Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe: I am not the Medford, Ore. bank robber

Celebrity Mike Rowe finds himself in an awkward spot.

He’s a dead ringer for a bank robbery suspect in Medford, Oregon and that prompted the ‘Dirty Jobs‘ host to post a tongue-in-cheek denial on his Facebook page.

To the People of Medford Oregon:

Those of you up to speed with the Medford Police Facebook Page, (one of the finest pages of it’s kind, incidentally,) are no doubt aware that a white male wearing a ball cap and sweatshirt walked into the Chase Bank over on Stewart Street two days ago and robbed the joint. This had led many to wonder where I was on the day in question. True, I am often attired in a sweatshirt and ball cap, and yes, I do share a certain resemblance with the culprit. I’ve also been spotted in Medford on more than once occasion, (a lovely town by any standard.) However, I am not “5’6″ – 5’8″ tall with a small to medium build.” The last time I was 5’6″ – 5’8″ I was in the 6th grade. And the “small to medium” ship sailed some time ago.”

The responses to the Facebook post had hundreds of comments shortly after it went up Wednesday morning.

“Come to Medford and turn yourself in Mike,” wrote Don Richie. “After a great laugh with the Medford Police Department, tour Southern Oregon and see the beauty of this part of the world and the many fine vineyards! Oh, cannot forget Crater Lake too.”

The cops also had a bit of fun with the coincidence, putting this on their Facebook page.

“Good morning folks. First off, we appreciate all the tips on the bank robbery from yesterday. In fact, thanks to you guys, we issued an arrest warrant for Mike Rowe from the TV show, ‘Dirty Jobs.’ But in case it’s not him, keep your eye out and keep the tips coming.”

Rowe’s post also questions the wisdom of even robbing a bank, calling the suspect “an idiot” or perhaps “a clever person of below average height wearing a Mike Rowe mask?”

He pointed out that he was an alibi.

“PS. For what it’s worth,” he wrote. “I was in Kansas Monday, and can prove it, if need be.”

We need to double check his alibi…….

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