Inmates in the Canyon County jail now have access to tablet devices, the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday.

The Telmate Tablets allow inmates to stay in contact with the outside world through secure messaging, photos, content, music and games, according to the sheriff’s office. They also allow inmates to access paperless grievances, requests, crime tips and Prison Rape Elimination Act reports.

Capt. Daren Ward, Canyon County’s jail commander, said there were some initial concerns that the tablets could be weaponized. But since the inmates started using the tablets on Oct. 20, it hasn’t been a problem.

“Inmates are more engaged with news, entertainment, and music on tablets, which makes them less stressed and less inclined to cause trouble,” Ward said.

The Telmate technology helps authorities manage and monitor information that goes in and out of the jail, and the tablets serve as a behavior modification tool for inmates, according to the sheriff’s office.

According to Telmate, the tablet is offered at no cost to facilities or local governments.

Nothing can go wrong there right? And they are no cost? Like free? Not a chance! Taxpayers are paying that somehow.