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I just got home from court and there was some excitement, which seems to be the norm lately.

There will be a post later on tonight or early tomorrow from Warren and Tom.

The only thing I have to say is this all would be like an episode of keystone cops and would all be laughable if it was not for the fact these people are in custody and at least at this point I cannot see why.

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  1. You’re leaving me hanging here. Been up since 5 am waiting for episode X. You leave me no choice but to call in sick.

    As for the Bee, I have heard Chris Hedges and Woodward talk several times about the lack of investigative journalism in the USA. Then I thought, nothing to investigate? You go to court listen and take notes. Oh, wait, they might have to do the work of digging into court indexes to do “research”. Maybe matching dates up with events in this case.

    I finally found the Bee article digging into pages A-9 or B-6 or some crazy place like that.

    I did learn that salmon are very resilient fish though. Now that is some front page stuff. Maybe the Bee guy is trying to swim upstream in a wet suite to “investigate” how difficult the swim actually is. Has he showed up to court in a wet suite?

  2. Reread what you wrote, the report is coming from Warren or Tom. Can you leave me a url to their blogs. Been following yours. I sort of like the idea of the Ferreira and the Bee playing the song “Who Let the Dawg Out”

    1. Sorry I was so tired last night I finally had to go to bed. There is a link to the Back story website in the latest post but they still have not put this one up yet. I am getting these writings emailed to me ns I am also in court to insure their accuracy. I would not post them If I did not concur with what is being said.
      Again I like the way you think……..

    2. If the reporter ever shows up at all I will let you know, I do not know where they are getting information since they are not there listening first hand, But you would be right a wet suit would be a tip off they were there.

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