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Deputy with purported memory loss convicted of theft

A former Loudoun County Sheriff’s Deputy accused of stealing more than $229,000 from the office’s asset forfeiture program has been convicted of four counts of theft.

The Washington Post ( ) reports that 45-year-old Frank Pearson of Winchester was convicted Thursday, despite saying that he had suffered memory loss. He faces a maximum 10-year penalty on each count at his June 17 sentencing.

Pearson was indicted in July after nearly two years of investigation.

The thefts occurred between 2010 and October 2013. Pearson said he had amnesia that prevented him from remembering that time period, but he didn’t raise amnesia as a defense at the trial.

Pearson’s attorney Daniel Lopez says his client tried to plead guilty, but the judge would not accept it because Pearson had earlier said he had had amnesia.


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