Just a few thoughts

By Marty Carlson


Repeatedly in court we have heard Mme. DA correct the attorneys when they use the term “task force” in this investigation.

Look below you will see an affidavit filed by Bridget Fladager in September 2015, it is her response to the motion for the DA’s office to be recused.

If you look at page 2 around line 10 you will note that the affidavit written by Ms. Fladager states, this:

A task force of law enforcement was formed, which included investigators from the District Attorney’s Office and they began investigating this missing persons’ case.

See the motion here:  1490969_OppositionToMotionToRecuseDA_BirgitFladager

Firstly, I’m not quite sure why they’re so concerned that it not be called a task force but a multi-jurisdictional investigation. Maybe it has to do with past activities where gang officers and federal funds were used to investigate AJ Pontillo bail bond case. Which most definitely was not a gang case but federal gang funds were used in that investigation.

Also just for information the Frank Carson case is cost the taxpayers well over $3 million and is in a prelim that has lasted almost 6 months to this point and to be honest I really see no end in sight in this prelim at this time. A county supervisor recently said on blog talk radio that this case is caused over $3 million and the DAs office as governor simply lose this one again as a have so many others over the last few years.

As I repeatedly say in my reports I have sat in court every day since November I have not heard one shred of evidence be presented in court to implicate anybody that’s being accused of all this. And Mme. DA did admit the other day there was just nothing but a circumstantial case, and that is why she is constantly using terms like consciousness of guilt when she was trying to show Frank Carson and others were exercising their due process rights afforded to anybody in this country under the Constitution. Namely the right to file complaints against law enforcement in the right to file lawsuits against law enforcement.

Recent statements in court by Mme. DA, namely the cheap shot that she took at Georgia DeFilippo, in regards to her inability to purchase transcripts on a daily basis from the court. The judge and Mme. DA were discussing an issue that Mr. Garcia had raised they had transcripts that they were reading from Mr. Garcia did not have the same benefit, and I hear Mme. DA constantly make on comments like “trial by ambush.”

Also earlier this same day during the hearing defense attorneys had made a motion, which is perfectly legal under our standards of law in court, Mme. DA made the comment that the defense attorneys are trying to prolong this hearing and it was just another stall tactic. And all I can do was shake my head thinking that these attorneys want to keep their clients in custody even longer by using stall tactics.

I also want to make note I have never met Frank Carson I have never seen Frank Carson until I went to court, nor any other defendant in this case prior to going to court. I was asked by someone to start going to court to observe the proceedings and make my blog available if I felt it was appropriate. Irregardless of what anybody thinks I went in unbiased and wanted to do it from an observation standpoint to show the facts of what it was occurring. There was no coverage by the media namely the Modesto bee, the only information that they use is what is fed to them and they only show up when certain areas are going to be covered in court now and is obviously when they are advised.

The bee reporter was present for just a few minutes of the DNA evidence, did not hear it all because he left, and everybody hears the DNA letters and they start thinking there must be some guilt there they have DNA. All the DNA evidence proved that it was Korey Kaufman from samples taken from both parents. Now the bullet that was found under the remains that was magically found contained no usable DNA to determine if it was used against Korey Kaufman. Keep in mind no one knows how Korey died and up to this point I have seen nothing explaining his death. Remember there was no proper search of the scene where the body was found was done, the crime scene was one was not secured was not gone through and look for more evidence. For some reason Mariposa County officers took a twig and dug under the ground to find that bullet. No other search in the area was done for bullets, no search was done for any other extraneous material, no marking of evidence was done by the investigating officers. In the day that the body was found officers left the scene that night unsecured to return the next day and look for more evidence.

A prime example of the control that appears the DA’s office has was the Modesto bee reported, in one of its few reports, that a knit cap was found in Robert Woody’s clothes that said Turlock PD on it, the bee reporter was not present in court at the time of that testimony, and the information he reported in the article about that knit cap where in fact it was actually a Merced Sheriff’s knit cap. You might be asking why do I make that distinction at this time, it is because the Modesto bee reporter posted’s article at 330 in the afternoon, and around 4 o’clock in court Mme. DA wanted to clarify some testimony that she thought was misspoke, namely the knit cap. She went on to say that it was actually a Merced Sheriff’s knit cap and was quickly advised by everyone in the brome that was what the testimony said she was mistaken when thought somebody said it was a Turlock PD knit cap. And that shows what is happening between the DA’s office and the local media being fed information in this case a erroneous information that proves what we been saying all along.

They have statements by someone, who’s trying to save his worthless ass, named Robert Woody but his stories have changed depending on who is talking to and after what information he was fed first. In addition to Robert Woody, they have a long line of drug addicts, drug dealers, home invaders, professional thieves and and more that are there witnesses in this case and it is beyond me why they have chosen to put these people on the stand.

Do not think for a moment that this writer is anti-law enforcement, I am not, I believe in people getting their just due and only their just due. You have many players in this case that are getting sweetheart deals, and looking at the backlog of cases in this county it seems many people are, and some of these cases when they do have court dates they are not inputted into the court case index for some reason. In addition, a police officer in this case who had to confer with up attorney prior to taking his testimony in this hearing, because of his past conduct with the police have gotten involved, there are no court cases on the index for him either.

One last note I was advised by one of the investigators the other day that they do not read my blog, I call bullshit. In fact there were four of them sitting in two cars side-by-side in the parking lot of the courthouse during lunch and as I was returning to the court one of them pointed me out and they all looked. Thank you Mr. I do not recall. I’ll say again you have somebody that does something illegal, immoral, dastardly or whatever they deserve what they get. If I had any objectivity left after the comments of Mme. DA in court the other day, concerning Ms. DeFilippo, it is now gone.

I am the type of guy that will call it as I see it and I don’t give a FUCK what anybody thinks, and I will call it as I see it honestly either way. If they were to magically come up with some evidence that would convict these guys I would say so but after five months in seeing the ridiculous charade of these incompetent witnesses, and some of them were even wearing a badge, this somehow needs to be stopped what is happening in our society these days.

We are constantly seeing stories of misconduct by district attorney’s all around the country these days especially now in Southern California where a whole DAs office had been recused by a judge from doing a case because of massive misconduct. We need a call on this weak kneed Atty. Gen. we have in this state and something needs to be done about this misconduct and get back to dispensing justice again.