Dawgs Birthday is soon guys…….

You do not have sufficient freedom levels to view this video. Support free software and upgrade.


    1. thanks Fred I will check it out, It is something I need to know.

    2. Just for info I played several videos on Chrome on windows 10 and seem fine maybe a setting on your end?

      1. Running Chrome on Win 10 on a Dell Inspiron 3857 from Aug 2015. Monitor is ViewSonic 24″ wide-screen. Your video type is not familiar; I can play Youtube/Vimeo videos with no problem. I have a 4 second clip (mp4) captured with Snag-It. I can send it to you if you can give me an email address. Sorry, don’t use social media – just email.

  1. Sorry my friend it is a mp4 video and I have a dell with windows 10 and running chrome. Have you updated your browser?
    Note: the video has been viewed over 60 times and your problem is the only one reported.

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