By Warren Yates

The Frank Carson et al case will resume next week and there will be an interesting development regarding allegations of misconduct by the DA’s office regarding their intent to get rid of Frank Carson at any cost. Except the cost to the taxpayers which will turn out to be astronomical when the DA’s office will be forced to reveal the numbers spent and the source of some of the funds used to “get rid” of Frank Carson. Chicago? No. Modesto.

With the Bee reporter staying away from the hearing at someone’s request you will have to visit or right here in Dawgs-Blog to be kept abreast of what is going on in the courtroom.

Now for a little update on the proceedings. As some of you will remember, back in November 2015, it was mentioned that one of the first upstanding prosecution witnesses was Sabrina Romero. If you remember, she is the person that committed felony embezzlement from a local doctor and stole $12,000 from his business.

A complaint was filed on February 27, 2013 and this case is still awaiting a preliminary hearing. This is the case that has now had 21 pretrial conferences and there had been three preliminary hearings scheduled. On January 4, 2016 when I authored a comment titled “AS THE WORM SQUIRMS”, the Stanislaus County court index on that date showed that another preliminary hearing had been scheduled for January 11, 2016.

Upon checking the Stanislaus County court index today, that entry for the preliminary hearing on January 11, 2016 disappeared. On January 6, 2016 there is a log entry stating court calendar request which apparently took the preliminary hearing off the calendar. IMAGAINE THAT!!! Then there was another pretrial conference on January 8, 2016.

It just seems like justice just cannot go forward for this accused felon and in a couple of weeks it will have been three years since the complaint was first filed. Possibly if a preliminary hearing was calendared and adhered to, that might interfere with the proposed date for her additional testimony in the Frank Carson matter.

However, it is deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira’s contention that no consideration, favors, reduced sentences or any other deals have been made with any of the prosecution star witnesses. We know that there is a severe backlog of cases within the District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney’s Office has blamed the courts and defense attorneys for this backlog. Sabrina Romero’s case has to be monitored closely so that a rookie deputy Dist. Atty. , and there is a substantial turnover within the office, does not “INADVERTANTLY” dismiss the charges when no one is looking.

There is also a question as to whether or not Ronald Cooper Junior as was promised by the District Attorney’s Office, was able to go directly to his home prison, Pleasant Valley State Prison instead of being processed through Duel Vocational Institute where he would be welcomed with his “snitch jacket” on.

And when the proceedings commence next week many in the gallery have made the comment that when Patrick Hampton resumes the stand, the first time he uses vulgar and profane language that Judge Zuniga will muzzle him with a citation for contempt of court and have him taken into custody and held in jail until he can come into court without using street scum language. But again, he is a star witness for the prosecution.

A formal request has been made by Mr. Carmen Sabatino to make the District Attorney’s Office disclose all the monies spent zeroing in take Frank Carson down. An anonymous source advised Mr. Sabatino but some of the grant money for the gang task force may have been siphoned off and into the Frank Carson investigation. If not, then the full disclosure of all the money spent and the source it came from would alleviate that question.

Well that’s about enough information for now but be sure to keep an eye out on and dawgsblog to be informed about the proceedings in the Frank Carson matter. 01-26-16.