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California Water Service Company officials have announced they will not be making any changes to the city’s current methods of disinfecting its water system despite outcry from a familiar environmental advocate.

In a post she made to Facebook on Saturday night, environmental advocate
 Erin Brockovich accused Stockton city officials of adding ammonia to the city’s drinking water.

“You may have heard reports that the City of Stockton plans to begin disinfecting its water with chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia commonly used to remove harmful bacteria,” city officials wrote in a release. “Please note that Cal Water’s Stockton District does not plan to make this change.”

Brockovich, who more than 20 years ago famously helped a Mojave Desert town win a lawsuit over contaminated water, even went as far as saying Stockton will become the next Flint, Michigan.

Stating Cal Water and the City of Stockton uses different methods of disinfecting its water from different sources, officials noted chloramine is a treatment method “when water sources have higher levels of naturally occurring organic compounds.”

Because Cal Water’s Stockton supply uses a combination of groundwater from its wells and surface water from Stockton East Water District (which comes from the New Melones and New Hogan Reservoirs east of Stockton), officials said its water supply have lower levels of naturally occurring organic compounds, rendering chlorine an effective disinfection method.

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