1. It looks like my old roommate who left the bathroom messy all the time. That’s what is wrong with it to me. Also, he never paid rent. I moved in and he was a guy sleeping on the couch for a few days. Lived there three years and he never moved out or paid rent. Maybe they meant a few years.

  2. I got to get over the fact that he looks like my roommate. I think he is even wearing a T-shirt he borrowed from. His hand and arm do not connect right, little arm and big hand. Also his lower body upper body go different directions. Also I do not think there is no camera on the cell phone, and I think that is my old cell phone too!

  3. Also me might have six fingers or a major staff infection that needs to be drained on his wrist.

  4. That is my roommate! He is searching medicine cabinet and stealing my meds. I think he is reading my text message that says “Quit stealing my damn meds, and clean the fucking bathroom!”

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