On this gonna make a brief comment about some of the haters making their attacks on this writer, and trust me this is the last time I’m going to discuss this nor even think about this.

There is a major onslaught trying to quiet this blog by people who I guess have reasons of their own whatever they may be. One of them I believe is someone who I did a series on called cop sucker not too long ago. She is going on saying she had screenshots from 2013, why I do not know nor what difference it makes, I’ve asked her several times to produce them she has not done so. She is all talk. None of this makes a difference anyway.

The second individual who is obviously in communications with who I believe to be the cop sucker, lives in Oakdale and for some reason feels that she has the ability to shut down this blog and the work that I am doing in this Carson case. Now understand this person has a long history of criminal behavior in her immediate family, is married to a state prison inmate, who was convicted of murder. She also has an offspring that has been convicted of a very serious moral crime. That is all I’m gonna say that’s all I care to say, obviously she has strong sentiments towards the criminal element and bad boys, as it shows with her displays of affection towards Patrick Hamilton in her comments.

They are now posting screenshots of somebody I do not know, but using my name and some of the comments, where it is either was someone else, Photoshop, altered, or just plain created. Even if I did know this person what difference does it make? I’m going to move forward not backwards enough of this nonsense.

What they’re trying to do is distract me from the positive things that are being done by not just me but many people that are going to court every day and listening to the testimony and reporting exactly what is being said and done in the courtroom. Obviously we are having a very good effect, and getting this type of feedback from these type of people is a positive for us. Two people actually told me that at least one of these people is being led by one of the investigators in the DA’s office. I personally don’t want to believe that’s possible, but on the other hand I guess anything is possible in some of the things I’ve seen in this five month preliminary hearing.

Again I’m saying I am no longer wallowing in the gutter with these trashy people that have obsessions with  two people one being AJ Pontillo and now being myself. Whatever their motives are it is not my concern any longer and I will not discuss these ass hats again.

I have received a lot of support from many people in the deeply appreciated and I thank you all and we will continue to do the right thing and report accurately what is happening in the courtroom.

Again I appreciate your support and let’s keep moving forward and stop looking back Thank you