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Motions and attempted intimidation

This is a lunchtime report of morning activities

By Marty Carlson


The motion that was made by Percy Martinez to have Frank Carson represent himself in this prelim started at 9 a.m. which I didn’t realize it was a few minutes late but heard most of Percy Martinez  arguments basically he said that Frank Carson has so much experience and expertise he can actually help expedite these hearings especially when it comes to the cell phone tracking evidence. In addition he knows the rules of Court know the proper decorum and has no issues with abiding by any limitations limited on him by the judge periods


The da made a motion to have Frank Carson’s declaration labeled as hearsay and she moved to strike. He stated his Sixth Amendment right to self represent does not apply to being co-counsel she began citing several cases of law Plus usually too long silly argument and stated that it opens up an opportunity for intimidation buy Frank Carson.


She also stated he had received numerous visits from attorneys in the community including many from the current attorneys in court at this particular time on this case. Miss Martin McDonagh it was sitting right in front of me in the gallery when this claim was made that was shaking her head no and did make an argument to that fact later on. Chelsea estate of Frank Carson had an opportunity to self represent himself at the arraignment and also Robert Woody or Patrick Hampton have not waived privilege then went on to make long-winded unnecessary comments to the court.


She also made of a statement that he had represented daljeet Atwal at one time and that could be another conflict comma Percy Martinez responded Frank Carson knows the rules of court he states have been followed and the judge has discretion this matter. He went on to say that the multiple lies and innuendos and some really silly testimony by these some of these Witnesses bring Carson out of have a testimony to cross-examine these people in his defense.


The da did admit that this is just a circumstance case and the status of the evidence has not changed in 6 months comma she did not mention that the da is extremely slow to turn over discovery and in fact does not do so until she realizes the defense is about to discover something and then she reveals it. She again quoted some more case law and stated there’s a conflict of interest Percy stated that she using and hysterical notion there are no conflicts and there have been waivers on some of these people with conflict Kama he also stated that it Frank Carson’s expertise and especially the cell phone information is extremely valuable and how far outweighs his experience. DDA responded by saying person is incompetent to do the case which right and immediate objection by Percy Martinez.


The judge then she said she was going to rule went into a  irritation discuss some of the issues that Frank it had with the bailiffs early on state quoted some case law comma but also said it the other attorneys have been going to him for advice anyway. In a nutshell motion denied.

Due to the motion hearing the prelim was late getting started it was after 11 a.m. mr. Andrew Garcia was making mention that he was advised by the California Department of Corrections dead inmates can have multiple CDC numbers and every evil there’s a large amount of further information on the witnesses that he had subpoenaed information on, but CDC was not willing to turn over the information and another hearing was scheduled.


Finally started taking testimony and understand was a Bryan album Eddie a former police officer from series who is now working for Roseville Police it was a real short testimony stating he had taken the stolen car report X Baljeet Atwal of his pickup


Be perfectly honest with you it was refreshing to see an officer who is actually prepared and knew how to answer questions and had his report with him they did not have to refer to that report except a couple of times for like VIN numbers and such

After the former series police officer’s testimony was complete Wichita cab out 10 minutes Martha magana address the court wanted to clarify that she never had visited Frank Carson in jail after he’d been arrested nor had any of the other attorneys in the room visited Frank Carson in jail after he was arrested the da was forced to admit that that was true after making the false argument to the judge but the attorneys were in collusion with each other. All attorneys joined in and stated the different ways and means that they had been retained in this case and obviously some of them did not even know each other prior to this case.

Investigator Navarro then retook the stand it was talking about it interview that he had done with Amber keister in the trailer park on which she lived but stated he could not recall the space number how many people she lived with or any other information if she actually live there we’re about her living situation.


Martha magana ask the investigator the address of the trailer park and space number or contact was made and the da immediately made an objection that there was a blogger sitting in the back of the room who invented intimidating Witnesses through his blog. She did stipulate that the the witness that she did not name had made first Contact on the website dawgs blog and since she did not mention the witnesses by name there’s no confirmation on who she was talking about but there was one recent contact play somebody who identified themselves as Michelle that stated on one of the articles in the comment section you are a fucking joke which drew a large response from several other commenters that read the blog. So I do appreciate the DEA bring it to everybody’s attention my website that is publicity that you just simply cannot pay for and she has done me a great favor and it appears that they are modern train social media for whatever reason as if they don’t have anything better to do.


Back to Navarro testimony he was asked who Linda Philip Fisher and Wanda clarity where he lives and he stated he did not know but they somewhere somehow related to you look cute. He also stated that he is gone to pop and cork store with investigator bunch after he’d been to the Atwal house first but lied to being at his house and also admitted that he had been following daljeet.

On a personal note I want to thank the DA for mentioning me and I obviously have been having an effect on the information put out about this case and she has given me publicity that I could not pay for. Dead make mentioned of me not by name but identified me in the back row of the gallery in an obvious attempt to intimidate this writer which obviously is not going to happen because there is nothing that they can do to me that’s any worse than what I’ve experienced in my life. Once again I want to thank them and they can kiss my ass.

11 Replies to “IS THERE JUSTICE? FRANK CARSON et al……”

  1. Lmfao that’s right Marty be proud!!! I am too!! I run from no one, especially a teeny weenie like bunch and mucho “back fat” Ferreira. She needs to quit worrying about what the hell we are saying, and worry about her back fat, double chin, and girth. -just saying lol
    She should tell her “witnesses” as well as Bunch to quit eye balling me, like they’ve never seen big boobs before. It doesn’t give them a good look, pathetic really.

  2. She should tell her witnesses to stay the hell off the site making rude comments. I thought the Judge told this witness to stay off social media anyway. Ferreira give it up you lying piece of shit with all your lying witnesses. Karma’s a bitch and she will get hers along with the others. I don’t know who she thinks she is but sure the hell can’t control everyone like she thinks she can. Dumb ass.

  3. Hot Dawg! You got an “I object….” from Ferierra? I wonder if that is the first time someone with no dog in the race got an “I object…” ? This this could become a landmark case on blogging. Maybe it goes all the way to the Supreme Court?

    Honestly you bloggers are the ones that are most at risk for writing the truth about guys like Hampton. If he can read, he is much of threat to you all than any threat the Prosecution faces from the defense people. I guess Hampton is behind bars now? There is an Arab and a white guy after him! He wants to meet privately with the judge! I think we can now bring up meth induced psychosis and its paranoid delusions.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Sadly I am not the first, Warren was confronted in court by the DA in the past it appears she is more concerned about trying to control the reporting of this instead of just doing her job.
      But she did me some street credibility by trying to single me out.
      Strange too I had a record number of hits yesterday, coincidence?

    2. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      In addition meth psychosis maybe, more like “I WANT A DEAL” WHO CAN I SNITCH ON NOW”.

        1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
          dawg417 says:

          He did in Oct. or early Nov. or early and was mentioned by name by the DA and she also noted he spelled her name wrong. Are they watching the reports and comments? you bet they are. And are petty about it.

  4. Serious question now- I watched something on TV a while back where two teens broke into a house. The owner shot one of them and the other left without being shot. The person protecting their house faced no charges as she was protecting herself. However, the other teen was charged with murder even though he quickly exited the property and had no weapons. The conviction of the second teen on murder was based on if there is a murder while committing a crime anyone involved is also charged with murder. Basically two teens enter a property, one is shot dead, and the other ends up being convicted of murder.

    So my question is- why is Cooley not in jail for murder? It seems he certainly was involved in the crime that ended in death of Kaufam. I believe I have read that Cooley knew he was going over the fence from his property to steal from Carson. If conscious of guilt does exist I would say burying a bike certainly shows a conscious of guilt? Shouldn’t Cooley his other scrappers present be in jail for accessory to murder?

  5. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
    dawg417 says:

    Very good observation and a good question. Why is there none of these tweakers in jail for all the felonies they have been involved especially IMO Cooley who was a major player in this and for the reasons you have laid out.
    They have sold away the courthouse for the “bigger fish” and have created a more dangerous society than ever by doing that.

  6. Now I another question- People are continually going on Carson’s property stealing valuables and bragging about it. The police are no help, so it would seem logical to hire guards. Now if I am a guard on that property I want a gun to protect myself. Also, Kauffman seems to have gotten into a fight at Pop-n-Kork and is dangerous. As are the rest of these guys. So if Kauffman was actually killed on Carson’s property. Being the smart attorney he is it would seem to me that he would call the police and report it. I thing it might fall under justifiable homicide. This leads me to think that maybe a murder never happened on Carson’s property. It could easily be argued that Kauffman confronted the guards and they protected themselves and unfortunately Kaufmann was shot. With Carson being a very intelligent attorney I would have to believe that is the route he would have taken. So does logic not follow that Cooley is much more likely the killer, especially given what he has said and his actions like burying a bike. I am I correct in that Cooley pointed to a spot on his property and said that’s where the kid got it (meaning murdered)? Does the logic not follow that line of thinking?

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      First of all the confrontation at popping cork has not been confirmed that was Korey Kauffman. The description that the witness gave does nowhere fit the description of Korey. But as the officer said when asked if that was an identification and he says as far as I’m concerned it was. Which is a stupid comment to make in court.
      Remember too there’s also no evidence that Cory was shot, there was a bullet sound underground beneath where his clothes were where the remains were found that has no usable DNA there was no blood on the clothes or on the ground.
      And it does seem to Cooley is always in the middle of things when it comes to the last things that Korey did.
      Not to mention he has a violent past and witness statements that he was extremely jealous over his girlfriend Eula keys.
      John I am going to send you an e-mail

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