Kill 4 people, get no punishment other a slap on the wrist, obviously no one was monitoring him then he runs to avoid the no punishment he received and now all the sudden he is a priority. SMH!!!


The name Ethan Couch is now in a national crime database. Authorities concede they have no idea where he is.

The teen gained infamy for his “affluenza” defense after he drove drunk and killed four people in 2013. He received 10 years of juvenile probation, but probation officers cannot find him.

Officials say Couch and his mother, Tonya, disappeared several days ago.

Search for Ethan Couch ‘top priority’

“We’re working every angle we can work,” said Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson. “I’ve got a bunch of my fugitive guys working on it.”

Anderson said if he had a top 10 most wanted list, Couch would be No. 1.

“He had a good amount of time to get a good head start,” the sheriff said Wednesday. “And we all know what kind of resources this family has to get out of town. Get out of the country. Who knows?”

News 8 was told Couch was not wearing a GPS monitor. The house Couch shared with his mother near Eagle Mountain Lake appears to have been empty for some time.  A neighbor said Couch and his mother Tonya leased it over the summer but that they haven’t been there since.  A pinball machine is all that remains inside the white home.

“Now we’ve got to deal with this mess,” Sheriff Anderson seethed. “Now we have to spend more time, more resources, more taxpayer dollars out looking for someone who should be locked up.”

Anderson thinks Couch and his mother decided to leave when video surfaced on Twitter appearing to show him laughing at a beer pong party. Terms of his probation forbid drinking.

Anderson says it’s important to find Ethan Couch for the families of the four people he killed. And for Sergio Molina, the young man left paralyzed.

“He’s going to have to look over his shoulder the rest of his life,” Anderson promised. “Any time he gets anywhere we could apprehend him, we’re going to find him. And we’re going to keep looking and we’re not going to stop.”

Sources say the investigation is already leading to speculation Ethan Couch has left the country.

Amy George, a vice-president at Irving-based Mothers Against Drunk Driving, says the organization is outraged that Couch appears to be on the run. She says the real issue remains that Couch’s initial sentence of probation and rehab in December of 2014 by Judge Jean Boyd was nothing more than a “slap on the wrist.”

“He has clearly shown he is not remorseful, and has not taken this seriously,” George said. “Thirty-five years since MADD was founded, and to still see sentencing like that?  It shouldn’t happen, shouldn’t’ happen.”

A hearing is set for next month on prosecutors’ request to transfer Couch’s case to adult court before he turns 19 next April.