The city of Patterson is now claiming one of their council members has abandoned her seat on the council

Sheree Lustgarten was evicted from her home in March according to court records, and now official say she has provided improve she still lives within city limits as per the regulations.

The city could declare she has abandoned her seat and appoint replacement or hold a special election.

It has been an ongoing battle between the city of Patterson and this Councilwoman and it took another strange twist this week when a city report stated the Councilwoman, is in danger of abandoning her seat on the council by failing to prove she still with the lives within city limits. The city of Patterson has made several attempts apparently to verify where she’s living and she has not cooperated in providing a new address.

According to the report Lusgarten was evicted from her home on Kern Creek Lane in order to pay $7360 in legal fees and vacate the home by March 17.

The report went on to say that she has made conflicting representations about her residency staying on different occasions that she has moved out and is living with a friend, but other times have denied moving out of the residence. At the March 30 city Council meeting she made a representation of the city Council that she is not yet moved, however court records indicate that miss Lusgarten was no longer a resident at 1347 Kern Creek Ln. as of March 17, 2016.

Government codes require that she update the city with any change of addresses in the report states she has refused to do so. She told the Patterson irrigator newspaper the city had not tried, in any official capacity to obtain her current address.

If she doesn’t comply the Council, which recently asked the state Atty. Gen.’s office to allow it to sue to remove her from office for other reasons, could claim she has abandoned the seed and fill it through an appointment or special election. A special closed session meeting has been scheduled for Friday.

She did not attend this Tuesday’s regular meeting and has missed four of the city’s eight scheduled meetings this year including the state of the city address.

Even as this controversy was about to play out, and the recent suicide of her husband, she told the Modesto bee she is considering running for a second term. She has been at odds with the city throughout her first term, and officials accuse her of perjury by claiming on disclosure forms she had never declared bankruptcy or had been arrested on any criminal charges when in fact she had dating to 1997 in Riverside County. Organizers of a recall effort against her have suspended the effort until the state rules on whether to permit the lawsuit.

Another probe determined she tried to intimidate and bully people at the Hammons senior center in Patterson. And recently in Stanislaus Superior Court extended a restraining order that keeps her 100 yards away from Councilman Dennis McCord, because he said she threatened to kill him.

This Councilman seems to be filled with drama every time she turned around. And if she’s going to be running for a second term why is she not attending the meetings now?