Séances out Wi-Fi in


Moscow cemeteries to get free Wi-Fi


The Russian capital is set to roll out free Wi-Fi at its largest cemeteries in 2016. Moscow already provides free wireless internet access in parks and in the Metro.

Moscow’s three largest cemeteries will pioneer the technology in their recreational zones, allowing people not only to surf the web for any purpose they choose, but to access cemetery services as well, such as a map of the area. 

“It will be useful for visitors to have Wi-Fi access at the cemetery. Anyone who would want to know more about the deceased or a gravestone could find that information online,” Artiom Ekimov, head of funeral home Ritual, said.

Two Moscow cemeteries have already undergone a high-tech injection and now boast terminals that provide the GPS location of the requested burial site, photographs of the deceased and the dates of their funerals. Authorities plan to equip all Moscow cemeteries with such terminals in the near future.


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