Dawgs report To the media on the FBI reports by Linda Taylor

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There has been a long running story that was finally brought to a conclusion last December (2014), It was the people of the state vs AJ Pontillo who ran AJ Bail Bonds and AJ was acquitted of all charges.

There was an unusually long investigation for the charges that were finally leveled against. Those charges were:

1ct. 182/209(a) pc attempted kidnapping

3cts. 209(a) pc kidnapping

1ct. 182/487 pc Attempted grand theft

1ct. Section 1814 of the California insurance code

As you will see below the initial report to the FBI was taken on or about 6-11-2007 and charges were first filed on 9-14-2011. It took 4 years to file charges on these pretty simple charges. Homicides tend to take less time than this.

There were several search warrants served on AJ bail Bonds and all were done by high dynamic entries by swat teams and DA investigators who appeared to be double badging (local and federal badges).

All entries were made by force even though most were during business hours and all people present were detained by officer pointing and carrying assault rifles.

One entry was made using the dynamic method because they had a search warrant for a single file and all people present at the business were again detained at gunpoint (assault rifles again) and doors and entry ways were destroyed. They could have simply asked for the file since they had a search warrant AJ would have complied.

This is just a little bit of history of the aftermath of information that was reported to the FBI by someone I consider a Law Enforcement “groupie”.

Groupies like to have the attention of men and women who have badges and guns and want to have a sense of importance and desire attention of police, this happens for a variety of reasons, drug users and dealers always looking for a deal, women like to have a feeling of comfort with contact with cops, some desire to give sexual favors. I am sure there are more reasons.

This leads me to the reason this investigation was started. And the manner in which it was done. Below you will see my interpretation of what led to what I feel was extremely erroneous information by a groupie who wanted attention or was even compensated in some way.

I have documentation by way of the court discovery and I have interviewed AJ personally for my blog in this matter

Here is the information about this person in Stanislaus County who for some reason involved herself in some law enforcement issues and has received some sensitive information she as a normal citizen she should not have access to.

Her name is Linda Taylor and according to the FBI report she is an unemployed self-described activist out of Turlock.

See more info here including FBI reports : https://dawgonnit.com/2015/05/19/justice-has-prevailed-for-aj-pontillo/

Here is some questions about the reports to the FBI and some critique of its contents. Reports available upon request.

There are 8 pages of three separate interviews in the reports.

In the first report dated 6-11-2007, 2 pages worth, she was in contact with a “friend” at the DA’s office in regards to bail bond companies who are bailing out illegal immigrants and was advised by the DA’s office to check out AJ Bail bonds for these issues. The report goes on to say she discovered that AJ’s Bail Bonds is closely connected to the DA’s office with relatives of employees. And also said there were some “whistleblowers” that were former employees.

She also said there were drug parties and one statement said that there were sexual favors and there was a room upstairs that was used as a “drug party room” and a safe that contained illegal weapons.

NOTE: No names or corroborating information was provided by her in the report.

Now remember this person claimed to not be involved in the case but it is obvious she had done an active investigation in talking to people and was receiving assistance from the DA’s office in this investigation.

Looking at page 3 of the FBI reports, it is a second interview dated 1-29-2008, it states she has spent about 3 ½ months on this and had some information about several bail bond companies, But again at the bottom of the page she again starts to go into more detail concerning AJ bail Bonds. I do not mean to gloss over the information she reported about the other Bail bonds companies but none were ever charged, to my knowledge, in regards to her statements.

According to the report she stated that she was advised by other bail agents that AJ was kidnapping and handcuffing delinquent clients to the gym equipment and forcing family members to provide cash to secure their release. If the family did not come through he would “throw the clients in jail.”

I am not an expert in the bail industry but I think that is the norm for all is to get people to pay as per their agreements they signed or they could be rebooked in jail if they do not.

She then named several former employees who had made some other claim of illegal activities,

David Nelson claimed they made home invasions and either sex or drugs were given as compensation for not going to jail

Miles, no last name, said there was a party room upstairs and he had illegal guns and explosives in a safe and that Modesto police would constantly party there and there was a long string of connections to the courthouse and police dept through relatives.

Sylvia Perez, another former employee stated there was information he accepted drugs as payment and would not pay employees properly and lied to the IRS.

There is an ongoing list of people who she talked to, or somehow got information from and you can read them for yourself at the above link.

On 5-7-2008 she was again interviewed by the FBI, according to the report page 6 on the above link, and had in her possession a search warrant affidavit for a drug lab that was discovered at a storage unit at a house in Riverbank.

Where would a lay person get an affidavit for a search warrant? Well the rest of the report may explain that.

Some more outrageous claims were make about leaks in law enforcement but refused to provide information on the source of the information.

The report goes on to say, on page 7, that she was working with a DA investigator by the name of Jacobson, which later became to be known as Steve Jacobson. She also said she had contact with several other FBI agents, in addition the report writer stated he felt she other Law Enforcement contacts but was not willing to reveal who they were.

The report goes on to say she wanted to “be active” in searching witness’s or victims and she was advised not to.

As a reminder these reports that she filed started an investigation which ended in charges being filed against AJ Pontillo and started a long ordeal in which almost destroyed him financially but the strain of the situation aggravated a severe condition his wife had and she had passed away one month before AJ’s prelim.

He was acquitted on all charges

It must be also noted Steve Jacobson, the DA investigator, and Deputy DA Harris, were charged with jury tampering in the AJ trial when they were in deliberations.

My questions about this case:

Why was she given so much credibility with all the outrageous claims made?

Especially since she never had set foot in a bail bond business personally and especially AJ’s bail bonds

Who was aiding her investigation in law enforcement? She admitted she was getting information from a friend at the DA’s office.

How much information was she fed and by who?

Where did she get the search warrant that she showed the agents? Isn’t that classified information?

Was she using tactics and means that Law Enforcement could not use to supply them with information?

Why wouldn’t she reveal her sources if there was nothing to hide?

Despite all the wild claims that were made by her, re: guns, drugs, illegal weapons, etc no charges of that type were ever filed. So obviously there was no evidence to substantiate those claims.

Just for information AJ’s attorney in the case was Frank Carson who ran a nasty campaign for DA in 2014 but lost.

Frank Carson has been arrested and currently in a preliminary hearing on a homicide trial.

I personally believe at this point there is a very overly aggressive DA’s office here in Stanislaus county, and personal vendettas tend to rate high in priority. Sounds like an agenda type claim but there seems to be a long history in this DA’s office and in Stanislaus county there has become a major backlog in homicide cases. They are simply not getting to trial on a timely basis that is not paralleled anywhere in the state. (As reported by the Modesto bee)

Currently in the Korey Kauffman murder prelim they have 9 co-defendants including Frank Carson and the prelim has been nothing but drug addicted under pending charges people who change their story depending on who they talk to and what kind of a deal they can get.

They even had a DA testify that there was no deals made for testimony but then a public defender testified there was.

Me personally being in court to observe the videos of interviews and testimony shows there was some promises made indirectly and the DA Marissa Ferreira has constantly defied Judges orders to not talk to witness’s in fact even going to one witness’s house on an off day with a DA investigator to talk to the witness, who had pending charges and a warrant, who was represented by counsel but counsel was not present. Then told same witness as they were leaving “we were not here.”

When the witness testified the next day and it was revealed that the DA had made a visit to his house the prior day and then testimony had not gone the way she like under re direct she immediately asked if he had a warrant for his arrest. Under that circumstance the judge had no alternative to take the witness into custody. Something the DA investigator could have done the day before knowing full well there was a warrant in fact he was obligated to but chose not to in what appears to be an effort to get favorable testimony. When testimony did not go the DA’s way she then decided to serve notice of the warrant thus forcing the judge to take him in custody. If it was the right thing to do why was it not done the day before?

Just an example of the continual behavior of the DA’s office trying to work an unfair advantage and the short cuts they try to use, like what they did with Linda Taylor.

All claims I have made I can substantiate with FBI reports and court documents.

I am requesting The DOJ look into this matter because the seriousness of the rights violations and obvious illegal sharing of confidential information to someone who just wants to be a part of something.