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By Warren Yates

This is an addendum to the article above it. I had already finished the article above to submit, when lo and behold I awoke this morning to an article in the Modesto Bee regarding the Korey Kauffman case. So I will now expound on my opinions of the latest Bee article. There was no mention in the article about why there had been no coverage of the preliminary hearing for nearly 2 weeks. As that pillar of journalism the National Enquirer says “Inquiring minds want to know”. Will we ever?
I am bewildered about what source Mr. Ahumada received the information for this article from. Mr. Ahumada has been as scarce as hen’s teeth in the court proceedings for nearly 2 weeks. I saw him prior to court starting on Monday standing down near the rest rooms. He did not show up in court. Another observer said they saw him talking to “Mr. Microphone” Mark Davis. That may be where he received his information from. Just saying…
The Bee article states that Ronald Cooper has already testified he witnessed Frank Carson in heated arguments people about antiques stolen from his five-acre Turlock property. Now the Back Story : The Bee article FAILS to state the next question to Cooper which was “Did you ever see Frank Carson threaten to kill anyone?” Cooper’s answer was “NO!”. Just a small oversight I’m sure.
So it appears that the Bee only printed a half truth. The question is, is this the only half truth? Sarcasm noted. While next the Bee article states that attorneys are arguing over whether witnesses were promised leniency in exchange for their testimony. There’s the half truth. Now the Back Story: The rest of the truth is that investigator Bunch promised considerations to Cooper and public defender Rosenstein and the Dist. Atty. would figure out how much time Cooper would get (as a result of his testimony?) since no law enforcement official could find the victim that would have made Cooper a three striker. Golly gosh darn, couldn’t find her. How about that?
The article then states “Cooley is expected to testify at some point about confrontations with Carson”. Well there’s the half truth. Now for the Back Story: if the Bee reporter would’ve Been there for the testimony, he would’ve heard Ronald Cooper testify that Michael Cooley had what you would consider a tollgate leading from his property onto the Frank Carson property.
The toll charge to the thieves to enter Frank Carson’s property through the fence and come back through onto Michael Cooley’s property was to allow Michael Cooley to take whatever he wanted of the stolen property from the thieves for himself. And Ronald Cooper testified that if there was any argument between the thieves and Michael Cooley, Michael Cooley’s knife decided who would win, the thieves or Michael Cooley. But Cooper doesn’t want to be called a “snitch”. Imagine that.
Michael Cooley’s feigned anger at Frank Carson was to disguise the fact that Michael Cooley is a hypocritical thief that will stop at nothing including assault with a deadly weapon (Knife) to take whatever stolen property he wants for himself. The question arises, did Korey Kauffman unfortunately argue with “Alligator” Cooley regarding some of the stolen property Cooley wanted? Don’t know, just saying… 
The last two paragraphs of the Bee article are ancient history in this case. Everyone knows Robert Woody confessed to the murder of Korey with three different stories in an attempt to cut the best deal for himself by TRYING to implicate others to save his skin. And it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon or a brain scientist to figure out that Woody’s testimony and cross-examination are expected to Be lengthy. So much for the current news from the Bee.

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