From the need to post it file…….

You should be ashamed of yourself. To be honest, we’re pretty ashamed of ourselves.

Today we learned that we’ve been peeling Post-Its wrong for our entire lives. Like some sort of moron.

How were we supposed to know? Nobody told us there was more than one way to peel a Post-It. You do not learn this in college.

It’s true, it’s true.

And it’s not like peeling a Post-It incorrectly is some sort of victimless crime. There is a victim. That victim is all of us.

An improperly peeled Post-It is a weak and bent ghost of its former self. It will no doubt come falling down from wherever it was stuck, like some colorful, billowing leaf of failure. It will not do what it’s meant to do.

So, what’s the right way to free a Post-It from its stack of sticky brethren? Just turn the stack to the side, and pull along the adhesive line, instead of yanking it like you’re some sort of uncouth animal from the non-sticky side.

The outcome?

Voila! A straight, still-sticky Post-It!

It’s really that easy. We wish we had learned about this sooner.


But all that matters is we will never make the same mistake again. We have learned our lesson. And our lives will improve immeasurably because of it.



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