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Just a few generalizations about society these days

The other day I went to get my mail at the post office, there was a sign on the door that said due to recent break-ins of the boxes the doors will now be secured and will be opened at 6:15am and closed at 5:00pm. Then “open all night” concept was perfect for me and anyone else that has trouble getting there during those hours.

I realize there is and has always been a problem with mail theft, recent break-ins at the Neighborhood community mail boxes lately, mail trucks are always broken in to and post office boxes being busted open. I started using the PO Boxes because of the problems with the mailboxes where I live.

I got to thinking about this and we as a society tend to just accept these inconveniences as a part of life, But should we? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The small number of idiots committing crimes make everyone pay, either financially or in this case mere inconvenience. I enjoyed the ability to be able to go anytime and get my mail, it was open 24/7 and which included a mail drop inside, (I hate those drops outside).

Why did the postal office make the decision to adversely affect their clients? Why did they simply lock the doors, and why are we willing to simply accept this? It seems to me that some things are done to make things easier for them not their customers. How much thought was put into solutions and trying to figure out the problems.

This thought can be applied to all areas of our Lawmaking and Guvment decisions. 90% (or more) of the laws enacted are designed to affect law abiding people lives not the criminals who are in need of the most regulations. And we all know the criminals have so many built in laws we do not have simply because we choose to not commit a crime. In my opinion decision makers are simply putting on a band aid on top of a broken bone. They only pass legislation that affects you and me not the criminal, he will simply go break in somewhere else. Why are we so willing to accept so little from the people we pay to do the right thing?

I do not like people who simply bitch and have no solutions so here is a thought on solutions for just the PO Boxes problem:

  1. Put in a security system at the post office doors where you have to use your key, ID or code to get in.
  2. Put in place CCTV to monitor real time the PO Boxes
  3. Put security guards on scene to monitor the boxes

These are just a few ideas that popped into my head and They are not all the solutions available I am sure. They are not overly expensive means of security either.

There are some things that are simply a part of life and we must just accept that. But the point I am really trying to make is we, a majority of the people, are willing to simply accept so little because of the action of a few shitheads who have no social conscience and have self-serving needs.

This can be applied to the traffic laws, gun laws, and all other legislations enacted.


We are told not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few and I agree 100% with that, but all gun owners are judged, by some people, by the actions of a few. All police officers are judged by the actions of a few, there are many good hard working men and women patrolling the streets and doing a good job that are being harshly criticized by the public.

The list goes on and on and I hope you get my point here. Knee jerking and band aids do not solve anything, the underlying issues why someone feels they are entitled to take someone else’s property or life are still there. And Maybe we are just getting lazy and not doing the work to find out the real issues or solutions involved. We just take the easy way out.

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