Now more from the clown car guys

For months, the Florida senator resisted taking on Republican front-runner and expert attack dog Donald Trump, much to the chagrin of the GOP establishment. That reluctance evaporated during the final GOP presidential debate before Super Tuesday.

Standing to the right of Trump, Rubio delivered one blow after another at the billionaire businessman, attacking him on everything from immigration to foreign policy and health care to the businessman’s hiring practices. And to Trump’s left, Ted Cruz delighted in joining in the pile-on.

Donald Trump: Marco Rubio ‘is a choke artist’

In the middle of a debate filled with fireworks and filled with barely audible exchanges in which the three candidates furiously talked over one another, Trump pointed to the two men flanking him and lashed out: “This guy is a choke artist,” he said, turning to Rubio, “and this guy’s a liar,” he said of Cruz.

And so it continues…….