Justice in America: Frank Carson et al

By William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

It is 9:42 AM on 12/29/2015, and I am here in court again to experience the continuing testimony of Patrick Hampton. Mr. F Bomb was in fine form today, and did not disappoint me with his performance. Defense Attorney Robert Forkner announced that he was done with Mr. Hampton, and it was Defense Attorney Percy Martinez asking the questions as things got started.

Hampton denied being a snitch, and asked Percy if he was one. This is really quite entertaining. Mr. Hampton really needs to be on TV. He was asked if he was offered consideration, and answered that he didn’t remember. He was questioned about a man named Micah Disney, and was asked if Frank Carson was his attorney at that time. He said yes. Percy asked Hampton if he talked to Disney. “I don’t remember.” Did you lie to the officers? No was his answer. “I have always been honest with law enforcement.” Yea sure Patrick. Percy asked Hampton if he was dressed in his orange and white striped outfit. He answered yes. The defense is trying to stress that he is actually a gang member, who always wear orange and white in jail. He was asked if he has gotten any money from law enforcement. No. Percy then asked Hampton if he was gambling at Chicken Ranch Casino last night. He answered yes. OBJECTION. Hampton was asked to leave the courtroom. It was determined by Judge Zuniga that there was no foundation for this line of questioning.

Hampton was asked questions by Percy Martinez concerning a conversation he had with DA Investigator Kirk Bunch about Micah Disney. It was revealed that Hampton had told Bunch about a home invasion robbery he was involved with that Disney participated in. When pressed on this subject, Hampton told Percy Martinez that “It is none of your business.” Hampton admitted to a robbery on what sounded like Carver Rd that he was never prosecuted for.

Hampton was asked by Percy Martinez about a video recorded meeting with Bunch on 1/30/2015 where he asked Bunch for “An early kick (release) from jail because of his cooperation. “Get me an early kick.” Hampton said he didn’t recall if he got an early kick.

Martinez then asked Mr. Hampton about a 2/12/2015 Probation Dept. meeting where he described driving around with 30 lbs. of marijuana in the back of his truck, and throwing it over a neighbors fence so his truck would not be impounded. He was being chased by the police at the time. Hampton said that he did not remember telling Probation about that incident.

It was brought out that Patrick Hampton had met DA Investigator Steve Jacobson at High School when he was about 15 years old. Hampton said he met Frank Carson a long time ago. He had seen Frank in court around 10 years ago, and Frank had given him a card. Hampton testified that his “Lady Friend” had given Frank around $1500.00 to handle a violation of probation problem he was involved with. There was another “Why don’t you mind your own business” when asked about details of this case.

Percy Martinez then asked Hampton if he knows the Cooleys. He said he knows both Michael and Tony Cooley. Hampton was asked if Frank Carson had asked you for help in Turlock, and he answered yes.

Hampton testified that he had set up phony references so that he could show enough income to get Bail Bondsman Paul Singh to handle his bail. It was brought out that Hampton had bought a Jeep in Manteca. When Percy Martinez asked Hampton where the money for the Jeep came from Hampton said “None of your business.” He said that Paul Singh’s wife had him sign a contract, and gave him a business card. He was supposed to check in with them a couple times each week while on bail. He then jumped bail. On a cell phone, he called Paul Singh and said he was looking at Paul Singh’s wife through a rifle scope. Hampton said he was not telling Paul Singh the truth, and was not actually doing that.

Patrick Hampton was then asked by Martinez about a call he made to Georgia DeFellipo at Frank Carson’s office. He said that Georgia said that Frank was at the courthouse, and that he met Frank at the courthouse to talk to him. Hampton said he told Frank Carson that he had contacted some people in Turlock about the thefts, but that this was actually a lie.

Hampton testified that he had snorted some heroin after being released on bail, and had skipped a Probation meeting because he was too high, and that Frank Carson had told him to turn himself in.

Hampton was arrested again, and had a new public defender named Greg Spiering, and met with Frank Carson again in court. He said Frank told him he wanted the people that were stealing from him fucked up. It was brought out that Frank had not actually used those words in that conversation. Hampton dropped another F Bomb in that discussion.

Hampton was asked by Martinez if he was a paid informant, and he said no. Were you stabbed. No. Were you tazed? Yes. Hampton testified that nobody interviewed him while incarcerated in Riverbank, or when he was in the Stanislaus County Jail. He said that he was wearing the orange and white striped outfit again when incarcerated at the Stanislaus County Jail. Hampton blamed Paul Singh for the extra bail money that he owed, and that he had threatened to shoot Paul Singh. He owed around $5800.00 to Paul Singh, but only paid $800.00 on that amount. Hampton testified that he did not blame Frank Carson for the money he owed to Paul Singh.

We took a 15-minute break, and when Hampton got back on the stand, it was obvious to me and the people around me that he was high on something after the break. He was sniffing, and acting strange. He looked more “Down” than “UP”. I think he could have used some heroin while on break. Percy Martinez notices that Hampton is messed up at this time, and makes a comment about it.

It was brought out by Percy Martinez that Hampton had called someone of Indian decent a “Sand Nigger.” Hampton was asked if he was a white supremacist. No. Are you a Northern Rider? No. Are you a Crip? No. Hampton asks Percy if he is a Crip.

Percy Martinez asks Hampton if he was using heroin in 2015. He answered yes. Were you violated for this? Hampton said he was not sure if Probation violated him for that. Did you tell Probation about the 30 lbs of marijuana? Yes. Percy asks Hampton if he has gang tattoos. Hampton said no. Swastika? Yes. WP? No. Nortenos? No. White Supremacist? No. Wood? No. Norcal? No.

Hampton testified that he doesn’t know Robert Woody. He said that he had heard some rumors while in jail about Woody. Hampton said he did not know the Athwals.

Percy Martinez asked Hampton if he thought that heroin affected his memory. “Don’t Know.” How often did you use heroin while out of jail? Hampton said he used heroin occasionally. Hampton was asked how often he used methamphetamine. He testified that he uses 2 to 3 grams daily that he pays for with his criminal activities. Hampton was asked again about the Chicken Ranch gambling and said he used his criminally earned money to gamble. There was an objection to this again, and his answer was stricken.

Defense Attorney Hans Hjertenson (I can’t spell his name, Sorry Hans) took over asking questions. Hampton again denies being an informant. Hampton admitted knowing an officer named Michael Brody who had arrested him around ten years ago.

Defense Attorney Martha Carlton Magana then took over asking the questions to Patrick Hampton. She asked Hampton how long he has known Steve Jacobson. He said since he was around 15 years old. Hampton said that they are friends, and they speak to each other every few years. Hampton testified that he has sent Jacobson 1 to 2 letters while in custody. Hampton was asked if he was a regular meth user in 2011, and he said yes, but that he does not use it while in custody. Hampton was asked if he used heroin while in custody, and answered that “I don’t think so.” Hampton admitted smuggling drugs into jail and sharing them with a person he called “Flipper.” He testified that other jail inmates were upset with him for not sharing the drugs with them.

Martha went over several arrests and convictions that Hampton had including a Battery conviction. Hampton stated that he was currently wearing a GPS tracking device. I wonder what they thought about him leaving Stanislaus County to gamble at Chicken Ranch last night. It could be that nobody was watching, or maybe they did not care. It was brought out that Hampton is currently a 3 striker. It seems it really pays to be a police informant. Martha also got Hampton to admit that he currently uses 2 to 3 grams of meth daily, and heroin on a less frequent basis. He likes pills, cocaine, and stated that his last drug test was 1.5 to 2 months ago. Did this test turn our dirty? Don’t know. Hampton testified that he met Ronald Cooper at DVI 10 to 15 years ago, and was in Stanislaus County Jail with Cooper in 2015. Hampton was arrested for possession of hash (concentrated marijuana) in 2015.

Everything ground to a halt when Hampton blurted out to Martha Carlton Magana that she had represented him decades ago in a case in Oakdale. Martha had no memory at all of this case. This created a messy situation. Martha is representing one of the Athwall brothers in this case, and much discussion on this followed. The affected Athwall brother met privately with Martha, and when they came back into the courtroom, Mr. Athwall agreed that he still wanted Martha to represent him in this case. Many of us think that this was all set up by the prosecution in an effort to get Martha disqualified from this trial. Judge Zuniga wanted to consult with an expert on such matters, and we will continue this matter at 9:30 AM tomorrow.                                                      


William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

Dipshidiot of the day apprehended

Ethan Couch, the North Texas teenager found responsible for a drunk driving crash that killed four people near Burleson in 2013, has been apprehended in Mexico along with his mother.

Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson told WFAA the two were nabbed in the Pacific resort city of Puerto Vallarta.

ABC News reports that Ethan Couch and Tonya Couch were detained Monday evening at 6 p.m., according to a spokesperson for the Jalisco state prosecutor’s office. They have been turned over to immigration authorities in Mexico.

Couch, now 18, has been the subject of an international manhunt after violating probation terms for his conviction on four counts of vehicular manslaughter.

Ethan and his mother disappeared earlier this month after he failed to appear for a scheduled meeting with his probation officer. A warrant was issued for the teen’s arrest.

The case gained worldwide notoriety when Couch’s attorneys claimed that their client suffered from “affluenza” after being shielded from the consequences of his actions by his well-to-do parents.

Gee moms picture is real flattering isn’t it?