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Motions and attempted intimidation

By Marty Carlson


After the grateful acknowledgment that I received from the DA this morning, I was returning from lunch and I was walking across the parking lot, investigator bunch called over to me and asked me if I was the blogger and are you Marty? So he obviously knew who I was.

I actually had a pleasant conversation with investigator Bunch and we did talk about the issue of addresses and stuff and I advised him that I’m simply not concerned about addresses, I may have used some in the past just for clarification on some of the close addresses especially on ninth Street. I also did advise him that Linda Burns had come to my site to just simply tell me “I am a fucking joke” and I am the type of person allowed anybody to say what is on their mind except for stupid ignorant trash talk.

He did advise if he really thought that I was trying to intimidating a witness that he would be having a serious talk with me and I agreed with him that’s what he should be doing, but I also advised him DA Ferreira trying to point me out in the courtroom where she actually said the blogger in the back row was a deliberate attempt to intimidate me and all she succeeded to doing was pissing me off. He did smile at me and kind a chuckle like he understood what I was talking about. And that was the end of the conversation it was actually very pleasant. My guess is he was feeling me out.

Now getting back to the important things like this hearing, officer Navarro retook to stand once again as stated again that he had followed in wiretap dealt teat at wall in July 2010. LG also help Carson to come up with ways to deal with this theft problem on his property, and he was also had paid Frank Carson for some legal work that was actually not charge for and apparently the money had not been returned. The out walls that said Robert Woody got arrested for the five months before this and stated the Carson conversation was about three months ago. It also was noted that both Apple and Woody had stated the Carson said if anybody’s caught in his yard trying to steal do not hurt them just let him know.

The DA was constantly making objections where she thought the questions were heading not on the actual questions themselves. It was also revealed that Kevin Hobbs was wired to talk to Michael Cooley. In July 2012 the officer was given a stolen book alert but did know follow up on that nor it appears that any efforts were made to conduct investigations nor activities to stop the thefts

Jerry Garcia asked deputy Navarro if the Corey Kaufman homicide case is still under investigation this is where he replied to one of his multiple I don’t recall or right don’t know responses. Navarro stated that he had left the task force in November 2012 but had wrote some reports in 20th 15 after the multiple arrests in the homicide case. Then he stated that he had conducted no further investigation after the arrest of Frank Carson and for some reason could not even remember the date of the arrest.

He was also asked about the August 9 surveillance on Frank Carson and they decided to go see him and propose any questions they get after four Frank Carson might have for them, as if they would answer any of those. Mr. Garcia continuing asking questions about when he felt that Frank Carson was actually a target in the investigation at that point in Navarro said yes he was.

The DA was continually making objections is lighter club questing saying it was inappropriate and continually getting overruled. Mr. Garcia also asked the investigator if he actually felt that Frank Carson was going to talk to him after he kept yelling I’m not going to talk to get out and kept repeating over and over again get out, and then actually made a 911 call. The confirmed the video that Navarro had taken with his body cam was 12 to 15 minutes long and the officer admitted he continually refused to leave and continually ask questions of Frank Carson after he continually told them I’m not talking get out.

Mr. Garcia asked the investigator if he was aware of his Fifth Amendment rights of Mr. Navarro said yes and he was asked but you continued to get him to try to give up his Fifth Amendment right and officer Navarro said yes I did. And those questions were repeated several times for the entire time that the officers were at the office and he readily admitted he was not concerned about Frank Carson Fifth Amendment rights.

They also noted that the officer had run a call history of calls to the ninth Street address for the thefts and from 2009 to 2012 there was for calls to the sheriff department in regards to the thefts that were occurring. It was noted also that there were no calls from any of the residence on Lander. It was also noted by the officer that when he wore that body cam in that August 9 meeting with Frank Carson it was the first and only time that he had worn a body cam. They reviewed some of the questions on the list that was submitted to Frank and decry honest with you I could remember what they were some of them were utterly ridiculous.

No preliminary hearing is scheduled for tomorrow is everything is set the restart on Monday at 10 o’clock, but tomorrow they are having a motion hearing the attorney general’s office is appearing to try to quash a kimono the symmetry was Tony is subpoena that was sent to the Department of Corrections in regards to Michael Cooley there is some confidential information there that they do not want to release for some reason.