As many of you may know, recently there has been an onslaught of unhappy people attacking Frank Carson et al. in this blog and this writer personally. If you observed in the Modesto bee’s article that was put up Monday, there is a long line of comments attacking this writer and anybody else coming to my defense.

I have no idea why they’re so concerned about what I’m doing but apparently it means I’m having an effect, otherwise these people would not even bother with someone that’s insignificant so that gives me instant valadation that something positive is happening. When you have people that are taken out of their comfort zone, they don’t like it, and they go on the attack like rabid dogs. It is of no concern of mine as I have important things to be concerned about not these petty little things that they keep throwing around.

The constant attacks show no concern for the victim Korey Kaufman, his family or friends. It is a low class effort to try to undermine what we are doing and distract from what we are doing. I simply don’t have interest in this type of people that want to wallow around in the gutter. They constantly complain about my site and what I’m saying but yet still come every day, for long periods of time, to read my material.

One individual even demanded that I start a blog In memorial to Korey Kaufman, but apparently is not willing to do the same themselves. Just typical unhappy people demanding others do what they’re not willing to do themselves. This typical low class attitude simply doesn’t interest me as I have blocked them from this site, I have blocked them on Facebook after their assault on my Facebook page, and it is obvious these type of people have no social redeeming value whatsoever, and I think it’s too bad that they cannot actually act like adults since I did offer them the opportunity to come to court report the daily events themselves, and I told them I would post their reports on my site, unedited, but again they chose not to. They simply want to talk trash.

That makes them part of the problem and not part of the solution, and again I am simply not interested in that type of thought process.

I will repeat I believe wholeheartedly in justice for Korey Kaufman and I have never wavered from that. It’s just that I believe that justice for Korey Kaufman is not happening right now. We have a long line of the criminal element involved in this case as witnesses, who are pending charges, pending sentences, or in prison for violent crimes.

So I will no longer be distracted by the haters that cases like this constantly bring out, because they like to make things about them and not about what’s really important. They are seriously insignificant in this whole thing compared to the bigger picture. They simply mean nothing when they’re talking trash and hate.

They can talk about Dawgs Blog all they want all they did is increase my traffic significantly yesterday because people got curious and wanted to see what was going on. I even gained several followers yesterday for the same reasons. So in my opinion let them talk all they want it’s okay with me they are doing me a favor.

I even noticed that they were even putting up past criminal behaviors of some other commenters on the bee yesterday which is supposedly not acceptable behavior by the standards set by Facebook and the Modesto bee. And the hypocrisy of all that is that they are as one put it close personal friends with Patrick Hampton, and admitted career criminal who lies cheats and steals for living, and those were his own words on the witness stand. She even stated that he has stayed in her home on many occasions. And she has the gall to talk about other people’s criminal records. In her response was well least Patrick is honest about it, it is nice to know that he is an honest about it criminal an predator.

To the people that have been responding to them no matter what you say they do not have a rational thought process you cannot reason with them so it is simply not worth it is an effort of futility to try to reason with the unreasonable. Simply put we have bigger concerns than all this pettiness and insignificant trash talk. If they were really concerned about getting justice are getting information out or anybody being unbiased, they would simply go to court to the reports themselves there are plenty of places you can do a free blog if they can’t afford one. So they are simply wanting to throw hate around because that’s what their life is all about and we have better things to be concerned about.

Let’s move forward not look backwards and we will continue the good fight and not get distracted from what’s really important.