I have received a couple of contacts today in regard to city council member Sheree Lustgarten, who has apparently produced a lease to a house inside the city limits of Patterson. In addition, she registered to vote at that same address. I was advised that she was able to avoidContinue Reading

Back in court this morning at 9:30 am the first thing I noticed standing outside with the bee reporter at actually showed up for motions. This is really a first. The court had started about 9:35 am and they were discussing some scheduling and general business issues and about 940Continue Reading

Just as a reminder today there will be a motion hearing with the state Atty. Gen.’s office appearing to try to squash a subpoena for the confidential files from the Department of Corrections in regards to I believe it’s Patrick Hampton. The preliminary hearing itself is in limbo still untilContinue Reading

The city of Patterson is now claiming one of their council members has abandoned her seat on the council Sheree Lustgarten was evicted from her home in March according to court records, and now official say she has provided improve she still lives within city limits as per the regulations.Continue Reading

FALSE STORY: All Americans Will Receive a Microchip Implant in 2017 Despite multiple, detailed debunkings (at snopes.com at elsewhere), the rumor that the provisions of Obamacare require that Americans submit to the implantation of microchips that will record and store retrievable medical information (and a host of other personal details) is aContinue Reading