In the April 1st Modesto bee there was an article titled ‘Judge denies motion to dismiss charges in second trial of Modesto slaying.”

According to the article there is a six codependent trial waiting to be heard in the bankruptcy court where the current preliminary hearing is being held for Frank Carson et al.

Due to the length of this preliminary hearing, and Mme. DA Marlisa Ferrera is also the DA in charge of the gang trial that is been pending for 14 months.

It is interesting that the District Attorney’s Office has chosen to continue on and is highly circumstantial case, that according to Mme. DA, over a homicide trial was six codefendants. I wonder why they are willing to lose this six codependent homicide trial through legal maneuvering and have a preference to have this preliminary hearing with Frank Carson et al.

Judge Zeff did deny the motion to dismiss saying at this time the trial delays are not at the point to be considered unconstitutional or prejudicial, he did however did say these delays could become excessive if they continued to accumulate. We must make note of the publicity received of late of the ongoing delays in Stanislaus County Superior Court of a massive number of trials and many are homicide trials.

The judge did schedule the trial to start on April 11, Mme. DA obviously would not be available as this Frank Carson prelim is going to be continued on in my opinion for a couple more months. As the original target date of April 15 to conclude will obviously not be reached in these type of cases, with this many codefendants, tend to be a long drawn out process, especially with the type of witnesses that are being used in this case.

Again it shows me the priority that they put on the Frank Carson et al. case, as they are not prosecuting any of these witnesses in this case who have serious crimes pending, or sentencing pending.

The article also goes on to say one of the defense attorneys in the gang case in his address to the judge the District Attorney’s Office to the assigned another deputy DA to handle this homicide case knowing full well the nature of the Frank Carson et al. case. The defense attorney went on to say when Mme. DA Ferrera was assigned a Kaufman case last summer they should’ve assigned another deputy DA to handle this gang shooting case, which would have given a new deputy DA plenty of time to prepare for the trial in that was scheduled in February.

The defendants in the gang shooting case have not waived their right to a speedy trial and asking the court to proceed as soon as possible, in addition the judge has decided to have the defendant stand trial together forcing them to wait in custody at the County jail.

It also goes on to note that Mme. DA Ferrera wasn’t initially involved in this gang shooting case but apparently the original deputy DA has since left the office working for the state Atty. Gen.’s office. Also remember this is all done knowing full well the enormity of the Frank Carson et al. case and it would be the only case the deputy DA would be able to work on until his conclusion.

Another one of the defense attorneys stated after the hearing that he will file an appeal to overturn this judge’s ruling

Mme. DA Ferrera also stated in a hearing Monday that the Frank Carson et al. hearing could conclude by mid-May, but also note that defense attorney Jesse Garcia had suffered a serious injury breaking two bones in his ankle on the last day in court to where we actually had testimony, and has since had surgery on that same ankle. It is unknown how that is going to affect, if at all, this preliminary hearing.

And as we all know the judge in a preliminary hearing does have an option to separate Georgia DeFilippo and have the hearing continue for all others.

And the first trial in the gang shooting case was held in the same courtroom that Frank Carson et al. is being held now apparently it’s the only courtroom available to handle this many codefendants, attorneys, court staff, and observers. And if this gang shooting is to continue on will have to be done at the main courthouse

Now remember several weeks ago I had been on blog talk radio with former Mayor Carmen Sabatino, with a guest of Stanislaus Board of Supervisors member Jim Demartini. Mr. Demartini did state that this Frank Carson et al. case is cost Stanislaus County in excess of $3 million and with the meter running. Some people say that you cannot use that figure because many of the costs involved are normal every day costs anyway. In my opinion that is true to a point but you have a large daily expense for the out of County judge, extra security in the courtroom because of the number of codefendants, with many of those officers working overtime because they don’t have enough court services personnel for this type of case. Supervisor Demartini also stated that the DA was going to flat-out lose this case.

You have officers still being active on this case, which I’m sure include some overtime, there is a large amount of paperwork being generated, and listening to some of the information provided by Mme. DA they have a large group of people at the DA’s office that is preparing information, processing information, redacting the information, sometimes for the next days court, which I’m sure is costing the taxpayers in either extra labor were overtime.

Due to the nature of these witnesses involved, there is also a large amount of information being processed through other agencies like the Department of Corrections, and the attorneys from the Atty. Gen.’s office constantly involved in wanting to suppress information from the subpoenas that are being served concerning prison records. More taxpayer dollars involved in that also.

Many of the witnesses in the Frank Carson et al. are career criminals and are also involved in criminal activity, like Patrick Hampton picking up new cases, or absconding from probation and trying to avoid investigators and subpoenas so they don’t have to appear in court to testify in this preliminary hearing. Causing more investigative resources to be used.

Also note of interest is that some of the witnesses in the Frank Carson et al. case, who have pending cases, there court dates are now not been entered into the court index and to what has happened in their court dates, most notable right now is Sabrina Romero who is attending embezzlement case from her former employer and the amount of $12,000. Is it an oversight? Possibly, I don’t think so. As Mme. DA noted in court a few weeks ago the blogger sitting in the back row is providing information to the public that they don’t want the public to know

Why do I mention all this? Because I find it interesting the priority that this District Attorney’s Office is putting on Frank Carson et al. there are many deals being made, that they have denied but a public defender confirmed that they have been in fact promised.

We have an embezzler, we have a career criminal and a drug dealer and his girlfriend was still pending charges, with the same career criminal looking at some strike situations where he does not want to go to prison because it has been revealed that he is a prison gang dropout and he is an extreme fear for his life. We have a relative of his that felt the need to come to this blog and try to deny any thefts are activity going on the Carson property, then when was advised that court testimony by her sister-in-law shows there was a large scale theft of property being taken from Frank Carson over a long period of time.

We have another career criminal who is in fact in prison at this time, and testified in prison clothing. Where he had made a request to not be taking to DVI for processing like would normally be done after testimony but instead requested that he be driven straight through to his prison. Also be noted that he was wearing a orange and white striped jumpsuit which in the California Department of Corrections means he’s in protective custody. His charges that he’s currently been sentenced for are not normally the type of charges would put you in protective custody, but they do put informants in protective custody. Also be noted that during his testimony he was asked who did you deal drugs to in his response was “Turlock.”

We also had another career criminal who inserted himself in this case, who in essence made a mockery of the court, with his behavior, and literally telling the attorneys to go fuck off. Then went on to continue picking up two more cases after his testimony which is still not complete because he all of a sudden decided to take the Fifth Amendment and some of the questions by defense attorneys. A large amount of information has been accumulated since that time if he does testify again it will be interesting to see what he has to say then.

So again I am saying there is a serious obsession with Frank Carson and the feeble evidence that they have against him. I have been sitting in court for five months have not heard any physical evidence and putting any of these defendants at around Korey Kaufman’s death. And I even see that as a bigger problem because I truly believe that Corey Kaufman and his family deserves justice. And at this point I have not seen anything to incriminate any of these defendants. And now we another victim’s family needing justice and that not being met either. And is somebody once said justice delayed is justice denied.

Korey Kaufman deserves justice plain and simple and in my opinion at this time is not getting it.


    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      That was Ronald Cooper and the DA made special arrangements with CDC to have him sent straight back to pleasant Valley instead of DVI as per normal protocol. To an inmate that is a deal he does not have anything else.

  1. The DA stated in the modesto bee article that they had thought Carsons case would only last for 2 months. She thought she had a slam dunk case. No evidence so she is drumming up all those criminal as witnesses and they keep changing their statements. Nothing but liers, thieves , and druggies. Law enforcement are are unprepared when they are on the stand also. DA thought she had a winning case but I don’t think so. She needs to stop wasting tax payers money and admit her defeat.

  2. What is a real kick in ass, is this has gone on since October, as someone reading the blogs and following the case, the prosecution has yet to put together any sort narrative as to who, where, how, the events in this case connect. It’s been five months and it still seems as if the prosecution is just beginning. All they have established is the body found in Mariposa county is Kauffman’s. That was something that I think all people would agree with anyway. I have no idea where he was murdered, how, and who did it. I can infer some things, but that’s it. I have to seriously question my inferences too.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      I have not seen any evidence that he was actually murdered at all

  3. Yeah, to use the word murder is still only an inference that we can be with some certainty, but not by the evidence presented as of yet, by whom is still a big question when one really thinks about it. Thus far Woody seems to be the whom, but far from proven. At some point can the judge just say let’s just get to the heart of this matter. Give a who, how, where and what. Let’s stop this conscience of guilt stuff with and bring out Woody. Let him tell his story, let the defense cross examine him, if it makes sense it goes to trial, if not, we’re tossing it.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Woody needs to testify and finally nailed down to one story, But that is only going to happen if he get an agreement first. His atty being in court everyday has seen all the evidence that they do not have and now is in a position to demand more from the DA. And they seem to be giving away the store to get Carson.
      Remember too Woody has told multiple stories and is another one of these career criminals using meth during this time.

  4. The DA and her investigators are nothing more than vindictive disgusting varmints. I think she will offer anything to Woody to dig her way out of the hole she has buried herself into. No one in their right mind will believe anything he has to say accusing the others of murdering Korey. They have disgraced the justice system and Stanislaus County . People all over the world laughing their asses off at them and our city wondering how the systems continues to let this unjust continue and DA and Law Enforcement handle cases based on vindictive grudges. The victims are not their main concern it is vendettas they solely have on Frank Carson. They should not be representing our County. It time to do Spring cleanings and begone pf theses varmints once and for all.

  5. This whole case from day one, has never been about who killed Corey Kauffman. It has only been about how this worthless DA and their “special” agents can get Frank Carson out of the courtroom to stop embarrassing them. You talk about a three ring circus, go to court just one day and you will insist on not paying any more of your hard earned tax dollars to fund this crap.
    And “Special Agent Bunchy”, if your’e reading this, then you know you are truly nothing but a “Clown”.

    1. 100 percent right. The people in your county need to have a recall for the d.a. and clean house of the whole dept. She thinks no one will come after her because she sees herself as the top cop of the county and she will create more arrests to go after anyone if they try to step on her. Thank god you have jenson presenting this great blog. The cost to tax payers is criminal. The county supervisors need to put the brakes on her modesto bee should print the tab everyday to keep the public aware of their cost.

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