Facebook Will Delete Stealth ‘Branded Content’ In Your Feed

Facebook is apparently taking measures to make sure readers are aware that something is an advertisement in their news feed and not something else.

They announced a new branded content policy yesterday and it will delete posts that don’t follow the new guidelines.

Apparently wanted going to do is verify pages with the blue checkmark and is what they call branded content to their followers on the network. The publishers will be allowed to marked the brands that there promoting in the post itself as long as it’s clear what it is.

Basically what that means is that a company like Starbucks paid a celebrity to post a video of them enjoying their services that celebrity would have to tag Starbucks in that post, marking it as an advertisement.

The flagging of the content would also give marketers and sponsors access to metrics indicating how well pieces of the branded content reform. Marketers will also have the option of sharing the ads on their own page and pay Facebook to boost their reach. That right there explains the motives for Facebook increasing their income raising abilities.

Facebook product manager Clare Ruben stated the update is something that media companies public figures marketers and others have been asking for as branded content is a growing part of the medias displays.

Facebook has released a new branded tool for publishers and marketers to manage these posts.

Again the bottom line Facebook’s want you to pay them to boost your posts instead of just using a free page like Dawgs Blog Facebook page to get the word out to more people. It always comes down to money doesn’t it?