William Thomas Jensen


Court was delayed today, as the defense attorneys and prosecution hashed out issues that could not be discussed in public. Many of us waited the entire morning, and were told at noon time that these issues had been resolved, and that the continuing testimony of Patrick Hampton would resume at 1:30 PM.

At 1:39 PM, defense attorney Percy Martinez asks Patrick Hampton about Linda Sue Burns. Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra interrupts Percy Martinez, and blurts out that she is not the same person that we have heard about before. Martha Carlton Magana strongly objects that Marlissa was doing what is called a speaking objection, and providing an answer for Patrick Hampton. The defense attorneys accuse Marlissa of committing misconduct. They ask the judge to admonish her, and tell her to not provide answers that should be answered by the witness. Judge Zuniga says she needs to look into this situation, and well rule on it later.

At 1:46 PM, Patrick Hampton is put back on the stand. He is dressed in a brand-new orange and white striped jumpsuit. It even looked like it had been pressed. This man really knows how to dress for the ladies. Hampton starts out in style, mouthing “Fuck You” to Percy Martinez. The judge seemed to be unaware of his antics. Hampton is shown a letter that is an agreement concerning his testimony for the Daniel Udder trial. Hampton says he has been provided reports by Steve Jacobson regarding his arrest in Oakdale.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez starts speaking about an incident of Hampton’s concerning a person named Joey Ross. Defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana says Joey Ross was her godson. It turns out that Joey Ross had been murdered in Oakdale 9 to 10 years ago. Patrick Hampton had provided information on that case. The information that Hampton provided concerned a person named Eddie Mayfield, and the defense attorneys believe it was false. Hampton said Mayfield confessed to him. Percy Martinez wants to find out if Hampton was provided a reward for his testimony. Marlissa kept objecting that Martha Carlton Magana had a conflict of interest, and that this line of questioning should not be allowed. Marlissa looked very concerned about what was being said. She tried to block this testimony by saying that it is an ongoing investigation, that there are other suspects, and that there is no viable basis for what the defense attorneys are trying to do.

Percy Martinez said that he never suggested that Hampton was a suspect, and that the defense attorneys believe that he was only an informant. At this moment, Marlissa begins to laugh, and says that Percy Martinez called her a snitch. I must have missed something. She asks Percy Martinez if he has any factual information on this. Percy requests an in camera on the subject. Marlissa objects, and judge Zuniga states that she doesn’t want to do that right now. Zuniga says: ” I need to work on this tomorrow”, and will rule on it Monday.

This case has gotten so complex, that we now have two clerks working at the same time.

Defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana brings out a report done concerning Daljit Atwall, and tells Hampton that it is the paperwork that Steve Jacobson provided to you. Hampton agrees that is true. Hampton flips a bird at Percy Martinez, and says another one of his wisecracks. Judge Zuniga, finally having enough of this, tells him to: “Stop It.”

Percy Martinez talks about the March 15, 2016 arrest date of Patrick Hampton. He asks Hampton if he had threats against him. Hampton says yes. Percy asks Hampton if he told Steve Jacobson that the threats were from Percy Martinez. Hampton says: “Yes.” Hampton said that he was aware that officers were outside of the Oakdale house, when they came out from the bushes. I believe Hampton had taken a dog outside when they came out of the bushes. He was arrested, and taken to the Oakdale police department. Hampton stated that Steve Jacobson was there. Percy asks Hampton whether Steve Jacobson asked him questions at that time. Hampton said yes.

Hampton denied that he had cut off his ankle bracelet. He said that he had quit charging the ankle bracelet, as required by his probation. When asked if he had been disciplined for doing this, Hampton said yes.

It was brought out that on January 13, 2016 Hampton sent a text message to Kirk Bunch saying that he couldn’t handle the pressure and media coverage, and told about threats against himself. Percy Martinez gets Hampton to admit that he never told Steve Jacobson about any threats from the attorneys.

Patrick Hampton said he didn’t think that he had talked to Steve Jacobson about the threats while he was at Oakdale, or during the car ride to the district attorney’s office. Patrick says that he had asked Steve Jacobson to not record their conversation at the District Attorney’s Office. This conflicts with earlier testimony from Patrick Hampton.

Patrick Hampton said that a person named Ralph Demonte had told someone named Connie Rodriquez about threats against Patrick. He said his friends were concerned for his safety. He said the threats were from two Arabic guys that drove by in January, and were seen about one week later.

Patrick Hampton said that he was taken to the Modesto downtown jail and placed in a cell that is usually used as an infirmary on the first floor. Hampton again gets foul mouth, and spurts out wisecracks. Hampton says that he was provided reports from Steve Jacobson about 1 ½ weeks ago at the jail. Hampton states that he is going to be released on June 13. He says that he has received no special treatment for this recent arrest. When asked if he had notified anyone about the threats from the two Arabs, Hampton said he had not. Once again, Hampton says: “Fuck You”, and makes some wisecracks. Judge Zuniga, getting increasingly upset, tells Hampton: “Stop acting like a child.” I can’t believe the latitude that Hampton receives from this judge. Judge Zuniga tells Hampton that he may be her first shackled and chained witness that she has had in her 30 years on the bench.

Defense attorney Jesse Garcia now takes over. Jesse talks about a July 27, 1994 letter to Patrick Hampton that is in evidence. It is a letter from Brad Nix. It is now 3:40 PM, and we are done with Patrick Hampton for the day.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez wants to allow Frank Carson to use transcripts from the in camera hearing, and have them for his use in his jail cell. Percy asserts that Frank Carson is an officer of the court, and prepares most of the motions in this trial. Percy says that Frank Carson is a criminal defense expert, and needs these transcripts to work on his defense. This is objected to strenuously by Marlissa Fereirra, and judge Zuniga says she wants to look at it over the weekend before she makes a decision. Defense attorney Robert Forkner says that he had spoken to Marlissa earlier in the day about this, and that she had no objections at that time. Marlissa talks about how there are people blogging on the Internet, and how she is concerned. She is concerned about these transcripts going into the jail at all. The defense attorneys assert that Frank Carson has thousands of pages of testimony and reports in his jail cell already. They say that the jailers have been told to not mess with these papers at all. The defense attorneys say that no one is allowed in Carson’s cell. They say that Carson cell is right next to the deputy cage, and that the lights are on 24 hours a day. Percy says that these papers could be brought back to court every day, when Carson leaves.

Judge Zuniga says that she will talk to who’s in charge at the jail. It is suggested that she talk to Sgt. Blake.

Talk then goes to the recusal motion brought by defense attorney Robert Forkner. Judge Zuniga says that she will look into it on May 13, and finish ruling on it by May 20. It appears that this preliminary trial could be ending by May 20. Don’t hold your breath.

Court will resume at 10:00 AM on Monday.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


Here is a definition from

Usually held soon after arraignment, a preliminary hearing is best described as a “trial before the trial” at which the judge decides, not whether the defendant is “guilty” or “not guilty,” but whether there is enough evidence to force the defendant to stand trial.

I wanted to explain some of the questions that I’ve been receiving about preliminary hearings as of late.

So I went online and looked up some definitions which is the one above and can break it down a little more hopefully for more clarification.

*Preliminary hearings are much shorter than trials a typical preliminary hearing may take from a half hour to two hours and some pre-lambs only last a few minutes.

*Preliminary hearings are conducted in front of the judge alone without a jury. Trials can be conducted by judges alone when the defendant waives the right to a jury but preliminary hearings never involve a jury.

*The burden of proof, which is still on the prosecution, is much lower during a preliminary hearing that it is during a trial. At trial the prosecution has the burden of proving each element of the charged offenses beyond a reasonable doubt. But at the prelim, the prosecution has only to show probable cause that the accused committed the charged crimes. In other words announced evidence to justify a belief that a crime occurred and the defendant committed it.

*The goal of a trial is determined the defendant’s guilt. The goal of a preliminary hearing is to screen cases – to weed out week cases and protect defendants from out unfounded prosecutions. Unofficially, however, each side uses up limitary hearing to check out the other side evidence. As a matter of course, both the defense and the prosecution can not to put on so much evidence that they show their whole hand. And because the defense doesn’t have to, it often doesn’t put on any evidence at all.

Now what to expect at the preliminary hearing:

In reaching is probable cause decision the judge listens to arguments from the government, and from the defendant. The prosecutor may call witnesses to testify, and can introduce physical evidence in an effort to convince the judge that the case should go to trial. The defense usually cross-examine to government witnesses and calls into question any other evidence presented against the defendant, seeking to convince the judge that the prosecutor’s case is not strong enough, so that the case against the defendant must be dismissed before trial.

The Rules in a Preliminary Hearing

Many of the same procedural rules that govern trials apply in preliminary hearings. For example, ordinary witnesses (nonexperts) may testify only to what they have perceived; they may not give opinions. And the defense and prosecution may object to evidence and testimony offered by the other side.

However, one important difference between preliminary hearings and trials is that frequently hearsay evidence is admissible in prelims.

I did this is sketchy give you a little background some information about preliminary hearings and you see there are some differences and the standard of proof is not very high in a preliminary hearing.

The thing about this particular preliminary hearing it is very expensive it is reaching the $4,000,000-mark right now.

How long are the people of Stanislaus County are going to allow this to continue on, I would have no problem if they would put some information out there of some guilt or something was done here. I have been in court since November and have yet to see any evidence of any involvement of any of these defendants of a murder. The closest thing that came to that was the mother of an admitted murderer who testified to what she heard and testified nothing to what she saw were experienced herself. In addition this mother testified on the stand and it made it that she would lie for her son.

I personally think that something needs to be done, the Board of Supervisors need to have some pressure put on them to what is being done in this case and put a stop to it. It is obvious that the current DA in office is not willing to take the bull by the horns and take control of this situation. We need a call on our district supervisors and talk to them and let them know how we feel. People we need to start writing letters and showing up the Board of Supervisors hearings.

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Don’t forget about the blogger in the back of the room

by Marty Carlson


As you know the morning session was totally done in seclusion that we finally got started in the afternoon around 1:40 PM

Percy Martinez started afternoon by asking the court to admonish Mme. district attorney because of a comment that she made the day before that he felt was inappropriate. He stated the Martha Magana was doing cross on Patrick Hampton and was asking him if he knew some people one of them being a Linda Sue Burns, as she was on the Oakdale PD databases as an associate of Patrick Hampton. Mme. DA he states, blurted out “it’s a different person” in effect testifying for the witness on the stand. Percy Martinez request sanctions be leveled against Marlisa Ferreira saying that it is inappropriate and it rose to the level of misconduct.

The judge took it under submission and as she normally does and telling him that he’s made his record.

This gentleman that I have been continually told that knows how to treat a woman walked into the courtroom to start his testimony and immediately told Jesse Garcia “fuck you” just as he sat down at the witness chair. As he was waiting for a question to be asked is eyes continue to roam around the attorney tables and looked at Martha Magana and told her three times that she was a “bitch.” At that point the judge growing weary of his antics on the stand in his inability to control himself admonished him and advised him that she will take action if it does not stop.

Martha Magana began talking to Mr. wonderful to some, snitch to others, about a letter from the District Attorney’s Office that was addressed to Patrick Hampton. She also inquired as to him being based recipient of a police report to his last arrest in the Oakdale incident. Patrick Hammond had been accusing Martha Magana of stalking him at the courthouse, saying that because he saw her at the courthouse one day when he had court. I guess it is unusual for to see an attorney at the courthouse so that means you’re being stalked.

Apparently this claim was on the police report or some type of paperwork that Patrick Hamilton had received from Steve Jacobson from the DA’s office. When the attorneys advise there may be more private conversation that is going to be needed concerning Patrick Hampton and his ability to find some way to constantly snitch on to get a deal.

Also there is conversation about a homicide that Patrick Hamilton is been providing information on someone named Eddie Mayfield and possibly others, and tried to benefit from the information that he provided. The DA objected to a line of questions stating there was an ongoing investigation, even though it was a 10-year-old homicide, in addition that would put Martha Magana in a conflict situation as it was a relative of hers that was the victim. There’s quite a bit of sustained argument over this conversation. The judge took it under submission said she will rule on and on Monday.

As testimony continued the judge continued to show more chagrin towards some of the comments that were being leveled by Mr. potty mouth at the attorneys, by calling Percy Martinez a snitch, John Jesse Garcia “fuck you” and calling Martha Magana, a female, a bitch. But I have to remind myself that so many people are telling me he’s such a nice guy knows how to treat women.

Martha Magana then asked Patrick Hampton to read a document he took one look at and said I know what it is Martha, the judge told him to read it anyway. As there are providing the paperwork for Hampton’s attorney to look at, he smarts off to this female attorney, Martha Magana, just to show how well he treat women and calls her a bitch again. Then just to show everyone the class act that he is he made several obscene gestures to Percy Martinez and Jesse Garcia.

They talked about the Oakdale incident in Patrick Hampton has stated that he had told Steve Jacobson Percy Martinez had made threats and people had been driving by his house looking at him funny, and this occurs a couple times in a couple weeks. When he was arrested by Oakdale police on the incident and was taken to Oakdale Police Department and immediately picked up there by Steve Jacobson taken the DAs office. He said he had told Steve Jacobson that he had not charged up his ankle bracelet due to the threats, and headset text to both investigator bunch and Jacobson in regards to the threats and it want us to my anymore.

He also stated when he was finally taken to jail went to the downtown jail and put in the infirmary on the first floor, and he was asked if he had any luxuries while he was there, and he responded by saying the I had a pool table and a popcorn machine in my cell with me. I find it interesting this gentleman is claiming to be intimidated by someone because he inserted himself into this Carson case but here he is trying to intimidate ever everyone in the room to testify. This gentleman isn’t afraid of anything.

Mr. personality advised that he has an out date of June 13th, and again when Martha Magana made an objection to a comment made by Patrick Hampton he told her to shut up and sit down. Then looked at her and called her a bitch twice, again showing how well he treats women. He then asked Martha Magana she was wearing a wig then said he realized it was just really her hair sticking straight up, this guy’s a real class act when it comes to women.

Jessica Garcia inquired about a July 27, 1994 letter, then judge Zuniga all the sudden blurted out at the witness she has had enough and asked them to leave the stand she says I am done with him for today and will not take any more testimony.

Every time there’s a discussion about issues and documentation that is provided to the court it always seems to come up that the blogging that is done on this case and it is on the back of everyone’s mind. The DA continues talks about documents that ends up on the Internet and is not too happy about her unwillingness to abide within the rules and her ability to accept the First Amendment. This writer has received no information nor documentation from anyone that is not public knowledge. The Sabrina Romero minute order that shows her total travesty of justice because of her involvement in this case was a major sticking point up someone’s butt, and is continually talked and bantered about in the courtroom.

More silliness bantered about the room, some scheduling issues were made for future motion dates than court was adjourned to return Monday at 10 AM.


Just for information I know many of you are waiting for the morning report for the Frank Carson FL trial.

There have been in camera hearings all morning apparently somebody does not want to testify or has a problem with testimony about certain things and they’ve been talking about it all morning and the public is not have been allowed in there now at lunch break and to be continued at 1:30.




By William Thomas Jensen 


Make no bones about it, I think Patrick Hampton is one of the most revolting people I have ever seen. He is a career criminal who belongs to be back in Pelican Bay. He has 15 adult convictions, and has never completed parole or probation terms on any of these. California Department of corrections records show that Patrick admits to having what is called a: “Rat jacket “on his head. This means that other prisoners know that he is an informant. Patrick has been an informant since 2004. He is more than willing to act as an informant in order to get special treatment while he is incarcerated. Patrick wears his prison issued orange and white striped jumpsuit with a strange sort of swagger. It is as if he is proud of the status that he has attained. What a loser. He is a very dangerous man; who law-enforcement allows to roam free because of his cooperation. Patrick showed total disrespect for all of the defense attorneys, and gave us one wisecrack after another.

The day starts out at 10:02 AM, with defense attorney Robert Forkner informing the court that the infamous letter is post marked from Sacramento on April 27, 2012. This date must not work well for the prosecution, because I saw concern in the faces of the prosecution.

At 10:23 AM, Patrick Hampton is put on the stand. Defense attorney Jesse Garcia asks Hampton if he was in custody from 1993 to 1994. Hampton says yes it turns out he had a five-year term for burglary and intimidating a witness.

Jesse Garcia asks Hampton about a man named Daniel Udder. It is revealed that they were both in a group home together when they were juveniles. Jesse Garcia asks Patrick Hampton why he is wearing and orange and white striped jumpsuit. Jesse gets a wisecrack answer from Patrick Hampton. Jesse Garcia brings out the fact that this uniform is reserved for people in protective custody. He needs this, because he is a snitch. Patrick admits that he was in protective custody in 2005, and has been in protective custody ever since, while being incarcerated.

It is revealed that Patrick Hampton gave testimony against Daniel Udder in a murder trial. Local law enforcement officials Brad Nix, and Doug Ridenour interviewed Patrick Hampton at Pelican Bay while investigating the Udder homicide. A person with the last name of Glover from the California Department of corrections was there also.

Defense attorney Jesse Garcia talks about a fight on the yard at Pelican Bay where a shank was recovered from Patrick Hampton. Hampton admitted this.

For his cooperation, Patrick told the investigators that he wanted to be moved closer to Stanislaus County. He was moved to Corcoran State prison after completing his stay in the segregated housing unit at Pelican Bay. Patrick Hampton stated that he was in the segregated housing unit for about one year.

Jesse Garcia reveals that in November 1993 he was convicted of weapons possession, battery charges etc.

Patrick Hampton was moved to DVI for 30 to 60 days for classification before he was sent to Pelican Bay. Patrick Hampton said that Frank Carson saw him at the county jail. He said he talked to Frank Carson 3 to 4 times about the Cooley brothers. Patrick said he knew the Cooley brothers lived in Turlock. Patrick allegedly told Frank Carson to tell them that he knows how to get a hold of them.

Patrick Hampton has been increasingly foulmouthed in the courtroom. The defense attorneys implore the judge to admonish him. Judge Zuniga refused to do so, just as she has refused to do so with Patrick in the past. Patrick frequently would start asking asinine questions to the defense attorneys, and get away with it. He asked Jesse Garcia if he was a child molester. Things like that blurted out from his mouth constantly. Patrick Hampton told defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana that she has been stalking him in the courthouse, and told her to get herself a hearing aid. Once again the defense attorneys asked the judge to admonish him, and once again she lets him get away with it. The people in the audience get warned fairly often about being quiet, and he totally disrupts the proceedings in the court. Go figure.

Patrick Hampton was asked by defense attorney Jesse Garcia if he had ever been required to return to Pelican Bay. Patrick said that he had never been sent back there.

Talk then goes to the March 15, 2016 incident in Oakdale. Patrick claimed there were threats on his life, and that he has repeatedly requested protection concerning Martha Carlton Magana, and Percy Martinez. This is just a smokescreen to get special treatment.

It is now 11:44 AM, and talk goes to a probation violation of Patrick Hampton’s for a felony 245 conviction in 2009. It turns out that Patrick violated his felony probation. He is asked why, and says he doesn’t recall. Jesse Garcia asks Patrick if it was because he was testing dirty, and Patrick says: “I guess.”

When Patrick Hampton was moved from the segregated housing unit at Pelican Bay to Corcoran State prison, he was put in the general population in a double cell, and was not in a segregated housing unit. That is definitely a benefit, or consideration that he was provided. It is now time for lunch, and I have some important things to do away from the courtroom. I am sure that Marty Carlson, and Warren Yates will do a fabulous job of telling you what transpired in the afternoon.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom}



By Warren Yates


I have been absent from the scene for some time due to other pressing obligations to investigate criminal cases brought forth by the District Attorney’s Office. As I am investigating these new cases, it becomes very obvious that the resources of the Dist. Atty.’s office investigators is focused only on trying to prove defendants guilty, rather than to go the extra step and seek exculpatory evidence even though they are required to by law.

Once law enforcement has enough evidence to try to show that the arrestee may have committed the offense, the investigation stops there. There is no exculpatory evidence sought after the person has been incarcerated. As evidenced in the Frank Carson preliminary hearing, receiving timely discovery and exculpatory evidence from the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office is like trying to pull wisdom teeth from the jaws of a Saber Tooth Tiger. Just saying…

One of the current cases I am working on involves a very prominent officer of the court. When this officer of the court made the report to the police, he placed his own misdeeds on the back of a former employee. Having started the investigation and interviewing no less than nine former employees, it is obvious that the officer of the court is the culpable and criminally responsible party.

Had the arresting agency or the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office investigators invested even limited resources, they could’ve found this out themselves. But each particular agency wants to try to enhance their statistics on the backs of frequently innocent citizens. Remember, funding comes from statistics not necessarily justice.

This was most recently evidenced in Santa Clara County during a trial for attempted murder. Even after the bone headed Dist. Atty. was shown that the cell phone pings for our defendant placed him too far away to be the responsible for the shooting at the time it took place. The boneheaded Dist. Atty. was also advised that both our defendant and his fiancée passed polygraph examinations confirming that they were on the other side of San Jose when the shooting took place.

The boneheaded Dist. Atty. refused to capitulate after receiving this information which resulted in a six-week trial. The star witness for the prosecution was a convicted felon gang member who had “rolled it up “and presented testimony which convicted one of his former gang members of murder in Alameda County. So this snitch, not unlike snitch Patrick Hampton, has a target on his back.

So after an eloquent and eyebrow raising defense, the jury came back with a verdict of not guilty, much to the chagrin of the judge and the district attorney. Outside of the courtroom after the verdict, the family of the innocent defendant was thanking the jury members. The district attorney came out, sought out the fore lady of the jury and in an astonished manner asked her “What happened?” As if there should have been a guilty verdict.

The forelady of the jury started to tell her what was wrong with her case and as she was being told what was wrong with her case, the Dist. Atty. said let’s go over here and talk in private. Obviously the Dist. Atty. did not want it put out there why she lost. The main reason she lost, is that the defendant was innocent, not just not guilty.

The above situation is an example of why there are a large number of persons serving time in prison or that have been executed when they were innocent because of the lackadaisical approach criminal investigators in the “public trough” take.

My comments are backed up by many news reports throughout the United States that reflect that innocent people have been exonerated due to the “Innocent Projects” efforts to correct prosecutorial misconduct and the “Give them a fair trial and hang ’em” attitude of many district attorneys throughout the United States. ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?

This brings me to a few comments I’m going to make regarding the limited amount of hours I’ve been able to spend in the Frank Carson preliminary hearing. While I’m out trying to prove the innocence of another truly innocent person who has become a victim of sloppy and irresponsible investigations by law enforcement. I know that the Frank Carson 8 have a very adequate and capable team of defense attorneys seeking their exoneration. I also have to reiterate that I am a right wing law and order citizen who respects decent, honest, and unbiased law enforcement. But the guilty the punished and the innocent go free.

I sat in for a little while on April 19, 2016 to watch some of Beverly Woody’s “testilying”. Testilying you ask? Of course. Come on folks, this isn’t rocket science. Here you have the mother of the confessed murderer who admitted in open court that she would lie to help her son, spewing forth allegations, suppositions, theories, hypotheses, presumptive conclusions and assumptions. Now I know we all remember what assuming does, don’t we? Just saying…

Now we know that this was a time-consuming, stressful, sometimes demeaning, tiring, boring and I’d rather be somewhere else attitude that Beverly Woody experienced in her several days on the witness stand. The only people that might’ve felt worse were everybody else in the courtroom.

I don’t intend to go into the plethora of lies, misstatements, falsehoods and “son-serving” profound statements she disgorged. The moment she said that she would lie to protect her son, she should have been removed from the witness stand because at that point if not sooner, she had zero credibility. As a side note, I would just add that after sitting in this preliminary hearing for approximately 7 months and hearing the prosecution star witnesses, it’s easy to see why some people’s family trees are a 2 x 4. Hence the title of this commentary. If you get my drift. Just saying…

So now today we have that rock star of rock stars, kid the glib, the I will snitch on anybody but put me in protective custody please original poster child for birth control. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Patrick Hampton. There were some small wagers in the gallery as to whether he would act respectably or revert to his old I hate courtroom decorum and I hate you all attitude. It didn’t take very long to know who won the bet.

Because there was some concern about Hampton’s rights, the judge appointed public defender attorney Ben Rosenstein interim counsel. If you remember back in one or several of my prior commentaries, I pointed out that after Mme. Dist. Atty. Ferreira’s assertions as an officer of the court, that no deals have been made with either Ronald Cooper or Michael Cooley, Mr. Rosenstein came forth immediately and in effect says, Oh contraire, Pierress, a deal had been made on behalf of Ronald Cooper. Well, being made a fool and a prevaricator of, Mme. Dist. Atty. immediately attacked Mr. Rosenstein as not being a seasoned attorney but he rebutted her attempt at character assassination very nicely thus leaving egg all over her face. Just saying…

So now Hampton it is coming into the courtroom dressed in his creamsicle orange and white protect me I’m a snitch loungewear. Attorney Jesse Garcia began his cross examination resuming where he left off it seems like decades ago in this case. Mr. Garcia asked Hampton describe what he was wearing. Hampton’s response was are you blind? So whoever bet that Hampton would resume his “I’m a tough guy when I’m in protective custody” attitude, won the bet.

Things just went downhill from there folks. And as Mr. Garcia asked more questions, obviously the same Valley Fever that struck down Beverly Woody’s memory must have also got some of Hamptons. He’s another one of the “I don’t knowers” that we have come to see on the witness stand whether citizen, felony prosecution witnesses or law enforcement. Valley Fever must be in the air.

It was revealed that detective Ridenour and deputy district attorney Brad Nix had motored up to Pelican Bay as Hampton sent them a letter stating he had information on a murder. Then Hampton stated, what’s that got to do with this case? Then Hampton said get to the point. While in Pelican Bay, Hampton got into a yard fight and had a shank which was taken away from. He had a couple other assault charges while in prison.

He was asked by Mr. Garcia why the Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office had not file charges against him for the prison assaults, Hampton’s reply was why don’t you call them and ask them? The motor mouth has returned. Hampton had also asked to be transferred Corcoran prison which he eventually was. Now you don’t think that the lack of prosecution by the Del Norte County Dist. Atty. would have anything to do with his advanced propensity for snitching do you? (Sarcasm intended).

During the questioning a couple of more pearls of wisdom that Hampton threw out there were get your facts straight clean your ears out, you tell me you know everything, you look like a pedophile Percy, referred to Mr. Martinez, Mr. Garcia you look like a pedophile on a skateboard, referring to Mr. Garcia’s wheeled ankle support due to a broken ankle. Mme. Dist. Atty. objected on several questions Mr. Garcia asked but they were allowed since Hampton decided to take the witness stand.

Hampton is continuing his quest to become the largest oxygen wasting puke in Stanislaus County history. The problem is that he has no respect for anyone including the judge and the judge refuses to put a muzzle on this dreg of society’s mouth. To Hampton, the courts have become a stage and Hampton is “Krusty The Clown” and we know how dirty Krusty is.

During the afternoon session while some court business was being conducted, Mr. Garcia spoke to Hampton said did you just flip me off? Hampton said yes I did. This is the guy who talks real bad while he has numerous bailiffs around him to protect him, but put him back in the joint where he belongs and he begs like a little beotch screaming for protection from those he had snitched off. Hampton’s a real man’s man. Mme. Dist. Atty. is overly concerned about Hampton safety. Hampton chose to put himself in this position by trading snitch information for anything he could get out of it to gain something for himself.

Well that’s about all I could take for today and so I left early.



By Marty Carlson


The afternoon session started out with Jesse Garcia still talking to Patrick Hampton about the investigation of the Udder case any information providing activities that Hampton was involved in the prison system it seems everywhere he was housed.

During the discussion between attorneys and Patrick Hampton a decided to raise his middle finger to Jesse Garcia and flipped him off. Jesse Garcia who just recently suffered a broken ankle and had a cast on his leg and was using a cart to support his leg and his movements around the courtroom.

This high classed individual Patrick Hampton who has some very devoted fans in Oakdale who were constantly tell me how much of a gentleman he is and how he talks proper in front of women, then made the classy comment to Jesse Garcia that “he looked like a pedophile on a skateboard.”

When this comment was made by this gentleman who knows how to talk around ladies as I was constantly being told, it was a pause in the courtroom and Jesse Garcia was looking at some paperwork in preparing for his next question. Now by my count in the gallery there was 10 women and in the well there was six women for a total of 16 women all ladies in the courtroom and this gentleman who knows how to talk around ladies is Calling attorney snitches, telling them to hurry up and asked the question and showing disrespect to the court and the individuals, flipping them off, and telling them they look like a pedophile on a skateboard. Yeah I’m convinced this this person knows how to treat women and knows how to act around women.

Judge Zuniga growing weary of his antics and finally told him to calm down and stop or there will be consequences to pay.

There was another document to Jesse Garcia was going to bring up into evidence from the Department of Corrections confidential file, that explains Hampton’s history of cooperating with law enforcement is good snitches do.

In comparison to Jon Evers Patrick Hampton also had to talk to an attorney prior to his testimony, in a case that he had inserted himself into looking for some considerations for the future it seems.

His attorney from the public defender’s office objected to the presentation of that letter to the court under 1040 which is a confidentiality and also title 15. Now the judge stated that she already has considered those arguments with the Atty. Gen.’s office when they filed to squash the subpoena and she allowed it to be turned over to the defense. The public defender felt it would put Hampton’s life at risk. Boy he must really screwed over a lot of people. Also of note the judge stated that even though she ordered that document to be turned over to the defense does not mean she will allow it to be produced in this hearing or any other.

Jesse Garcia had Patrick Hampton read the document and he said it does not really refresh his memory too much since it’s been such a long time. At that time Jesse Garcia want to present the letter as evidence than a long argument took place between attorneys again and the courtroom was cleared so they can have an in camera hearing in regard to this document. To be clear this document was a confidential file document that the Atty. Gen.’s office tried to have the subpoena squashed and the judge overruled them and had it turned over to the defense.

This time also Mme. DA would be objecting again to a question that had not been asked, but was predicting it was going to be asked and it created a long conversation again the judge finally told her when we get there objected to time not now. There seem to be some real concerned about the information that Jesse Garcia was starting to go into.

Martha Magana then began a cross-examination of Patrick Hampton and was asking about the Udder case where he was asked by the defendant to severely injure or kill a female witness in the case. Mr. sensitivity stated that he could not remember as that was a long time ago.

He was given a transcript from an interview from an investigator I believe was from the Department of Corrections and he said he did refresh his recollection. When asked again he stated yes he was asked to kill a witness in that case by the defendant. He then read a second document and stated it did not really refresh his memory, apparently it was an interview with the detective right here from Modesto.

Martha Magana began reading transcript into the records of Hampton talking to the investigator about killing the witness in the Udder case, and also said he does not know someone name Linda Adams when asked. He was also asked about the Oakdale incident in March and he stated he was taken out of the house by a SWAT team member then taken to Oakdale police department where he was picked up by Steve Jacobson of the DA’s office, which is his handler, and taken to the DA’s office where he spent a unknown amount of time.

When asked if he had requested any interviews not be recorded or documented he stated that he never did that in fact assumed that everything was being recorded on video. The representation to the court made by Mme. DA stated that Patrick Hampton had requested to not be recorded in the interviews and the DA investigators complied, we now know that not to be exactly the truth. He spent several hours and what he thought was an interview room with Steve Jacobson and investigator Dale Lingerfelt.

Martha Magana then asked that Mr. Hampton leave the courtroom for her to make an offer of proof on some evidence that she wants to bring and being close to the 4 o’clock hour the judge told Mr. Hampton he to go back to the jail.

Martha Magana related that a gentleman named Fuller had relayed a message that Hampton had planned to rip him off of marijuana plants and possibly commit murder to do it.

This is where we stopped for the day of I’m sure we’ll pick right back up where we left off tomorrow at 930.


This it’s a lunchtime report of the Frank Carson et al case.

Before testimony got started this morning couple of business matters had to be taken care of, one of them being attorney Robert forkner putting on the record the postmark only Robin Woody letter was out of Sacramento and dated 427 of 2012. Which doesn’t seem to fit in with some of the timelines given to us yesterday but not a surprise.

An attorney for Patrick Hampton was present from the public defender’s office and put on the record that Hampton had admitted his violation of probation and played to a misdemeanor and received a hundred and eighty days. Hampton also requested attorney present for his testimony here today.

Garcia has started d cross-examination where it left off from before discussing events in 1994 when Patrick Hampton was in custody and had received a five-year term in State Prison. Jesse Garcia had discussed with Hampton his location in the prison in relationship to Daniel Udder , another inmate who was in custody and pending a homicide trial.

Patrick Hampton became extremely belligerent when he was asked why he is in protective custody and why he is always in protective custody no matter where he is in jail or prison.

He was asked about an interview he had at Pelican Bay but officer Ridenour from the police department in regards to the udder case  he was given a transcript of that interview to review on the stand it was as if he was always giving information on homicides to Police Department. Hampton got real sarcastic and said what’s this got to do with this case and then immediately said just get to the point.

Test about a knife that was found on him in the yard at Pelican and assault at the prison. After he had made his statements to the police he was asked what his disposition was as far as the criminal complaints and he says read the papers in front of you or ask them yourself. Jesse Garcia of them said was it that the da decline to charge mr. Smart-mouth responded call them and ask them yourself.

It was revealed through documentation from the prison that Hampton had requested to not be in Pelican Bay anymore where he was in the security housing unit and he was moved to Cochran prison. Mr. Smart mouth kept telling Jesse to get his facts straight.

Mr. Garcia I said to him let’s do exactly that, how did you come to be in contact with the investigators Hampton stated I don’t recall. Jesse Garcia began asking him about in November of 1993 where he was rolled up for weapons and assault charges in addition to a separate case in 1993 for a salt in 1994 a battery on an inmate all happening while he was in prison.

Hampton City first met Frank Carson Fayette County Jail while he was locked up in the protective custody unit at the jail, and he talked to him several times at the court just prior to his appearances. All that occurred just shortly before he decided to abscond on his formal supervision status while waiting the end of his case.

He stated that Carson want to talk about the Cooley Brothers the Frank Carson had provided no information on how to find them but he said he knew Turlock well enough to find anybody.

About this time mr. Hampton kept looking over at Percy Martinez disparaging remarks to him just looking like a total jerk. This led to some objections by all attorneys asking the court to admonish the witness to just answer the questions and keep his comments to himself. They also know that Patrick  Hampton had a very Cavalier attitude at this point with a constant smirk and even made a sarcastic comment 2 Martha magana a female attorney and total disrespect to a woman.

Even looked at Percy Martinez calling him a snitch and telling him Percy I’m still here. Many in the courtroom especially the gallery were appalled at his comments and the lack of willingness on the judges part to deal with his total disrespect two people in the room including Martha magana when she objected again he told her to shut up.

Jesse Garcia ,once order was restored, begin asking Hampton if he had a snitch jacket while he was in custody in Department of Corrections or anywhere else, mr. Hampton replied he does not remember being labeled in a snitch jacket.

They discussed subsequent sentences after Pelican Bay looking at his  Department of Corrections confidential file it says that he was always in protective custody no matter which prison he was in due to his having a constant Snitch jacket.

Jesse Garcia begin to discuss the Oakdale incident and had the witness removed from the courtroom after an objection for an offer of proof of what he was trying to bring out in testimony. And the states in his record that he always requested protection long before this case ever came along because of his past activities.

Madame da responded about how this is not related to this case and then there was a long argument from all  attorneys in regard to these arguments car crucial in establishing his lack of credibility and his constant Behavior of being an informant

Jesse Garcia produced multiple documents of Patrick Hampton being used for an informant on multiple cases over the years since the 1990s. And Patrick Hampton has denied all along that he’s ever been an informant especially since 1994. But Jesse Garcia revealed that all other instances of informing we’re done exactly in the same manner that was done in this case with him writing a letter to investigators from jail or prison.

After the judge listen to The Long arguments and gate took a break she came back and ruled credibility is an issue and the defense have a right to question it and she stated the last answers stood.


Jesse Garcia ask him if he was convicted of 245 which is assault and deadly weapon in 2009 and then tested dirty during his probation. Hampton responded with if you say so and mr. Garcia ask him what do you say he says yeah I guess.

He was also asked in 2002 if he was sent to prison 4A and evading charge and he said yes he went to prison and then was on Parole but violated on that one too.

Again as another offer of proof the witness out of the room Jesse Garcia Tales of court that Patrick Hampton has had a total AR-15 misdemeanors and felony convictions from 1990 to present. In addition he has not completed any probation or parole successfully in any of those cases.

The judge advised mr. Garcia that he would be able to follow that line of questioning within a limited scope and Hampton was brought back into the room.

He was asked again in 1994 where he testified in a homicide trial in the udder case, and the records revealed that CDC agreed to be moved from protective custody and the Department of Corrections looked into his criminal complaint and he was transferred.

Hampton within taken out of the room for another discussion and he was told to go ahead and have his lunch back in the custody area.

On a personal note I’ve had recently people tell me how great of a guy he is and here he is in court cussing at people telling a woman to shut up and just treating everyone with total disrespect it just goes to show how big of a turd this guy really is and he is now whining about being threatened after he inserted himself into this case as he has so many others.

We broke for lunch to be returned at 1:30








Today was a total waste of time. Prosecution witness Beverly Woody answered most of the questions by saying: “I don’t remember.” She is at the point where she can’t remember who told her what, or when anything happened. Beverly could not remember anything concerning the three audio tapes that we listen to yesterday. Time after time, she denied saying things on these tapes that she heard herself say yesterday. For the life of me, I don’t know how the judge can rely on any of her testimony.

Court starts out at 9:50 AM with defense attorney Robert Forkner requesting Robert Woody’s jail logs. He wants all recorded Stanislaus County logs concerning Robert Woody while he has been incarcerated. He also wants all of the phone logs for Robert Woody to be turned over.

Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra makes an explanation about an instance where Steve Jacobson stayed with Beverly Woody at her house and spoke to her before Kirk Bunch came over and did a recorded interview. She stated that Steve Jacobson stayed with Beverly Woody until Kirk Bunch came over because of her medical condition, and immobility. Steve Jacobson did no recording of his conversation with Beverly Woody, and waited for Kirk Bunch to do the recorded interview. This interview was done on February 26, 2014.

Talk then goes to an instance on August 19, 2015 where Steve Jacobson had Robert Woody at the DA’s office awaiting a waiver of confidentiality. Beverly Woody was allowed to visit with her son Robert Woody, and this visit was unrecorded. During this visit, Beverly was shown a letter that was allegedly written by Robin Attenhoffer on her death bed. No recording of this was done as well.

Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra talks about how the reenactments done at three different locations, and their corresponding reports and videos have all been discovered. She talks about how all the jail calls for Walter Wells, Daljit Atwall, and Baljit Athwall have been discovered as well. Robert Forkner asks her if these calls were from the downtown jail. Marlissa tells Forkner they were done at the public safety center. Forkner then brings up the fact that Marlissa, two days ago, had said that no calls are recorded at the public safety center. Forkner now requests the phone calls from Robert Woody while he was at the public safety center. He was told two days ago that they had not been recorded. Marlissa tells the court that she will not be using phone calls concerning Walter Wells in the preliminary trial.

Now comes the totally useless cross-examination of Beverly Woody. As the title says, her mind is like a sieve. It is the opinion of several people sitting around me that her memory is actually very selective. I am not sure if this is the case, or she is suffering from the effects of Valley fever.

At 10:04 AM, defense attorney Robert Forkner asks Beverly Woody if she talked to her son Robert on Friday of last week. I believe she said that she had done so. Talk goes to Sunny Attenhoffer telling Robert Woody that she needed his help in order to get her children back. Forkner asks Beverly Woody if Miranda Dykes had ever talked to her about an attorney. Beverly said: “No.” Forkner is now done with cross-examination.

Defense attorney Jesse Garcia now takes over on cross examination of Beverly Woody. Jesse Garcia starts asking a series of questions about the three recordings that Beverly listened to yesterday. He asks Beverly if she recognized her voice. Beverly says that her voice sounded like an old person. Garcia asks Beverly about the first recording that was done with Kirk Bunch and Steve Jacobson. He asks her if that was the first time he had met Steve Jacobson. Beverly says she is not sure. Garcia asks Beverly whether Kirk Bunch and Steve Jacobson were present on July 13, 2014 during the police search of her home. She said: “No.” Beverly talks about how a masked police officer had threatened to kill Robert Woody if he found him in the house. The officer told this to Beverly as he was walking out of the house.

Beverly says that she lives two doors down from Pop N Cork liquors on the same side the street. Talk goes to a February 26, 2014 incident where Kirk Bunch told Beverly that Robert had made some threats against one of the prosecution’s main witnesses. Beverly admitted that. Now starts a long series of “I don’t remember” responses from Beverly. Jesse asks her if she did not tell the police that her son Robert buried the body of Korey Kaufman. Beverly says: “I don’t remember.” This seemed to be her frequent response today on questions she didn’t want to answer. Beverly denied that Kirk Bunch had told Robert that he would get consideration if he cooperated. This could be heard clearly yesterday on one of the recordings, but she couldn’t remember this. Jesse asks Beverly if she heard the tape. Beverly still insists that she can’t remember hearing Kirk Bunch offer consideration for cooperation. Judge Zuniga tells Jesse Garcia that Beverly has already been impeached.

Jesse Garcia asks Beverly if Bunch told her that a trap had been set for Korey Kaufman. Beverly denies that Bunch had said a trap was set. This could be clearly heard in the tapes we listened to yesterday. Jesse asks Beverly if Kirk Bunch told her that Robert was involved with a homicide involving special circumstances. Beverly says: “No.” This also could be heard clearly in the tapes. Beverly also denies hearing Bunch say that it was a premeditated murder. This was also on the tapes. Beverly is essentially denying everything we heard yesterday.

Jesse Garcia then asks Beverly if the Athwall’s cousins were involved. Beverly talks about a cousin, with the nickname of “Snake”, and how Daljit Atwall and her son Robert gave him a ride to the airport.

Jesse then asks Beverly about a time on February 26, 2014 where she told law enforcement that Korey Kaufman had been killed on his own property. Beverly denies saying this. This conflicts with reports that have been discovered.

Beverly Woody is asked by Jesse Garcia how many people were on the Frank Carson property that night. Beverly says there were four on the property, plus one outside of the property. Jesse asks Beverly if in February 2014 Kirk Bunch had told you four people were on the property. Beverly denies this. This is in direct conflict with testimony we have heard during this preliminary trial. Jesse Garcia asks Beverly if Kirk Bunch told Robert he could work something out for Robert. Beverly says: “No.” Yesterday, we could hear Kirk Bunch clearly make that statement on one of the tapes. Jesse Garcia asks Beverly if Kirk Bunch had told her that Robert Woody knows specific facts that only the killer would know. Beverly says: “No.” This could be heard on the tapes as well. Jesse asks Beverly if somebody else told her that. Beverly says: “No.” Jesse asks Beverly if she had told Kirk Bunch the truth. Beverly says: “I can’t remember.” Jesse Garcia asks Beverly if she lied for her son. Beverly says: “I don’t know.”

Beverly admits that it was at Pop N Cork that Robert Woody pulled Baljit Athwall off of Korey Kaufman. At this point, defense attorney Robert Forkner complains about Marlissa Fereirra making “Speaking objections.” Forkner’s objection was overruled. Beverly now states that this incident happened at a Hilmar bar. She seems to be getting increasingly confused on the stand.

Jesse Garcia talks about February 26, 2014 where Kirk Bunch tells her that Baljit Athwall and somebody beat Korey Kaufman. Bunch told Beverly that: “Your son was there and that is how he knows what happened.” Beverly denies that Bunch said this to her. This could clearly be heard on one of the tapes.

Jesse Garcia asks Beverly Woody how many times she talked to Robert Woody about Korey Kaufman being killed. Beverly says twice before the arrest, and once after Robert was arrested.

It is 11:28 AM, and we return from a 15-minute break. Jesse tells Beverly Woody that she told Kirk Bunch and Steve Jacobson that Korey Kaufman was killed on his own property, and that she knew that was a lie. Beverly says: “I can’t remember.”

Jesse Garcia asks Beverly if she and her family followed the newspaper articles and Internet articles during the investigation of her son. Beverly denied that they did this. Beverly then admitted that they read the Turlock Journal at times. She says that after her home was searched on July 12, 2014 her grandson read an article in the newspaper to her. Beverly said she did not know if anyone read Internet articles to her during the investigation.

Talk then goes to the search of Pop N Cork liquors on July 12, 2014. Beverly said all her family saw the search in progress. She said the police took her family out of the house, and held them at gunpoint. Beverly lives two doors down from the liquor store.

Jesse then asks Beverly whether on August 19, 2015 she talked to law enforcement and told them information that she had learned from Robin Attenhoffer. Beverly said: “Yes.” Jesse asks her if this information was a lie. Beverly says: “No.” Jesse Garcia: “When you said Korey would not talk to you, was that a lie?” Beverly: “Yes.” Jesse Garcia asks Beverly whether Kirk Bunch told her that there was an upcoming bail hearing for the defendant’s, and Beverly said: “I can’t remember.”

It was brought out that the Athwalls had bought two boxes of Nyquil for Beverly per month while she had pneumonia. Beverly said that her son did lots of work for the Athwalls for all that stuff. We break for lunch.

At 1:53 PM, Jesse Garcia continues his cross-examination of Beverly Woody. He asks Beverly Woody if she recalls when she first learned that Korey Kaufman’s body had been recovered. Beverly can’t remember this. Jesse Garcia asks Beverly whether on February 26, 2014 Kirk Bunch and Steve Jacobson talked to her about Korey Kaufman. She couldn’t remember this. Garcia asks Beverly if her son Robert had confessed and bragged about the killing of Korey Kaufman. She could not remember this. Jesse Garcia tries to get Beverly to admit that she had heard about newspaper articles that gave details about Korey Kaufman. Beverly says that she had heard stories about Korey Kaufman being cut up etc.

Approximately one month after Korey Kaufman went missing, she heard about deer hunters finding the body. She is not sure if she heard about this from newspaper articles. Jesse Garcia asks Beverly whether on the August 19, 2015 interview Steve Jacobson told her that Korey Kaufman’s fingers and toes were cut off. Beverly said: “Yes.” Beverly rambles on about how Baljit held Korey Kaufman’s hands and Daljit held his legs while he was being cut up. Jesse Garcia asks her if Robert Woody had told her that this. She could not remember.

Beverly Woody says that when she visits her son they don’t talk about anything but the grandbabies. She says that during these visits Steve Jacobson stands by the door, and another person is outside of the door. These visits occur at the district attorney’s office. Beverly said that on the day that she was shown the infamous letter, she talked about it with the investigators.

Beverly Woody is handed a copy of this letter and says ‘It looks like it, I don’t know.” Jesse Garcia asks Beverly that on August 19, 2015, when Steve Jacobson handed the letter to her, she recognized it. She said: “Yes.”

Beverly Woody said Robin Attenhoffer told her that Robert Woody had said that Korey Kaufman had been beaten and shot. Beverly says that she heard that they recovered a bullet, a jacket, and three boots. I wonder what the third boot was for? She couldn’t remember who told her this. She denied that family members had told her this. She said people on the streets told a lot of stories about Korey Kaufman.

Talk then goes to how she had met Frank Carson. Beverly said Frank was her son’s lawyer at one time. Frank represented her son on a stolen truck case, and she met him in the courtroom.

Talk then goes to how allegedly Baljit Athwall and Daljit Atwall, and Robert Woody transported Korey Kauffman’s body to Pop N Cork. She said Daljit went ahead of them. She said the body was buried on the side of Pop N Cork, and was moved to the mountains.

Beverly Woody said she has spoken to her son on the phone one to two times per month while he has been in jail. She says he is in a cell by himself 23 hours per day, and can’t talk to anyone. While Robert was held in Modesto, she was able to visit him three times a week. She stated that she has visited him 50 times or more.

It is around 3:00 PM, and we go on a break. I can’t take any more of this useless testimony, and I head home. Judge Zuniga told Marlissa Fereirra that she could not see any good coming from Beverly Woody’s testimony, when it began days ago. I certainly think she was right. Once we are done with her testimony, we will get Patrick Hampton back on the stand. That should be interesting to see.

I must once again commend the Modesto Bee reporter for watching today’s testimony. It seems as though he has an interest in seeing this trial firsthand, and not depending on others to feed him information.

Testimony resumes tomorrow at 9:30 AM.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


Burglar sues homeowner who shot him

by Marty Carlson

David Bailey


A burglar in Portland Indiana who broke into a man’s garage has filed a lawsuit against the owner for shooting him.

David a Bailey, 31 years old, of Albany, Indiana broke into the garage of David McLaughlin of Dunkirk Indiana on April 21, 2014. McLaughlin now 33, fired gunshots at the intruder he saw him running from his property.

as he ran down the alley one of the bullets hit him in his left arm.

In September 2014, Superior Court in J County judge and jury found McLaughlin guilty of criminal recklessness in the shooting. The judge Max Ludy sentence McLaughlin to 60 days in jail and four months on home detention.

Last June Jay County Circuit Court Judge Brian Hutchinson placed Bailey, who had pled guilty to burglary, on electric home detention for three years. Attorneys Jason Delk and Daniel Gibson, representing Bailey had filed a lawsuit in J County Circuit Court against McLaughlin.

Bailey who had pleaded guilty to a related burglary charge last year, claims in the lawsuit he had not entered the garage for the purpose of stealing property.

Bailey said he was in an alley behind McLaughlin’s home when the homeowner came out of his residence began firing his weapon into the air in response to an alarm sound in his garage. As Bailey fled down an alley McLaughlin continued firing his weapon down the dark alley into the public right of way.

Three shots were fired at Bailey by McLaughlin the suit contends. One of the shots narrowly missed the Albany’s man’s head, another struck him in the back of the arm and Pearson artery causing serious and permanent damage.

The lawsuit asked for monetary award in the amount sufficient to compensate Bailey for all damages no hearings have been scheduled in the case

Another instance in this country where crime pays well these days, and I wonder what kind of monetary award the victim would’ve had with Mr. Bailey, who sounds like a professional thief, would have stolen everything out of his garage.



By Marty Carlson


Will the afternoon resumed with Jesse Garcia asking Beverly Woody if she had any recall when the remains of Korey Kaufman had been found, which she did not. The attorney referenced that February 26 of 2014 interview when they were talking about Corey Kaufman was Steve Jacobson and Kirk bunch. Robert Woody had confessed to the crime at this point, but stated she could not remember the conversation. She stated that she kept hearing stories from all kinds of people that came around about Corey being cut up in 2012 after his disappearance, that also heard about him being in the mountains through the grapevine on the streets.

She stated at some point her daughter Mary had been going on the Internet and sharing some information with her. And one of the interviews referred to was Steve Jacobson where he stated that all of Korey’s fingers and toes the been cut off and she had stated that Robert told her that the out walls and held Corey down and cut off his fingers and toes.

She also stated that since August 2015 to this day she had only done one interview that was on August 19, 2015. She stated that every court date that Robert has in Stanislaus County she gets a visit in the DA’s office with her son as she cannot make the trip to where he is. During those visits Steve Jacobson is always in the room with a second officer standing outside the door.

She stated that Steve Jacobson had showed her the letter supposedly written by Robin Woody and asked her if that was the letter that Robin had written and she said it look like it. She was unable to tell the contents of the letter because she has never learned to read. This interview was done at the DA’s office on one of Robert visits after court.

Beverly Woody also stated that they found a bullet, three boots and a jacket with the remains. She also stated that everybody was telling her that Corey had been chopped up and had talked to his stepmom on several occasions where she had stopped by the visit and have a cigarette with them. She also stated that some of Korey’s relatives kept telling Beverly that Robert would not do such a thing they did not feel he was capable. She did say that there was a lot of press coverage at the time of the arrest and constantly saw pictures of her son and their home on the TV and in the papers and on the Internet. She had taken a close look at all the pictures of the people arrested in the case and realize she knew all of them.

She knew Carson from a prior arrest that her son had, for stealing a car in getting beaten by the police badly, and Frank Carson had represented him in that case. Apparently Frank Carson represented her other son in some other cases two. She stated that the out well brothers and Robert had transported the body from the scene to pop N Cork, where Corey Kaufman had been buried on the property in the garden area but later moved to the mountains.

She stated she talked to Robert on the phone one or two times a month where he is now located, and previously had talked to about three times a week from the jail. A question about polygraphs was was asked objected to and not allowed by the judge.

Beverly Woody stated she had been taking meds that she is on now for about nine years for a lot of health issues, and right now she is running on one lung. She stated there was a time that she did not know or remember anything because of the some of the pain medications that she was on at the time and still has trouble this day.

She was also asked about some of her family members talking about possibly being called as witnesses in the case that she could not remember, and she was asked is that due to the medications, she said she was not sure. She also said she cannot remember a conversation that Robert Woody had with Frank Carson but had nothing to do with Korey Kaufman death the one of his court cases.

Jesse Garcia then rested his cross and Percy Martinez began.

He also asked about the confession letter that Steve Jacobson provided for Beverly and her daughters to view. She said that the letter was probably written in the fall because it was cold and sometime around 90 days prior to Robin’s death, which Robin had succumbed to cancer shortly after Christmas of 2014. She said the Robin had worked up until the last month before passing away and she had moved away about two days prior to her death to live with her aunt who is a nurse and more prepared to care for her.

The attorney then began asking about two weeks after Robin had passed away Miranda Dykes had moved in to the house and was considered the girlfriend of Robert Woody. She also stated that her husband at times worked often on at the pop N Cork as when he was between jobs and they always worked him on consideration as he did the work first and then paid him or gave him free products. He had done this for about six months and then finally went back to work at his regular job with her brother.

It was also mentioned that the Atwals had given the Woody’s some furniture like a couch, a TV, a refrigerator, shoes, close, and in fact had given her husband some work pants.

At this point Mme. DA objected to the liner questing saying it’s out of the scope of direct and the judge stated that is her understanding that the DA’s theory is that the out walls were given Robert Woody money and trypsin things to keep his silence for the crime, and the defense is showing that they were doing a lot of things for them prior to 2012.

Also apparently one of the Atwal brothers had given Beverly Woody a dog about four years ago which she still has to this day.

Percy Martinez then ended his questioning of this witness and Martha Magana wanted to recross miss Woody.

She was asked again about Robin going to her aunt’s house two days before passing, she asked about Robert getting caught in a stolen car in which when he was arrested he was beaten badly by the police. Beverly Woody claimed that he had taken the car from his brother who had stolen it was trying to return it.

Martha Magana brought out for several years before Corey Kaufman’s death the Atwals had provided with Robert Woody many things and payment because they were concerned about him having cash and his drug addictions. Beverly Woody’s Denying but had admitted earlier that she had been receiving several things from the out walls like her like will, sodas, beer, and many other merchandise type items from the out walls for free.

Beverly Woody also went on to say that Robert Woody was wrong for helping the Atwals with the body and covering it up, but insists he did not kill Korey Kaufman.

Martha Magana asked her if she is testifying trying to make sure that Robert is not the only person to get in trouble and go to jail or prison in this case, Beverly Woody look kind of tired and reserved at that point and never really answered. She was then asked if she was angry at the Atwals, to which she replied no not really why would I be.

Martha Magana then stated that she had no further question for this witness and is excruciating long ordeal for this witness and everybody else in the room is finally over. Mme. DA was asked if you she had any redirect and her response was something to the effect was “not a chance.” I think she realized that putting miss Woody on was a mistake and that she had been warned about it prior to doing it.

To be perfectly honest with you I see no benefit of this testimony to the DA in this case, but it seems that she did help the defense somewhat. Especially when she stated that she was more than willing to lie for her son.

Court continued until tomorrow at 930 and expecting the testimony of Patrick Hampton. That are to be interesting