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Having attended every court date in the Carson case since November you notice some dynamics in and out of the courtroom that seemed to take on a life of its own. One of those things is a personality that has been in the courtroom apparently from day one and he is affectionately known as Mr. microphone. Mr. microphone got that name when it was revealed that he was recording conversations outside the courtrooms and reporting them to the DA.

I also believe I know exactly how he was doing it with a Bluetooth device that he wears around his neck that has ear plugs on it. I have an identical device and began playing around with it by downloading an application on my phone and seeing that it works very well.

It was also revealed in court one daythat somebody had been supplying the DA with some information in the goings-on in the gallery. Namely the DA had been told that the former mayor Carmen Sabatino had told an attorney to be present in court, when the DA was discussing this with the judge the judge had asked how she knew about this and she advised she was advised by someone in the courtroom. The only person who has been in the courtroom and talking to the DA is Mr. microphone.

Now Mr. microphone has two felony cases pending that are in excess of two years old and being continued over and over, and at my last count there was six consecutive months of continuances to simply obtain counsel, in addition there is been at least eight pretrial hearings with no trial date set. The complaint was filed on January 14 in arraignment was on March 11, 2014. One charge is felony vandalism that be in over $400, and the other was some type of theft charge from a building also a felony.

Mr. microphone spends all the breaks in the court talking to DA’s, and witnesses and investigators. In fact, he is also gotten friendly with the victim’s father. Just curious why someone is under pending charges that are serious charges like this why things are so friendly between him and the DA office.

In recent testimony by Patrick Hampton, this lowlife Hampton had mentioned someone’s name during his testimony apparently trying to make it look like he was in the know when he talked shit. The name continually threw around was Micah Disney, a man that has seen his share of inside a cell but by all appearances has turned his life around. But was in prison during the time Hampton was talking. I spent some time on the phone talking to Micah Disney and he appears to be a man living on the right side of the law mainly because the love of a good woman.

Micah sent me a screenshot today of a friend request by Mr. microphone. Now I was not the only one privy to the screenshot and have talked to a couple other people that have received it too and I believe it’s on Facebook. He thought it was kind of strange that Mr. microphone would be sending him a friend request and there’s only one reason why that would be done, so Mr. microphone could try to gain his confidence or information that could be used since he is obviously trying to keep in good graces with the DA’s office. It has become extremely obvious the DA’s office is willing to cut just about any deal available to try to get the big fish no matter what kind of case it is. In this particular case, the Frank Carson at all case, they have been making deals repeatedly with people with pending charges, pending sentences, or looking to get located or favors in prison.

I have been showing everybody how I think the recordings are being done, in fact Mr. microphone and walked around me in a circular fashion twice one day while I was on the phone which started raising my suspicions even more.

Reading and hearing about some of the other murder trials going on in Stanislaus County and you start to notice a pattern developing that there are many people getting away with a lot of crimes in the name of justice and keep going after these big fish that they keep getting beat on.

In this particular case there has been a large number of people called to testify that apparently have been getting either immunity or promises of no prosecution, as they have continually to testify about their criminal behaviors that included drug use, drug sales, home invasions, and admitting to the thefts and sales of items that were stolen from Frank Carson’s property. This all has been admitted to, and they apparently have no fear of being prosecuted. And apparently the DA’s office got a little defensive even called one of their deputy DAs to the stand to confirm that no deals have been put in place for their testimony, but then a public defender who represented most of these people took the stand and stated there was deals made that the DAs office is now not admitting to.

So this brings me back to the motives of Mr. microphone and obviously he is working hard trying to work his case off. Mr. microphone is in court every day wearing his Bluetooth around his neck and apparently has no 8 to 5 job to go to. I have no idea what his source of income is nor do I even care

Just a few observations of some of the dynamics of the strange things going on Stanislaus county these days.

I’m sure there will be more reports like this to follow


  1. One of the DA’s favorites is Sabrina Romero. She is the crud that embezzled $12,000 from the Modesto doctor. Her felony embezzlement case was filed 2-27-13 and there are more than 20 entries on her court index for pre trial conferences and several preliminary hearings scheduled which seem to just fall by the wayside.

    The next one is scheduled for 3-14-16. We will see if the victim that has been waiting for three years now will see his case rise up out of the ashes like the Phoenix. My money says the DA will not let it go to preliminary hearing. Anybody want to take that bet?

    A reasonable person could only conclude that one of the major reasons for the worst case backload of any county in California is because there are so many criminal witnesses in the DA case load that they have to defer them until they are through using them as witnesses.

    By then many will be dismissed in the interests of justice. (Testi-lying) Rumor about town is that a couple of county supervisors have said that the Carson case expenditures are in excess of two million and rising every day just like the national debt. It is also rumored that Modesto Police Officer Jon Evers has made in excess of $170,000 last year while working on the “Task Force” which DDA Ferreira said does not exist but DA Fladager said in her opposition to recusal of the DA’s office that she is proud of the work of the “Task Force”.

    Stay tuned to Dawgsblog and backstorynews to see what the Modesto Bee won’t print.

  2. Just for info Sabrina Romero has had 25 pre trial hearings and one rescheduled prelim on 12-6 2013. And she is a witness in the Carson case and she has been very vocal as of late on social media and the local newspaper. I even have some personal messages with her on PM’s on Facebook after she commented on the Bee one day.
    And her favorite whine is “We are getting our lives ruined”, I wonder if that doctor she stole the money from feels the same way. Just for info she now uses her husband/boyfriends name of Reedy.

  3. I copy and pasted this item from one of my prior posts titled “You Know About That Sinking Ship” showing that one of the scheduled prelims vanished from the court index vanished from the court index. That is why I copied directly from the court index. So what happened to that scheduled prelim? The section of my prior article is below.

    “Now for a little update on the proceedings. As some of you will remember, back in November 2015, it was mentioned that one of the first upstanding prosecution witnesses was Sabrina Romero. If you remember, she is the person that committed felony embezzlement from a local doctor and stole $12,000 from his business.

    A complaint was filed on February 27, 2013 and this case is still awaiting a preliminary hearing. This is the case that has now had 21 pretrial conferences and there had been three preliminary hearings scheduled. On January 4, 2016 when I authored a comment titled “AS THE WORM SQUIRMS”, the Stanislaus County court index on that date showed that another preliminary hearing had been scheduled for January 11, 2016.

    Upon checking the Stanislaus County court index today, that entry for the preliminary hearing on January 11, 2016 disappeared. On January 6, 2016 there is a log entry stating court calendar request which apparently took the preliminary hearing off the calendar. IMAGAINE THAT!!! Then there was another pretrial conference on January 8, 2016.

    It just seems like justice just cannot go forward for this accused felon and in a couple of weeks it will have been three years since the complaint was first filed. Possibly if a preliminary hearing was calendared and adhered to, that might interfere with the proposed date for her additional testimony in the Frank Carson matter.”

    As far as her about “their lives being ruined”, what a worthless criminal bum she is along with the ilk she hangs out and lives with. Her a** should be in jail instead of the Carson 8 so the whiny beeotch would know how if feels to having someone’s life ruined. She would never be able to comprehend that because a person FIRST has to have a life to know how it would feel. She does not qualify.

    I will be in the San Jose trial for the long haul for another innocent persecuted person much like the Carson 8. Prosecutorial persecution has no borders or limits when da’s have an agenda instead of a search for the truth and justice.

    Marty is doing a fantastic job of bringing the truth about the proceedings so people can see through the charade and dog and pony show being presented here in Stanislaus County.


      1. Actually I think her name is Marlisa Ferriera, But I am not sure on the spelling, and she is a chief deputy district attorney

  4. Wow! This whole thing was crazy, but I guess with this going on, we might say, it has gone insane.

    I am at loss for words to know the DA is now using “wire taps” again, but without permission, to go so low as to wiretap and listen to people, with no horse in the race, outside of the courtroom, and only wanting to inform the public. I believe everything I have read in your blogs, and others, is very fair reporting in my view, and when other sources fail, you are doing an A+ job keeping people informed about the goings on in the courtroom.

    With this information, I would hope that anyone with the clout to do so, start a petition for the recall of the DA. No one has answered me on that question yet- Is the DA subject to Recall? I think if it is an elected position the answer is yes. If Ferreira is so obsessed with your blogging, why does she not ask someone to write a different blog?

    I fear the results of this person, Mr. Mic, may lead the judge to call for a closed preliminary hearing. Could that happen? Ferreira gets what see wants by breaking the law?

    Hell, you even have a commit section! I must believe you are fair enough to print any opposing comments that might be made! I have gone in a short time from “at a loss for words” to pissed off, and I am a person, like so many others, with a demeanor of acquiescence. Maybe acquiescence is why the DA’s office is so out of control!

    Why doesn’t Ferreira present her damn case and quit reading blogs, and even more shameful, trying to listen to people’s private conversations outside of the court?

    Are her actions a result of her ego? Or is it to obtain information to help her case? Or both?

    You, and the other bloggers, should file a law suite against her. I am not sure on what grounds, but there has to be some way dammit!!

    1. Mr Microphone has no standing with the court, other than a friend with the DA.
      And it would be a major mistake on the Deputy DA’s part to start blogging about their cases.
      Social media and the like are not a law enforcements friend.
      And to answer your question any elected official is subject to recall if enough votes are gathered and some procedures followed. but an easy thing to do.
      Actives like Mr microphone partake in always jeopardize the publics right to know, Maybe the plan? and I agree why doesn’t she just present her case?
      And yes I allow all comments in this site I like to hear all sides to understand where they are coming from, In the 2 years I have been blogging I have moderated only one comment and it was so far out there and a slam at me that was ridiculous, it was done by someone who followed me all over the internet.
      And I have no interest in suing the DA unless put in a position that I have no choice, But willing to do so if the need arises.

    2. BTW the way Mr Microphone uses his Bluetooth to record is illegal without prior notification to the recorded party, or a warrant,It falls under the wiretap laws and is different than recording video. I wonder if our local law enforcement people have advised him of this.

      1. Actually a phone wiretap that one does not know about is illegal but a face to face secret wiretap is legal. Why? Got me. But that is the law

        1. Thank you I appreciate the clarification But this is my understanding but it may have changed, maybe you can clarify?
          Illegal Recording Under the Wiretap Act

          Under the federal Wiretap Act, it is illegal for any person to secretly record an oral, telephonic, or electronic communication that other parties to the communication reasonably expect to be private. (18 U.S.C. § 2511.)

          In addition in some cases Mr microphone was trying to record atty-client conversations outside the courtrooms.
          He is really gasping for air on his cases.

      2. Sections 2(c) and (d ) of the Witetap Act allow face to face interceptions when the interceptor is at least one party to the conversation. A party to the conversation means he is close enough to the conversation to hear what the parties are saying.

        1. Thank you Bob I appreciate it.

  5. Just for information I have contacted Sabrina Romero-Reedy and ask if she would like to respond to these comments.

  6. I have one more comment about how slow justice is in this county in general. It really has nothing to with this case. It has been something that bothered me before I even became a bit enlightened as to how justice is so slow in this county.

    In this county I must believe it is difficult to find jurors. It seems to me that anytime an educator has jury duty they are likely to be selected to be on the jury when the case goes to trial. A teacher spends a lot of time preparing their classroom so it is a positive learning environment. Teachers in general must form a bond of trust with their students over time, and that they care about their students’ learning, and they spend countless hours preparing a learning classroom that fits their style of teaching. When a teacher is pulled from their classroom to fulfill their civic obligation of jury duty the students suffer. Students on the margins may greatly be affected by their teacher being gone from the classroom for an uncertain of time. Being friends with several teachers I know how difficult it is for them, but they understand their civic duty. However their is no doubt in my mind that students suffer. In some ways it is like stealing their education in my view. During the first period of the trial, jury selection, teachers must leave court and go back to their classrooms and make sub plans, not knowing how long they might be out. A teacher then leaves the court, and depending on where they teach, maybe a long drive, then probably at least an hour preparing sub plans. They do not just go to jury duty and head home, they probably do not get home till around 7-9 o’clock. Most having children of their own, then must perform normal house hold duties. The class may have three different subs over three days. If the teacher is selected schools are lucky to find a qualified, good sub, to be with the class for the amount of time the trial. This rarely happens. No matter how it plays out students suffer. Three days ago I had a conversation with a teacher who was on a jury for 3-4 weeks. She spent well over 10 hours preparing her class for learning.

    My point, when justice stalls and is not a ” fair”, nor “speedy” trial, it greatly has a direct effect on student learning. Especially the students who need their teacher the most and risk following behind every day the teacher is not there. I know the Carson trial is only in prelim, no jury yet, but you wonderful bloggers have me digging for info. I have heard found the word “snails pace” used a lot to describe justice in Stanislaus County. I do want rushes to justice, and I can guarantee you, teachers do not want that either. However, students, children, our most precious resource, suffer when justice moves slow. Is it Amendment XI that guarantees a fair and speedy trial?

    I am also quit aware that those suffering from the lack of a fair and speedy trial are the countless ones waiting in jail cells while the snail is slowly moving.

  7. Tank you John My intent is to get people to see things the way it really is, and I try to do that by trying to get them to look into things more. There is no benefit from being told what is going on people need to find out for themselves or they become sheep thus victims.
    I do not expect people to just simply accept what I say, come to the court and find out for yourself. There is no substitute for experience.

  8. It is not only scarey how many criminals the DA is letting walk free, but also how many innocent people it is putting in prison by using the criminals it is letting walk free. It is so backwards. It is like the DA has no moral basis whatsoever. I don’t get it. Does not the DA know right from wrong?

    1. They only understand personal gain and agendas. justice is not a factor anymore.

  9. I was doing some thinking this morning (dangerous maybe). I have come a conclusion that the Bee reporter will not start reporting until Woody takes the stand. I think the DA’s motives will be to write Woody’s narrative of the actual night in the chicken coop, and anything that shows Carson was involved in the cover-up. When the prelim gets to that point the Bee reporter will in the courtroom all day and then printing the gruesome details the next day. Probably the reporter will get another thumbs up from Marlisa.

    By-the-way, the picture the Bee put in the paper of Carson does him no justice. Seems they dug through photo’s till they found the worse picture possible. When I finally had a chance to listen to him address, was it the city council, on excessive wire taps, he was well spoken and nothing like the crazy picture the Bee used. It even appears they may have morphed the picture a bit.

    The way this prelim is jumping all over the place, no coherent process it seems, can anyone take a guess as to when Woody will take the stand?

    At some point to, when Cooley takes the stand, I just want to hear why he buried the bike? Probably because he was a paranoid tweaker. Makes no sense to me.

  10. Since it appears the Da is conducting the Bee coverage you could be right.
    And that video was a very good representation of the way Frank talks and the reason for his court room successes’ .
    Woodys testimony will be interesting and Cooly’s will be too.

  11. Back to Mr. Mic for second. Even if Mr. Mic can record you in public, can Ferreira use that info to- (I copy and pasted from your original post)

    “It was also revealed in court one daythat somebody had been supplying the DA with some information in the goings-on in the gallery. Namely the DA had been told that the former mayor Carmen Sabatino had told an attorney to be present in court, when the DA was discussing this with the judge the judge had asked how she knew about this and she advised she was advised by someone in the courtroom. The only person who has been in the courtroom and talking to the DA is Mr. microphone.”

    Does Ferreira now break laws by using that information in the court?

    1. Probably only if she uses something that might be attorney-client privilege. Somebody said that he’d been trying to reach record conversation between attorneys and clients outside the courtroom but I do not know that is a fact myself.

  12. So it would make sense that Feirrearra is trying to directly violate attorney client privilege?

    To bring this to better light, if in only as a spectacle to shine a light on things, maybe we need another citizens arrest? The Bee would have to report that and then it would bring to light further questions on how this case is being carried out. Can defense make a motion to subpoena the recordings and put Mr. Mic on the stand? Can they request to put Figurra on the stand too, or is she off limits? Then put Mr. Mic on the stand and ask him if he is working with Marlo Ferriera to gather information illegally outside the courtroom violating attorney client privilege? With 8 defendants that might have been subjected to att./ client privilege violations, or illegally taping of confidential conversations over a period of time, a lot of the defense attorneys might be able to put Mr. Mic on the stand and grill him him with question after question? I am sure that he has deleted the recording and probably “lost” (crushed the drive that holds the recordings with hammer and trashed them, ewww! possibly obstruction of justice ), non-the-less he word purge himself, and possibly Marlina Fevierra for obstruction of justice with a little bit of conspiracy tossed in too. At the very least can the defense make a motion to put Mr. Mic on the stand even if the judge denies it? Can each defense Att. try to call him to the stand? Can you put Firriera on the stand too, or she immune to that?

    Seems to me that this an important issue and should be addressed. Is it possible that you, and other bloggers, might testify too? Would you be willing to take the stand and describe Mr. Mic’s behavior outside the courtroom? Might Mr. Mic slip up and accidentally create a needed nexus to his actions and Ferreirra . (Cannot spell her name, and it such a convoluted case it seem apropos to keep things bit confusing)

    Just tossing some Saturday morning thoughts around.

  13. I will not say by any means the DA is trying to violate anything, I simply do not know and cannot say that.
    Mr. microphone I believe has volunteered information on his behalf to sweeten his criminal case in my mind.
    And the newspaper pick and choose what arrests or any news stories they publish, so no they do not have to report it. and I doubt there are any recordings at this point, I am sure they have been deleted or destroyed.
    Now anyone who involves themselves in this type activity can end up on the stand and there is no guarantee of truthful testimony if they give it at all. They can also plead the 5th if it involves illegal activity.
    It is rare for a DA to be called to the stand in her own case but it has happened in extreme cases that involve criminal activities, so don’t expect that.
    It must also be noted that someone who has several pending cases is not usually so friendly with the DA’s office and it must be noted he is also extremely friendly with the victims dad during breaks and such and I am curious why this is not stopped by the DA. The victims dad appears to be very well mannered and looks fairly successful man, and handles himself very well in the courtroom under the circumstances.
    It appears mr microphone has found another angle as a means to his ends.
    Anything is possible as to being called as a witness but there is no fact I personally can add other than observations and I have ,I believe, Figured out how he was/is doing it. But again anything is possible.

  14. One more question while I am here writing on and on. If the DA doesn’t want all this attention and blogging, why doesn’t she put this before a grand jury? What is the difference between a prelim and a grand journey? Is grand jury testimony classified? I have never completely understood what a Grand Jury does? A Grand Jury gives and yes or no if the case can go forward? If so is there then still a prelim.

    Also, why is Carson not out on bail? Seems he is no risk off flight. Did any of the 9 defendants get bail? Was it Magna that denied bail, or was it a judge from this county early on? At some point can the Defense request bail again from Magna?

    1. Why not take to Grand Jury is one of the questions we have been wondering. and yes grand jury is generally private hearings. And why has she paraded these poor witness’s instead of Prop 115 them. Both procedures are used to determine if there is enough probable cause to continue to trial. and it is one or the other but not both.
      For some reason they feel Frank Carson is a threat to the community or a threat to flee the jurisdiction thus no bail, I really do not understand that myself, If you note tht Martinez who has killed the 5 people on knob ct. has been allowed a $5 mil. bail. Bail is for guarantee of appearance but I not supposed to be used as punishment.
      Bail has been addressed a couple of times and can continue to be and I believe it was addressed initially by a local judge then again by the current judge.

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