By William (Tom) Jensen

This is an abbreviated version of my observations in court on Thursday 12/17/15 in the Corey Kauffman murder trial. The entire post can be read on when it is posted in the near future. I missed the morning session due to a dental appointment. It seems I missed the fireworks over the prosecutions apparent attempt to blame defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana for Ronald Cooper Jr. becoming an uncooperative witness. Martha fought these allegations, and accused Marlissa Ferreira of misconduct by making baseless allegations against her. There was talk of Martha possibly making a complaint to the State Attorney General over this matter.

Ronald Cooper Jr. was put on the stand in the afternoon. Cooper was asked by Martha Carlton Magana if he knew a man named Patrick Hampton. He said yes, that he had met Mr.Hampton in DVI (Duel Vocational) State Prison 10 years ago, and several times later while in jail. He said they were friends

Patrick Hampton was then put on the stand. What a smart mouthed low life sort of witness he appeared to be on the stand. During questioning by Marliss Fereirra, he testified that Frank Carson had been his attorney, and on 01/05/2015 he sent a letter to DA Investigator Steve Jacobson about Frank Carson. He stated that Frank Carson had asked him to deal with the Cooley Brothers with regards to thefts from the Carson property while in a conference room in the courthouse. He testified that Frank Carson had asked him to get a message to them that he was tired of being ripped off by them. He stated that Frank wanted him to deal with them and to fuck them up. He testified that Carson said that he was going to do a bail reduction hearing for him, and that he should contact a Bail Bondsman named Paul Singh. It was going to cost Mr. Hampton $10,500.00 to bail out of jail, but he was able to get out for $5800.00 without having to post a property bond. It turns out that he still owed Paul Singh the remaining balance of $4200.00 but never paid this off. Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra tried to be able to show that Paul Singh tried to get Mr. Hampton to participate in an identity theft scheme, but Judge Zuniga would not allow this line of questioning. “Your argument is so circumstantial on an uncharged conspiracy and an uncharged crime and that it doesn’t track.”

Defense Attorney Robert Forkner stated that he will play an audio recording that clearly shows that a man named Rene was the one that actually was part of the identity theft scheme, and will probably take 4 days to get at the truth of the matter. Forkner asked Patrick Hampton what was his drug of choice, heroin or methamphetamime? Hampton replied that methamphetamine was his drug of choice, and asked Forkner what his drug of choice was. That got a big chuckle going in the courtroom. Throughout his testimony, Mr. Hampton was mumbling and was very hard to understand at times. It appears that the drug has taken its toll on him. Mr. Hampton denied being a member of the Northern Rider gang, and denied being a police informant. He admitted that he wanted to blackmail Frank Carson. It was brought out that Mr. Hampton had allegedly been watching Paul Singh’s wife through a rifle scope and reading her license plate number, and it was alleged that Paul Singh had threatened to kill him over the incident.

After Patrick Hampton was allowed to step down from the stand, and leave the courtroom, it was brought out that tracking devices had been placed by law enforcement on the vehicles of Frank Carson, and nearly all of the defendants in this case, and a pole camera was installed to do surveilance on Pop N Cork Liquer Store in Turlock. The defense attorneys requested everything from these surveilance activities. They were told that the prosecution is still awaiting data from the company that provides the tracking devices. Court proceedings in this case will not resume until 9:30 AM on December 28th.

Dawgs note: in regards to the tracking devices and the surveillance information this was the first time the defense had heard about this and the DA response was something to the effect “I did not feel it was important.”

I wonder what kind of discovery the DA feels is important? SMH