Maybe that’s not the type of grass that we were talking about

By Marty Carlson

Sometimes I need to follow my instincts a little more than I do. When I first heard of the story in Oakdale but a 14-year-old that was being praise for going out and earning money by mowing lawns. He was doing so so he could take his girlfriend out on a date. My first impulse was why we praising this young man so lavishly for doing something that kids have done since I was little.

Or is it that is so rare these days for someone to go out and earn their own money and not live off of others?

In today’s Oakdale leader newspaper reporter Richard Paloma reveals the rest of the story. It seems this young man, on his Facebook page, likes to brag about his marijuana use and the effects that it has on him and is a big fan of the use. The newspaper posted multiple pictures from this young man’s Facebook page of marijuana pipes, bongs, and other assorted paraphernalia including pictures of marijuana itself.

It also goes on to say that some mother stated that he was in counseling for his addictions to the drug. Now I’ve had a lot of idiot’s yell at me claiming this marijuana, is a herb, non-addictive and extremely safe drug. They here we are with a 14-year-old who may or not be lying to the public to get money for his addiction and I guess somehow some people feel this is acceptable as long as it feeds their need and wants and desires to get loaded, and they don’t really give a shit about the youth that are we making this drug more readily available.

I do a lot of commenting on the Modesto bee articles and letters to the editors, and have been roundly criticized and ridiculed for my anti-marijuana beliefs. And yes I put it in the same category as alcohol is what it’s done to our society. We seem to be a society that now has geared to it’s all about me mentality and what I want and to hell with everybody else, we used to have common goals common beliefs and now everybody is in selfish mode just wanting to do for themselves, and they’re willing to do for themselves with no consciousness about the effect it has on others.

In my opinion this is becoming a major issue that is going to escalate in this country in the near future. If a bunch of people don’t like Donald Trump there willing to start a riot to keep his rallies from have happening. There willing to stop freeways to keep traffic from getting there, and then scream like little bitches when somebody drives through anyway when the jumping out in the middle the freeway in front of cars.

America is time to grow the flock up get your ship together and start looking at solutions instead of creating more problems and obstacles.


    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
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      Isn’t that the damn truth

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