Dipshidiot of the day: Jeremy “The Bigot Educator” Spencer

Dipshidiot of the day: Jeremy “The Bigot Educator” Spencer

A top Georgia Department of Education official has been fired for comments made on his personal Facebook page.

Jeremy Spencer was the Associate Superintendent of Virtual Instruction for the Georgia Department of Education. Spencer was hired in 2015 by State School Superintendent Richards Woods and, according to the state’s website,open.georgia.gov Spencer’s salary in 2015 was $73,697.30.

In a series of Facebook posts, Spencer shared posts from right-winged websites about politics and social issues. In one post, he suggests that U.S. public schools cannot compete with schools in Finland because we don’t have all white students. He also made a comment about gay people and poles after sharing an Atlanta Journal Constitution article.

The most recent post was on January 1, said, “If I read one more thing about the Finland education system….not everybody in the US public schools are WHITE.”

Advocacy group Better Georgia called for Woods to fire Spencer and the called the posts, “Vile, racist and bigoted.”

“He (Spencer) doesn’t think Georgia students can compete with students in other countries because we have non-white students here. That is a vile and racist thought and he should not be in charge of creating curriculum in Georgia,” said Better Georgia Executive Director Bryan Long.  “What’s important to know is this wasn’t one wrong post. This wasn’t one mistake. This was a toxic stream of racist posts and bigoted posts and anti-Muslim posts and anti-gay posts going back months.”

State Superintendent Richard Woods released this statement about his firing Tuesday morning.

“Like most people, I was disheartened and disgusted to see the posts made by Mr. Spencer on his Facebook page. These posts in no way reflect my opinions, or those of the Department of Education. As of this morning, Mr. Spencer is no longer an employee of the Department of Education. My job, and the job of all employees at the Department of Education, is to look out for the educational well-being of all of Georgia’s 1.7 million students, and more than 100,000 teachers and educators.”

In addition, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) it its Code of Ethics for Educators  states: “Unethical conduct includes but is not limited to any conduct that impairs and/or diminishes the certificate holder’s ability to function professionally in his or her employment position, or behavior or conduct that is detrimental to the health, welfare, discipline, or morals of students.”

A PSC power point presentation on social networking cautions educators about posts.

“Don’t post anything on a website that you would not post on the front door of the school,” according to the presentation.

According the the Georgia Virtual School website, Spencer is a graduate of The University of Georgia, Piedmont College and Valdosta State University.

When are people going to learn that Facebook is not always your friend when you have a job that can be used against you.

Freedom of speech is not Always Freedom from consequences.

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