Google recently announced that it will begin testing its automated Lexus SUVs in Phoenix Arizona in partnership with the University of Arizona Tucson.

It is the fourth test site for the Google X project and apparently there are two more sites yet to be announced. Google has sites at its headquarters in Mountain View California Austin Texas and Kirkland Washington up to this point.

States are beginning to pass legislation to allow autonomous testing, in an effort to lower some of Googles self-driving projects in. Google has yet to test its vehicles in inclement weather in places like Michigan Idaho and Montana.

Google has become a partnership with Uber who has headquartered this mapping operations at the University of Arizona and because of friendly legislation enacted by the governor of Arizona to allow such things to happen.

It appears that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who is a former CEO of stone cold creamery, hopes to transform Arizona in the technology advanced area he has established the Council on the sharing a economy to advance a state regulations, and last year they pass favorable regulations that change some of the insurance mandates for these type of vehicles. Also it is noted days after those regulations were passed over opened a center of excellence in Phoenix with a promise of creating 300 jobs. Sources report that over has made them move in several markets where it faces regulatory issues.

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