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 just for information I’m at lunch break at the courthouse now some minor developments today we will he be here this afternoon. Then report about what’s going on in the Frank Carson case

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  1. Unfortunately when the district attorney has a predisposed prejudicial and biased agenda, instead of a fair and honorable pursuit of justice, persecutions like this supported by the testimony of some of the scummiest dregs of society they could dig up and offer deals to, as evidenced from excerpts from one of my earlier commentaries:

    Now comes Deputy Public Defender Benjamin Rosenstein who apparently has no problem in telling the truth. He represents both Ronald Cooper Junior and Michael Cooley. And right out of the gate Mr. Rosenstein states that both of his clients are promised leniency in their unrelated cases. Immediately after hearing this truth, Dist. Atty. Ferrera immediately begins to attack Mr. Rosenstein saying he has only been an attorney since 2012.

    Mr. Rosenstein fired a volley back at her and said he has worked with more than 20 prosecutors as his counterparts in criminal cases since he began work as a public defender in Stanislaus County.

    Mr. Rosenstein further stated that it was fairly unusual to switch prosecutors for Cooley, but the defense attorney was aware that the drug cases were being delayed to eventually reach a testimonial agreement in the Kauffman murder case. Mr. Rosenstein has been promised that Cooley will not serve prison time for the alleged drug offenses. He was present when investigator bunch question Cooper in April 2014. Bunch promised Cooper consideration of leniency on his pending cases. Considerations were made the Deputy Public defender testified.

    It is so refreshing to have a county employee who is not afraid to tell it like it is. I commend Mr. Rosenstein for his candor and honesty. I certainly trust that Mr. Rosenstein will not be castigated, criticized, coerced or compromised in any way because of his courage and wanting to set the record straight. We here in Stanislaus County know that there’s a powerful political machine we have to contend with. Thank you Mr. Rosenstein for your service to the citizens Stanislaus County.

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