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Several of the observers, myself included, were late to court this morning. It seems court began at 9:00 this morning, and we thought it was 10:00. By the time I got into court, all the dirty work had been done. Judge Zuniga was busy explaining why she was about to deny Frank Carson the right to act as Co-Council in his trial. I predicted that this would happen, but it was still disappointing when it actually became reality. Judge Zuniga cited legal decisions that show that a defendant like Frank Carson does not have an absolute right to do so. The judge has the right to deny such a request and get away with it, and she decided to do just that. It doesn’t make it right, just legal. It is all part of the process of stacking the deck. Making it as difficult for Frank Carson to defend himself as possible seems to be in the agenda. The judge stated that there was something unseemly about letting Frank defend himself. I think she has it ass backwards.

Today the bloggers who sit in the back row were singled out by Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra. It seems as though we are hitting the bone with some of our comments. I hope we are. Judge Zuniga said that she has no legal basis to order bloggers to do anything. Our First Amendment Rights apparently are stronger than the DA’s wish to make us go away. This a public trial, and the public has the right to know what is being done. We will continue to report this trial as we please.

At 11:15 AM, Defense Attorney Jesse Garcia brings up a packet of CDC material provided in CD format to him, and spoke of some confidential information that is still out there that the Attorney General will want to quash. It appears we will have a trial over that soon.

Officer Brian Albonetti from Roseville was called to the stand. He had previously worked for the Ceres Police Department. He testified about a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup of Dalit Atwalll that was reported stolen on 04/27/2012. The testimony was very brief, and the officer was able to leave and drive back home to Roseville.

It is 11:42 and Detective Frank Navarro is put back on the stand. I am getting tired of this guy. Martha Carlton Magana gets Navarro to speak about the Mulberry Trailer Park where Amber Keester, and several other people associated with this case live. Kevin Pickett lives in Mulberry Trailer Park. He is the stepfather of Korey Kauffman. Talk goes to how Kevin Pickett and Korey Kauffman had gone to the park to purchase some drugs. Martha Carlton Magana brings out the fact that Kiberly Stout lives in Mulberry Trailer Park as well. Linette Clardy and Ms. Fisher live there also.

A whole line of questions was asked of Navarro that have been asked and answered numerous times before. We then break for lunch.

At 1:41 Detective Navarro is back on the stand. After a few more questions from Martha Carlton Magana, Jesse Garcia takes over asking the questions. Jesse asks Navarro if he considers the investigation open or closed in the Korey Kauffman trial. Navarro: “I am not aware, don’t know.” Garcia focuses how when the investigation started focusing on Frank Carson, all the rest of the suspects were not investigated anymore.

Garcia asks many questions of Navarro, most of which we have heard about previously in testimony. Navarro responded by “I don’t remember to an inordinate amount of questions in this segment of the trial.

Jesse Garcia gets Navarro to describe the daily meetings the Task Force had during the investigation. When Navarro was asked what was being discussed, he answered “I don’t remember.” He still has that strange smirk on his face at times today, and especially at this moment. We were let out for our break at 4:00 PM, and I went home. I am sick and tired of having the same questions being asked to Navarro, with the same “I don’t remember” answers.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


  1. This is all so incredible. Sad.
    Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s we were so naive. How is it possible that a good man like Frank Carson can be put in this position in 2016?
    Thank you for what you are doing.
    America, wake up. If this can happen here it capfuls happen to you!

  2. The Bee printed a long article I think Friday (Losing track of time). It was how Carson couldn’t be couldn’t co-council. What gave me a good kick in the ass is that the Bee printed how slow the trial was moving because of multiple objections from the defense. If you read the Bee and nothing else, and you believe the Bee, you left with feeling that DA’s office is doing great and the defense is doing everything it can to stall the case. If the Bee throws in “opinion” like that then they should back it up with numbers. How many objections by the DA that are sustained, and how many by the defense that are sustained. Probably hard to get those numbers, but the defense seems to be objecting on correct grounds. If the Bee rights that it should be worded more like- “Ferierra and her witnesses sometimes seem unprepared and it has resulted in many objections that have been sustained” It is not the defense that is dragging this along.

    1. Good point John and the biggest problem I see is the confused state of the case being presented, We have several police officers testifying to the same interviews where there were all present, Prop 115 says they do not have to do that, and in one case a police office testified about an interview with Robert Woody then during cross by defense he admitted he did not actually observe the interview from the observation room as he was doing different interviews.
      If people want to believe the Bee then they are not getting informed about everything just a filtered version approved by the DA. Remember the Bee is not in court everyday so how can they possibly know what is happening?
      One example of that is the Knitted cap that was found in Robert Woodys clothes by Miranda Dykes, It was testified in court it said Merced sheriffs on it, About 3:30 in the afternoon the bee put an article up about the hearing saying that same cop said Turlock PD on it. They were not in court to hear that testimony. at the end of the day the DA made an argument that there was some mistaken testimony saying that cap was id as Turlock PD and was quickly corrected by everyone in the room that testimony was it said Merced Sheriff on it.
      Let me sum it up
      1) the Bee reporter was not in court to hear testimony
      2) the DA misheard the testimony about that cop
      3) the put up an article about testimony @ 3:30pm that was not accurate
      4) the DA late in the day about 4:00pm wanted go on record to clarify the earlier testimony which turned she misheard and was quickly corrected by all in the room.
      5) where did the bee get the misinformation in the article? there was only one person that heard that testimony that way.
      6) there is an obvious feeding of information and this particular instance proves where it I coming from.

  3. It seems the Bee is a lot more interested in writing articles on Modesto Christian basketball and Central Catholic football and basketball. Long article today about MC’s coach. Long article yesterday on MC’s hard work. Both schools are private traveling all-star teams that recruit the best players around. Then the Bee goes crazy with articles on winning state titles and section titles and such. Of course they win! They recruit players from all over. Write an article when they lose. That would be news. Sorry for the tangent. It does go towards where the Bee’s priorities are though.

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