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Border Patrol supervisor gets prison for restroom camera

A Border Patrol supervisor who admitted hiding a video camera in a restroom at his San Diego County station has been sentenced to two years and nine months in prison.

U.S. District Judge Roger T. Benitez gave the sentence Monday to U.S. Supervisory Border Patrol Agent

Armando Gonzalez. Benitez called the case shocking and egregious.

Prosecutors say two years ago, Gonzalez secretly installed the camera in the floor drain of a women’s bathroom at the Chula Vista station.

The camera captured seven female co-workers using the restroom.

Gonzalez pleaded guilty in May to video voyeurism.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said in a statement that when Gonzalez “put a video camera down the drain of a women’s restroom, he also put his career, his honor and his freedom down that drain.”

Fucking asshole……..

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  1. 3 yrs and. 9 months does seem quite extreme. It was a non- violent offense. No one was seriously hurt. Simply firing him from his job and probation probably would have been punishment enough. I don’t get it. Why do federal crimes have such onerous punishments ? Who benefits from such overkill ? All it does is cause people to live in debilitating fear. Is that what congress wants ? Its constituents to live in fear ? The US has the longest prison sentences of any country on earth. Why ? Is the U S a better place to live or a worse place to live because its prison sentences are too long? It seems so arbitrary. So capricious. So draconian. The reality is that anyone can end up in prison whether they are guilty or innocent. I think it’s time people started speaking out

  2. I agree with your last two sentences completely. And is one reason why he deserved what he got.
    The problem I have with this Shithead is he was in a position of trust and in fact a supervisor, I personally feel we need to hold Law Enforcement to a higher standard as they have the authority to take away our freedoms an sometimes our lives.
    Do we really want people like this who make this kind of moral decisions carrying lethal weapons and making judgements about our freedoms?
    We need strong messages sent to the men and women in blue that they will be held accountable, the other 95% of good hard working officers on the job deserve it.

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