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As most of you know I did a 5 part series on the arrest and legal procedures concerning AJ Pontillo,

And about 6 months ago I did a follow-up. If you refer back to part 3: you will see I named a person who I originally called the copsucker as Linda Taylor out of Turlock.

She was identified as the FBI informant in the court discovery and I did a follow up story on May 19, 2015 showing the FBI report showing she was the informant, click here: .

Below you will see an Interview unedited and in its entirety by a person called Lewis Davis, which I believe to be a false personality that she is well known for online, and Lewis is interviewing Linda Taylor, so in effect I believe she is interviewing herself. I first saw this interview last December 10th and I just noticed some changes in it. Most of the changes are inserted links but some wording and language.

Also note the email address for the site the interview is on is Linda@S********

On highlighted page 2 she referred to AJ’s blog in link form. If you click on that link it takes you to Dawgs Blog dated May 19th post I referred to earlier. That post also showed the results of an acquittal on all charges.

AJ has no connection whatsoever to Dawgs Blog as I am the sole administrator and publisher on the site. The only connection to AJ is when I interviewed him last January to put up more information on his case. I have talked to AJ maybe 3 times since and I now believe him to be an innocent man because that is how the system works and I also feel there was some personal issues with Law Enforcement that lead to the charges.

You will notice she also stated she had never viewed the site but somehow she was able to get a link to the May 19 post where the FBI report had been posted with her name on the reports as the informant. You will also note that in her self-interview she states she never did any type investigation but the FBI report says otherwise, again refer to May 19 post, and how did she discover and come up with all those outrageous allegations in the FBI papers? And not just about AJ but many leaders in the area.

So here is her interview in its entirety as it was taken from her blog and please keep in mind it is unedited in its entirety so I did not spell or grammar check it if that type of thing bothers you.

Q&A with community and anti drug activist Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor answers questions about the AJ bail bond case

By Lewis Davis

Page 1:

Q. Tell me about yourself.

 A. Well, I’m a long time community and anti drug activist. I work with state and national anti drug coalitions on issues related to marijuana legalization and the subsequent legalization of all drugs. I work to expose political corruption and I’m a strong anti crime advocate. I’m also an anti crime/corruption blogger and write for

Q. Did you work on the Aj bail bonds case?

A. I’m not a police officer so no I didn’t work on the case.

Q. How were you involved?

A.  Well, I went in search of answers to the question “Does Stanislaus County have a Sanctuary Policy.” The allegations were that illegal immigrants are committing serious crimes in our community and bail bondsmen are posting bond knowing ICE will deport them the next day. The cases never get prosecuted and bail bondsmen know it’s easy money. The illegal immigrant then sneaks back into the country, commits another crime and is bailed out again. ICE deports them again and they aren’t held accountable for the second crime either. It’s a racket. I met with several bail bondsmen about it and that’s when I heard the name Aleo Pontillo-AJ bail bonds for the first time.

Q. There have been accusations made that someone in law enforcement may have told  you to go after AJ. Is that true?

A.  I hadn’t ever heard his name before I met with bondsmen to discuss a sanctuary policy. No.

Q. Did you know any bail bondsmen prior to that day?

A. No I didn’t.

Q. What were some of the accusations against AJ?

A. That he was involved in sex, drugs and guns for bail. Clients were chained to weight benches in his office while extorting money from family members. AJ employee’s were soliciting business in the courthouse and clients that appeared in court as promised were forced into AJ employee cars at the courthouse against their will and taken to AJ’s office. That AJ employee’s were showing up to client’s home’s taking personal property including cell phones, jewelry and money and not adding the value of that personal item to their bail amount. That some of AJ’s employee’s had criminal records and often ‘intimidated’ clients on AJ’s behalf. That people were afraid to come forward with information about AJ because he had a contact in the DA’s office that was giving him inside information. That AJ had a contact in the Department of Social Services to get information illegally on clients and other people. That AJ used contacts in the Modesto Police Department to get information on pending investigations and on people he didn’t like. That AJ was paying inmates at the jail to refer bail to him and that AJ was hiring his clients including gang members to do whatever he wanted them to do, including homes invasion robberies. That AJ was lying on declarations to avoid paying summary judgments to the county, and more.

Q. How many people did you interview about AJ bail bonds?

A. I interviewed 20 people including bail agents, AJ clients and other stakeholders in the industry. I have a list of names and their testimony.

Page 2:

Q. AJ  has accused you of having some sort of personal vendetta against him, is that true?

A. I had never heard of AJ or AJ bail bonds before my first meeting with bondsmen. So no.

Q. Did anyone pay you to provide information to law enforcement about the AJ bail bond case?

A. No.

Q. Have you ever worked as an informant for law enforcement?

A. No I have not.

Q. What did you do with the information you obtained from the interviews?

A. I took the information I received seriously and turned it over to the Sheriff’s Department.

Q. Did anyone from the District Attorney’s office, the Sheriff’s Department, the FBI, or any other law enforcement group or organization share information with you on the investigation of Aj’s bail bonds?

A. No they did not.

Q. AJ started a blog that accuses DA investigator Steve Jacobson of leaking information about this case to you, is there any truth to that?

A. No. I did not receive information from Steve Jacobson on any investigation.

Q. On Aj’s blog he posted FBI documents with your name on them, have you seen them?

A. I haven’t taken the time to read them. I can’t tell you if they are accurate or not. However, if the documents claim that I was the one who went to law enforcement with  information I received through numerous interviews then that would be accurate.

Q. Was this the first time you had looked into allegations concerning a business allegedly involved in criminal activity?

A. No it isn’t, and it’s the second time either.

Q.  AJ was eventually acquitted of all charges, what is your response to that?

A. In AJ’s case his attorney (Frank Carson) used a well known strategy to vilify law enforcement, DA investigators and prosecutors. It’s not an original strategy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s the same one that was used in the OJ Simpson case over 20 years ago. Justice has a way of prevailing though. OJ Simpson is now behind bars. Let’s also not forget that AJ’s office manager Janell Llorens pled guilty to a felony in this case.

Q. You have called this case a circus, why?

A. Well, you have AJ’s defense attorney Frank Carson running for District Attorney while named as a person of interest in a murder investigation. He also has some investigators working for him that are accused of criminal activity as well. You have a self described civil rights activist from airport district-Robert Stanford sending me dozens of Facebook friend requests and emails begging for information in an attempt to remain relevant after numerous failed attempts to get elected to the Modesto city council. You have Aleo Pontillo threatening people using military lingo and he now has aFacebook page dedicated to his hatred of law enforcement.  It’s a circus complete with puppets and dancing bears.

Q. What can we expect from you in future?

A. I’m not going anywhere. I will continue to help make Stanislaus County a better place to live and continue to work with anti drug coalitions to stop the proliferation of drug use in our communities.