By Warren Yates


The testimony from snitch Ryan and his wife Marlin Reyes Rios during the trial said that they were both outside getting groceries out of the car when the shooting took place. They both told a cute story that when the shooter came up they began to run and she fell down and snitch Ryan fell down on top of her and then they got up and ran into the apartment. Big lies.

During the trial, attorney Gradford had me go out to the apartments where Gerardo and Jessica lived to get a statement from the managers. When I talked to them I asked them to tell me everything that happened and what they saw the day of the shooting. Upon questioning they both told me that as they came out of the office and a gold car was driving away, they walked down the Street to look over across the street to see what was going on.

They saw police there and an ambulance had taken away the shooting victim. The wife was there in the courtyard and they walked across the street and asked the wife what happened. The wife said my husband’s been shot. And as a normal question, the managers asked who shot him? The wife said I don’t know, I was in the apartment putting groceries away and didn’t see it. He was out there alone.

Gerardo Hernandez


It should be noted that Ms. Frasier had listed one of the managers on her witness list to be called in to testify. After I wrote my report that day, and under discovery rules, my report had to go to Ms. Frasier. After receiving my report, Ms. Frasier immediately removed the managers from her witness list. No worries though, I served them both a defense subpoena to appear in court when I got their statements.

These are two independent people who have no direct connection to any of those involved in the incident. Therefore, their testimony is creditable and trustworthy. That meant that both snitch Ryan and his wife Rios had committed perjury. But there was no mention by Ms. Frasier about charging them with perjury. Imagine that?

Okay let’s cut to the chase. During the closing arguments, Ms. Frasier during her arguments mention some type of I believe a Richard Pryor joke. Yes, it’s real funny to make jokes when an innocent man’s life hangs in the balance. That takes a lot of class or lack thereof. During attorney Gradford’s closing arguments, he made a tremendous and impassioned argument outlining all of the holes in the prosecution’s case that we discovered.

Well the prosecution gets the last bite of the apple in our jurisprudence system and again attacks the defense closing statements. During her closing rebuttal arguments, she pulled an old law school story by telling about a Norwegian fish called the herring who in order to preserve it after was caught, covered it with salt. And she indicated that when they went foxhunting in England, the dogs are so good they always went right to the fox.

She said they decided to put red herrings in various places about the course to try to throw the dogs off of the scent of the fox and make it more sporting. Yes Tally Ho Tally Ho you blokes. She indicated that the holes we found in her case and the poor investigation by the police department were merely red herrings to try to hide the rotten smell of our case. What a stupid story!

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