Just for information there is three people submitting reports to this writer to post on this blog.

Warren Yates, William Thomas Jensen (Tom), and myself.

What is posted on this blog is my responsibility and none other as I read their reports and almost always post them as they submit them because they are well done and I agree with everything said as I am sitting in court everyday too.

I bear sole responsibility in the operation of this site as there is no one else who has access to this site nor has ability to post articles.

If anyone is offended or wants to get pissy about anything, direct towards me because it is my doing no one else.

Anyone can come to my site and comment as I have no restrictions nor logon, if you want to trash talk you will be marked as spam and be banned. I do not inhibit any expressions of opinion or facts as anyone may see them as long as it is honest from the heart talk and not trash talk.

Why am I saying this here and now? Apparently there have been some of the witness’s in this case who have come on here and started talking shit and trash, they have not been welcomed warmly by many of my readers not just me.

Apparently they have complained to the DA’s office saying I have been trying to intimidate them, even they the DA is not supposed to be having contact with them as per the judge because of past issues. In addition, they are supposed to not talk about this case in social media but they are dumass’s.

The DA in court this week attempted to intimidate me back by pointing me out in court in making another non Carson case issue, AGAIN, to the court and seems to be more worried about my web site then shoring up her case as the judge keeps telling her.

In summing up I just want to say all the DA did was piss me off and show me how much of a low brow mentality she has. If she wants a battle of words, I have been there done that.

Marty Carlson (DAWG)

HMFIC of Dawgonnit.com