Today Donald Trump’S campaign released a memo saying it would force Mexico for all by threatening to cut off billions of dollars of money transfer the Mexican are sending back home.

Currently about $24 billion in remittance payments are sent to Mexico on the United States every year. Donald Trump states this provides a substantial leverage for the United States obtained from all the necessary funds to pay for that border wall.

If elected president Trump stated in the memo, he would threaten to change part of the patriot act and cut off some of the funds Mexico received wire transfers. The memo also stated the majority of the $24 billion a year comes from illegal aliens that they send back home.

If Mexico agrees to make a one-time payment for the border wall Trump said, he would not move forward with the rule change.

The memo goes on to say it’s an easy decision to make for Mexico, make a one-time payment of $5 to $10 billion to ensure the $24 billion continues to flow enter the country year after year.

T he Mexican central bank was quoted saying that Mexicans living abroad nearly $25 billion home to their families last year. But a Government accountability office or earlier this year found it difficult much money Mexicans living illegally in the US sent home versus those legally.

Almost from the beginning Trump has stated to him voters will make Mexico pay for this wall, but this memo has more detail than he ever offered on how he could accomplish the. It even makes it down into a line: on the first day in office he announced the old rule change, on the second day in office Mexico would immediately protest, and the third day in office Trump tells Mexico if they pay for the wall he will not make a rule change.

It also says Trump claims that the US has leverage to businesses and tourist says and for important people in the Mexican and the US could increase a visa the such as on border crossing card to finance the wall.

For some time as GOP presidential runner as stated he would make Mexico pay for the wall. But this is the first time that he has suggested amending the cut off remittance payments and canceling the Visa’s.

The government of Mexico has made it clear that it won’t pay for the wall that Mr. Trump keeps proposing, and Mexican Pres. Enrique Peña Nieto said last August that trumps plan reflects complete an enormous ignorance for what Mexico represents and also the responsibility of the candidate saying. Also last month Mexican treasury secretary Luis Videgaray insisted that Mexico will not pay for this wall.