no promises for consideration were made to 14 – 1 upon his release.

Upon cross-examination by defense attorney Garcia, Lingerfelt stated that he has the authority to decide what to do in his case. There were numerous meetings and they would go to the District Attorney’s Office for briefings. Lingerfelt met with chief Deputy Dist. Atty. Harris quite a bit at least weekly. Investigator Bunch was usually with them when they met.

Defense attorney Martinez asked if Lingerfelt had received information as to where Korey Kauffman was killed. Lingerfelt stated according to 14 – 1, Korey was killed in Michael Cooley’s backyard.

Mr. Martinez asked if the DA wires a responsible person, how long do they have to know the person. Lingerfelt said 1 to 2 days. He was asked if Miranda Dykes was aware that her kids may be taken away. When we wired Dykes, she did not have her kids with her
14 – 1 was wearing a wire when he went to Michael Cooley’s house. 14 – 1 said that Michael Cooley showed the spot in the yard where Korey Kauffman had been beaten to death. Dist. Atty. Ferreira objected and the injection was sustained.

Lingerfelt said that 14 – 1 said that Michael Cooley showed him the exact spot where they took Korey. Mr. Martinez asked if it was on Michael Cooley’s property and 14 – 1 stated it was. 14 – 1 knew that Michael Cooley is a significant witness in the Korey Kauffman case. 14 – 1 and Michael Cooley were lifelong friends and 14-1wanted leniency.

Then the questions went to the wire that Miranda Dykes was wearing and he said that the wire recording said that Woody told Dykes that when he killed Korey Kauffman he was alone. When asked what the status of Miranda Dykes is, Lingerfelt said the she claimed that the Dist. Atty.’s office turned on her and were trying to kill her. There was no explanation given for why she wigged out. (Drugs ya think?)

Lingerfelt stated that Miranda Dykes was not presently hostile and that she had had contact with Korey Kauffman’s biological mother. Miranda Dykes is no longer a confidential informant and was not a cooperating witness until she was arrested. That is when Lingerfelt and another investigator drove her to the Southern California treatment program.

Dist. Atty. Ferreira then had questions on redirect. In answer to her question, Lingerfelt said that Miranda Dykes wire shows that he said he killed Korey Kauffman on Frank Carson’s property. Woody then said that he dumped the body top of the ground which somewhat describes how Korey Kauffman’s body was found in Mariposa County.
Dykes then said that Michael Cooley said “they took the boy. They got him last night”. Testimony showed that the boy was Korey Kauffman. Then there was testimony that a white pickup truck that belonged to a” Bobby” had the body in it. The district attorney said that Baljit Athwal’s nickname is” Bobby”. There was an immediate and loud objection by Martha Carlton Magana saying that that is misleading and stating that this is a 402 hearing and not a trial.

Judge Zuniga then took control of her courtroom again admonishing both sides that they were going too far with their questioning.

Ms. Magana said that 14 – 1 had information on another murder
Defense attorney Robert Forkner said that the wire said that Michael Cooley was there when Korey Kauffman was killed. Mr. Forkner said that another person had said that Michael Cooley says he killed Korey Kauffman. He said that Deputy McKinnon took a statement. Lingerfelt said that he had not seen that report.

That was the end of court for November 20, 2015.

If my reports seem to jump around it is because each of the six attorneys questions the witnesses independently sometimes about the same subect.


  1. I am a bit confused right now. Are they (not really sure who I mean by they) in some way saying that Kauffman’s body was dumped on Cooley’s property after he was murdered? As maybe a way to show them “This is what happens when you F- with Carson”? But contrary to other evidence it seems Kauffman’s body was buried in the “chicken coop” and later taken and dumped up somewhere up near Greely Hill – Buck Meadows area by the one the Atwahs and the Woody dude? (sorry for not knowing specific names) Is it saying that Cooley knew the exact spot where Kauffman was murdered? There are so many “tweakers” as witnesses that this is very confusing for me. I did read that affidavit online and was very confused. Then on one of the Sacramento news channels gave it to a Sacramento expert, DA or Judge, or someone in the know of affidavits, not related to the case, and he used the word I was searching for- “convoluted”.

    My main question is did- Cooley, the Lander Ave. guy, say he knew right where Kauffman was killed and it was on his property?

    Thank you for your blogs. They really unconvolute (just made up a word) what is going on. I know a lot of other people are reading your blog too as to better understand the case. Wish you could be in court all day.

    Also, in a private email can someone explain the “disturbing” part of Kaufman’s murder left out? Did Cooley witness the murder? Was he the other person locked in the chicken coop with Kauffman that escaped and is now a CI for the DA’s office maybe trying avoid prison time for possession of an ounce of meth?


    1. It is confusing isn’t it John, They have based all their evidence on people who are addicts, dealers, three strikers, all who are looking for a deal.
      I was in court all day yesterday and there was a state prison inmate who testified Mike Cooley Is a violent prone man and has violently attacked him in the past because he was jealous of his wife. There has also been testimony in the past that Cooley was jealous of Korey and his friendship with Mikes Wife also. Apparently some are saying Korey was killed in Cooley’s yard now.
      After Korey disappeared Cooley buried Koreys bike in his backyard. Why?
      If you aren’t confused with all these different stories than you are a better man than I am.
      This what happens when you base a case on tweekers as witness’s and all are looking for a deal. And keep in mind no DNA evidence was ever found in Carsons yard
      And to be honest it appears there may be a personal agenda with the DA’s office in this too.
      Just my opinion whatever that is worth.

      1. Also note too that Robert woody the one who has admitted to killing Korey has changed his story numerous times for whatever reasons, And the body was discovered18 months later and decomposed and the cause is in doubt to a certain extent too. The newspaper, when they were reporting on this crime of the century, once said Woody led the officers to the body which is not true. Hunters just happened to stumble across the body .
        There is one ignorant person who keeps saying in commenting on the bee that cell phone records were traced to Korey and the some of the defendants, That is not true as I read the warrant there was a signal loss in the hills, as there always is, and no one was traced to the bodies location.
        That was another erroneous fact put in the news paper that they later retracted, as you see in one of my posts.
        The news paper reporters were not in court for most of the entire days that they reported so I do not know their source of information they put in the articles.
        Warren Yates has been in court most all days and when he is not he is looking at transcripts.

  2. I have been following you and Warren Yates. I thought you two were the same.

    The Modesto Bee has become a horrible news paper. Maybe they just do not have enough money to pay someone to follow the case?

    Another question I have. Somewhere in this convoluted case I read there was a second person in the chicken coop. If I remember right it stated that person escaped somehow, but was later caught by Carson himself when he tried to escape on his bike. It was said Carson then got out his cell phone and tried to call “the others” and this guy escaped. Is this accurate information (not meaning is this statement true), but meaning was it reported at some point by someone? I have to believe that everyone is this case has lied at some point.

    Also, what do make of one of the Pop-n-Cork guy burning his truck up at the end of East Ave.?

    Just more thoughts not involved in the evidence presented. I would think a defense attorney as smart as Carson would be able to organize a homicide that is not so “convoluted” (I hate to keep using that word, but it is all I can come up with in my mind).

    A couple other things that make me wonder- Carson’s property is such a mess how did he even know if something was missing? Seems like the Cooleys and their thieving friends have a better inventory of what is on the property and where it is.

    How does a guy on a bike steal what had to be 8′ long irrigation pipe?

    If two pipes were missing how did Cooley know? I have never taken inventory each day of what is in my neighbor’s yard. If Kauffman (and maybe “The Second Man”) did steal the pipe that was right over the fence how did they end up in the chicken coop?

    Just one more quick thought- why didn’t Carson just build a buffer zone between the properties and put 5-10 of the meanest pit bulls inside the buffer zone? Maybe just two pit bulls?

    One more item I just thought was a bit funny- if Woody was a tweaker as it seems from all indications. A tweaker using steroids and meth, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. I would have to believe the steroids belong to the Pop-n-Cork guys because in the past, having stopped by the store for this and that, those guys were buffed and big.

    1. You have been watching closely and with that many questions it is a problem isn’t it.? I only know through my past experiences in law enforcement people in that drug culture are not EVER talking factually they a have means to an end and then looking for a deal afterwards.
      Woody’s girlfriend wears a wire he sees it she is scared goes into protection 2 days later she leaves it and is right back with him. This is the strange thought process in the drug culture and unless you have witnessed it is hard to understand it is so bazaar. And these are the people they (the DA)have hung their hat on.
      As for the others in the back yard there was another individual that was caught there but somehow magically escaped but did say he waited for 4 hours across the street for the police to show(rolling my eyes). It goes on and on and the stories have changed to suit their needs consistently because to be honest these type people have lived the life for so long they do not know what is true anymore.

  3. I was doing a little more Thanksgiving morning reading and un-convoluted my question about a second man in the coop with Kauffman (if he was killed in the coop). It was supposedly a different occasion when a person known as Jaquish, (not sure on spelling) was trapped in the coop and escaped the first person, whom he keeps misidentifying in photos, but was then caught by Carson and escaped again. Then the narrative goes on to say that Jaquish “The Good Thief” called the police to report himself for trespassing. He even waited 4 hours for the police to show up. Anyway, just clarifying one point of my own confusion. Apparently they cannot find Jaquish now though to testify.

    Is that an accurate unconvolution.

    One more question, at that this point, could the defense call in some experts on meth psychosis, and ask that all evidence from know meth users to be excluded and then ask to have the case dismissed?

    1. You are right and I just referred to this gentleman in my last response. Remember this is just a preliminary hearing and the DA has chosen to call around 80 witness’s total. Normally in prelims they can Prop 115 most testimony(police officers testify what witness’s said and reported) Then in the real trial, if held to answer, they would put on a better defense. For now it is just to see if there is enough evidence to be held for trial. But for some reason the DA has chosen to put on an almost full blown trial.
      The judge makes the call if held to answer and personally most judges can see what is going on here but sometimes you just don’t know. So I guess it could happen as far as the experts are concerned but I do not know what the atty’s have planned or legal basis for some of that stuff.
      It is captivating isn’t it?

      1. One very shameful, horrible, act by the DA’s office is their actions, or lack of actions, concerning Miranda Dykes. Something that I believe you brought to light in your blog, and it is something the Bee should be reporting. I find it a blizzard of shame that the Bee did not do the work to present this in their paper. Chris Hedges often speaks of the lack of investigative news reporting these days. This is a great example below-

        “On July 30, 2013 a complaint was signed for two counts of PC 273A(A) felony willful cruelty to child possible injury/death.
        On or about January 20, 2015 Dykes apparently the pled nolo contendere to count one and count to was dismissed.”

        Felony willful cruelty with possible death or injury to a child? WTF? Children cannot look out for themselves! The above charges should be top priority in the DA’s office. What a shame. When the Bee does report on this preliminary hearing things like this should be brought to the publics attention. Or at least presented in the OP-ED page with a big headline. Then let readers decide if the DA’s office is protecting the people.

  4. It also appears the DA Ferreira is having issues with the reports being put out by observers in the courtroom, The Da has made issues of it several times and the judge has told her to file a motion.
    I do expect her to request a gag order but that does not concern observers but it could end up closing the courtroom to the public.
    Why is Miss Ferreira so concerned about the public being notified? The Bee reports have totally stopped for some reason, I can only wonder why.
    So there will be more drama on this I think.
    All these witness’s have had some type of pending cases and many serious or violent, Watching the video played the other day I did keep referring to getting a program instead of prison, The investigator said “No promises but I will do what I can.” That is enough of a hope for these type people to say what they think the investigator wants to know.
    Again I have talked a lot in the past to drug users and they are very willing to give up their mother for a dime of dope or a deal.

    1. If Jaquish did make a 9-1-1 call I would love to hear it.

      9-1-1 -What is you emergency?

      Jaquish – I want to report myself for trespassing.

      9-1-1 -…..ummmm okay. Thank you. We will send a car right over.

      After call, operators- why are laughing?

      Some drunk college kids must be messing around with us.

  5. I want to repost this link for any new followers


    Wow! Two years of Stanislaus County DA’s wire tapping. Also, compared to other counties in the area, which issue very limited wire tappings (watch the video for numbers), have a look and listen to the results. 2012- 25 wiretaps issued, that resulted in over 25,000 people’s conversations being heard. Number of convictions 0. That is not a capital O, it is a zero. Sacramento county issued four that’s the number four. 3 resulted in convictions. The one that did not result as a conviction was a wire-tap issued in Sacramento for Stanislaus county. Maybe 2011 was a better for out county. The wire taps in 2011 resulted in 0 (zero) convictions. Is that motivation for the DA’s office to go after Carson? The video is a must watch for anyone looking following this case.

    1. Interesting bit of information isn’t it?

    2. I had seen that video before but had forgotten about it and thinking twice about this link john I think it is a very interesting item and I will post that video.

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