A Northern Virginia martial arts teacher was arrested Wednesday after a 5-year-old student was thrown to the ground, knocking the child out.

Justin Patrick Branick was teaching a taekwondo class at Tiger Martial Arts Academy on Tuesday and got angry for some reason at one of his students, Prince William police spokesman Nathan Probus said.

Branick picked the boy up by the ankle and threw him over his shoulder. The boy fell to the ground and lost consciousness, Probus said.

He said that the boy went to the hospital and was released. Then, early Wednesday morning, another employee at the Bristow martial arts studio called to tell police that Branick had thrown the child.

Probus said that police quickly investigated and arrested Branick, 21, of Nokesville, on a charge of felony child abuse.

Officers also recommended that the child’s family take him back to the hospital. He was treated there for serious injuries, Probus said.

21 years old and is qualified to be an instructor in self-defense tactics that take years to perfect?